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I won't release more DEMOS. But, here's some PICS:
If I did it WRONG,Someone has to TOSS the Filebn AGAIN... I'm JUST getting used to this site and SMW hacking.
@ Jeorge535. Your dream was similar to mine. Except, we all had NUMBERS on the back of our JERSEYS, not T-Shirts!! Also we had our USERNAMES on the front, too. But, I don't recall seeing 2technogeek's username on HIS jersey.... And, in another part, There was an EVIL version of (I think) Blumire.... Any ways, 2technogeeks helped me fight the evil Blumire. After that, The good Blumire conratulated us,and we were able to go to the FINALES!! In one of the events, I accidentally cheated in the 100- meter run. Because I thought the short cut was the RIGHT way.... Strange dream,huh?? Feel free to ask me about the dream, I remember it from BEGINNING TO END!! I can tell you the WHOLE thing!! But, it MAY be a loooooooong PM. So, I hope no one fell asleeep during this story!!
Yes they do, pkhaxor!! If there was a SEQUEL to SM64, will mess it up. Besides, there's ALREADY 4 SM64 Sequels!!1.Super Mario Sunshine 2. Super Mario 64 DS 3. Super Mario Galaxy 4.(Future sequel) Super Mario Galaxy 2!! These are the only sequels to SM64. The Mario timeline starts with Donkey kong!! Then MAY end at SMG2. Got it, pkhaxor?? MARIO GAMES HAVE A TIMELINE. Oops.. I wrote in CAPs again...
Well, this event happened in September 23rd,1938. The great hurricane of 1938 has intrested me. But, I can't find any books about it at Borders. I can't find any LIVE videos of the WHOLE hurricane on YouTube,ONLY an aftermath vid.... I'm pretty lucky I wasn't alive in 1938,because that hurricane came without warning. It was going to hit Miami,Florida but turned UPWARDS,only to hit the NorthEast region of the USA. Then died out over Canada. I read that a house in Southampton,Long Island had rode out the 200mph winds!! Another got TWISTED from its foundation. Isn't The great hurricane of 1938 intresting??
So, recently, there was an earthquake in Hati..I heard it caused alot of DAMAGE!! Also killed alot of people.. Sad,huh?? There was also alot of aftershocks. I couldn't imagine what the earthquake was like..(Shudders) Anyhow, the country is trying to help Hati. But, by the time they find the survivors, they'll be badly injured. This was tragic,eh??
Originally posted by ManuMaster654
One time,I dreamt that I received a trophy wrongly....
Wow!! Well, looks like he had a TROPHY dream!! As I said, feel free to ask me about my dream.It MAY be lengthy.. Im surprised that no one bothered to ask. I would like to share this dream with you,beginning to end. your dreams are short. But, MINE is LOOOOOOOONG!! O_o...! Anyway, there's NO WAY there would be an evil version of me!! Well, I REALLLY want to tell you about the WHOLE dream.
Whoa. Been 2 weeks and this hack STILLL has not been rejected. Well, when I sumbit the final ( will have 5 worlds) , DEMO3 may be already rejected. PIC: All I had to do was put bin. BEFORE the URL. AWESOME!!
Rabees,PLEASE don't be rude to my hack. I felt like using the SMB3 gfx by Pac. I didn't want to make the GFX boring and original. I wanted to use SMB3 gfx, to improve the hack's overall GFX. I just deciced to use it.AND, mockingod, I am using my grammar wisely. Why do you think I'm not using it wisely? I'm not typing the entire post in CAPs, which 2technogeeks told me about. 2technogeeks was giving me advice about that. First time he said that was in the Ask Anything About SMW hacking thread. Got it? I'm NOT releasing anymore demos until the hack is DONE! 'Kay?? EDIT: I changed it around. Note the differences. EDIT2: I'm not doing ALL 1FF(511) levels in one IPS patch. Please pardon my grammar.
Should SMWCentral have a SMW grassland scheme?? I think so, because it would help the site look more Super Mario Worldish. What is your opinion of a possible SMW grassland scheme?? EDIIIT: I also would like ALLLLLLLL of the SMW themes!! And a Wii theme......
Ultimaximus, how am I going to make a theme MYSELF??? I'm not good at drawing in MS Paint. Besides, I would need the BG for grasslands( The one in YI1.)!! How the heck am I going to make a theme??? EDIT: I'll try.
Well, I USED to like it alot, but a WEEK ago, I agreed with my dad( He says it's stupid) about what he said about Spongebob. My FAV. character in Spongebob SquarePants is Squidward, because he's SERIOUS. Squidward can be funny at times. Like when he was SLEEPING while he POOPED!=) That was funny. And when Squidward was sleeping in his messy workplace. These moments were in the Krusty Krab tutorail episode. Besides, Spongebob NEVER passes his driving tests.Spongebob, If you read that post, I'll kindly ask you to NOT TO SHOOT ME, PLEASE DON'T SHOOT ME, SPONGEBOB!!!!!! Ok, that's taken care of. If YOU, Squidward, read that post about you, I'm NOT allowing you OR Spongebob to shoot me! 2technogeeks will protect me from you, Squidward and Spongebob!!!Spongebob: *Shoots* Me: You missed. *runs away*.
DrawingYoshi, I think about having another dream about SMWCentral again.....But no such luck.( :(. ) I had a Mario dream lastnight, but , I don't remember what happened in it. All I can remember is: I was living in Peach's castle??? Or was it my own Mushroom house??
Diary of a Wimpy Kid The Movie was FUNNY, wasn't it?? My favorite part was when Greag PEED on Rodrick!! I lol'ed at that!! What was your FAV part in that movie?? EDIT: OOOOOPS! I mispelled Greg as Greag. O_o Thanks, mockingod. *Kinda offtopic* And, mockingod, I hope I don't capitalize your username(Ex: MockinGod*SHOT*).
Well, I've got good news and bad news. The bad news: School's starting tommorow, and that'll slow down the WHOLE progress. The good news: I will STILL be able to work on the hack despite school restarting after Break. I'll still be in touch with you guys, and that's good, RIGHT?!?! These are the BAD & GOOD news. Please tell me what you would like in the hack and I'll PROBALY put it in. Please don't mention ASM, as I don;t know how to use/insert ASM hacks.
EDIT: Can we JUST stay at the subject(In case you're wondering, it's Super Mario World The Lost Levels For Super Players.)?!AND, not trail off to talk about ASM and related stuff. We need to discuss the hack. I will let you know if the hack has benn stopped.
Well,no luck last night =(. But, I had a Mario related dream. I was in my school's music room and we started a song that was SOOOOO familiar. I asked a friend IF that was Super Mario World music. She said," Yes, Title screen." I started playig along with the others. The strange thing was, THE SONG SOUNDED LIKE THE SNES SMW music!! Even as we were playing it on.....WOOD BLOCKS!! I was sooo physced to have a MARIO-related song played in school dream!! Anyway,Bistai949, I will PM you about the SMWC dream.
At least Reggie! will be better than Tanooki, which ONLY showed white and objects and was hard to use.
This, RED, is my fav color. because it's Mario's cap and shirt color.
This looks nice. But, shouldn't you put DOTS for Mario's eyes?? That's Mario's eyes for Paper Mario. I'm NOT trying to make you mad. I'm just suggesting. I hope you can put a Mario Icon with a heart to the left of the HP counter. That's the HP icon in Paper Mario 2. And, put Mario's hands down on his sides and make them in fists. Also make the PM2 jump. Probaly, you could put Mario' voice from PMTTYD. I am suggesting you make this more Paper Marioish.
Originally posted by LudwigVonKoopa
NOTE: In these dreams, members llok like their current avatar.
Wow....that's what they looked like in my dream!! Blumire looked like his/her avatar. But.....the EVIL version of Blumire had RED eyes, no other differences from our good Blumire.O_o.....when I heard Mario say I lived at Peach's castle I...KINDA was like,"WHAAAAAAAAAAT?? Do my ears decive me???" Well, If I ACTUALLY lived with her, I would have to help Mario.

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