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User Bio
Hi There! You've come to a Relative Nobody's Profile, where Several Words are Being Capitalized Unecesserally! Well done!


17:51 Shellface: Staring at the Overworld Editor for ten minutes is not funning
17:51 MarioE: what are you trying to do
17:51 Shellface: Stare at the overworld editor for ten minutes while not funning

20:20 andy_k_250 SMB2 US - killing Layer 1 since 1988

20:51 LeOdd adam
20:51 LeOdd sex
20:51 LeOdd er
20:51 LeOdd sec

19:26 Shellface when are the awesome people coming on
19:26 UMA :D
19:26 goodandwickeddeity when you leave
19:26 UMA wait
19:26 Shellface when I leave, the sandwiches die
19:27 UMA right now
19:27 RicoKoopa stuff
19:27 *** OneUpDudes joined #smwc
19:27 *** andy_k_250 joined #smwc
19:27 +++ ChanServ has given op to andy_k_250
19:27 Shellface ok
19:27 Shellface that was freaking awesome

16:31 *** kaizoman666 joined #smwc
16:32 *** kaizoman666 left #smwc
16:32 Shellface speaking of kai-wait what
16:32 Hobz speaking of kai-

18:43 Internewb banana
18:43 UMA2 pineappke
18:43 *** UMA2 is now known as UMA
18:43 Shellface LOTSA SPAGHETTI
18:44 Internewb WRONG
18:44 DJ_Galax NO!
18:45 Shellface >:{
18:45 Internewb WTF*boom*
18:45 *** Blueraven quit (Ping timeout)
18:45 UMA throws spaghetti at Shellface
18:45 *** Linkisaway is now known as Link13
18:45 Shellface buttonslam
18:45 *** Link13 quit (Quit: yup)
18:45 Shellface oh it's the link killing button

20:18 Shellface LEODD
20:19 Shellface YOU KNOW THINGS
20:19 LeOdd HYE
20:19 Shellface SHAT SHOULD I DO
20:19 Shellface shat
20:19 Shellface SHAT
20:19 Shellface PAHAHAHAHA
20:19 marioVSshadow LOL
20:19 marioVSshadow Physically LMAO

21:45 Artsy3 Why does nobody answer me? Two questions, zero answers, from a not boob, cmon
21:45 Artsy3 oh, *noob*
21:45 Artsy3 Noob

22:33 Collen (E) means north american, right?
22:33 Shellface WHAT
22:33 Tailsko|S2Hax <Collen> (E) means north american, right?
22:33 Tailsko|S2Hax No
22:33 Shellface WHAT
22:33 fsvgm777 No, (E) means Europe.
22:33 Collen rage

21:09 Shellface catacomb calamity!
21:09 Kristian I think all my songs have won so far :>
21:09 SNN kristian's mother often has a calamity in the catacomb
21:09 SNN it's her day job after all
21:09 Kristian why am I laughing
21:09 Kristian fuck you snn hahaha
21:10 Kristian snn's mother has 2 more exgfx slots
21:10 Kristian i shove my awesome exgfx in there
21:10 SNN if you paste something in kristian's mother then block 24 becomes that
21:10 Collen if you hit them, they appear
21:10 SNN if you hit kristian's mother, she appears too
21:11 SNN i globally exanimated kristian's mother by using my cock in the same repeating four frames
21:11 Kristian SNN's mom is... exani- dsgfsdgs
21:12 Kristian i spread my awesomesauce on SNN's mother
21:12 SNN ffffff
21:12 Slash_Man hawt
21:12 SNN i stuck my ardy lightfoot in kristian's mother
21:13 Kristian i ripped SNN's mom's GFX
21:13 Collen Huh.
21:13 Kristian >_>
21:13 Kristian <_<
21:13 SNN i opened kristian's mother's window
21:13 SNN and let myself right in
21:14 Kristian SNN's mother had a lack of events but i fixed that
21:14 SNN i rose to the challenge of plowing Kristian's mom
21:14 Aqualakitu Login to Kristian's mother: Username: ____ Password: Not required
21:15 SNN kristian's mother would be such a good father
:15 Kristian i destroyed SNN's mother out there
21:16 Kristian and in here
21:16 Electron hate hate hate hate
21:16 Kristian and everywhere
21:16 SNN i stuck my veins - one in particular - into kristian's mother

21:43 Blueraven SNN could you PLEASE tone down the difficulty in rapture in reality? IT'S DRIVEING MY NUTS X(
21:43 Blueraven me*

17:02 Shellface fishin' boo
17:03 Shellface go away
17:03 Shellface all of your family are dead
17:03 SDY1 fishin' boo
17:03 SDY1 doesn't wanna go away
17:03 Shellface screw him
17:03 Shellface I'll slide into it
17:03 SDY1 fishin' boo
17:04 SDY1 doesn't wanna be screwed
17:04 Shellface well screw him
17:04 *** marioVSshadow quit (Quit: Whenever I see unlooped music I die a little on the inside.)
17:04 SDY1 fishin' boo
17:04 SDY1 still doesn't wanna be screwed
17:05 Shellface well wercs him
17:05 SDY1 fishin' boo doesn't wanna be wercsed
17:05 Shellface cool hidden door bro
17:05 SDY1 hidden door
17:05 SDY1 doesn't wanna be bro
17:06 SDY1 <_< >_>
17:06 Shellface well hot fishin' boo on hidden door action to them
17:06 SDY1 -_-
17:06 SDY1 errr.
17:06 Shellface muahahahah
17:06 Shellface you have no counter
17:06 SDY1 fishin' door
17:06 Shellface oh god
17:06 SDY1 don't wanna be a boo that's hidden in in action
17:07 Shellface one day I will do this
17:07 Shellface but this goes in the quotes
17:07 Shellface tl;dr screw you, fishin' boo
17:07 SDY1 fishin' boo
17:08 SDY1 don't wanna be screwed
17:08 Shellface I am laughing so badly
17:08 Shellface will this ever end?
17:08 SDY1 <_>
17:08 SDY1 ever
17:08 SDY1 don't wanna end
17:08 Shellface loling
17:08 *** boo_block joined #smwc
17:09 Shellface bleh
17:09 Shellface I want a free starman
17:09 SDY1 bleh
17:09 Megafonzie <Amos> |||--------|||
17:09 Megafonzie <Amos> ╰(≖益≖)╯
17:09 Megafonzie hawt
17:09 SDY1 don't wanna starman
17:09 Shellface where's my enemy kills counter
17:09 Shellface oh god
17:09 SDY1 enemy kills counter
17:09 SDY1 don't wanna be where
17:09 Shellface lol
17:10 SDY1 k
17:10 Shellface lol
17:10 SDY1 i'llstopnow
17:10 Shellface doesn't want to be k

18:48 Axiss what is SPARTA
18:49 Henix879 A country.
18:49 Devann A FICTIONAL country

20:21 Adam since Im tall as duck
20:21 Adam fuck*

19:09 Shellface mmmm
19:09 Lexie ._.
19:09 Shellface I smell the chips cooking
19:09 Shellface wait
19:10 Lexie What
19:10 Shellface is that a metaphor
19:10 Ultimaximus β)
19:10 Shellface OH GOD
19:10 Shellface that was completely unintentional

22:06 Snowshoe I SUMMON LEOD
22:07 *** Adam joined #smwc
22:08 Snowshoe adam youre not leod go back

21:26 Alcaro ->all translations are verified by humans and therefore harder to pollute
21:26 Alcaro !ar trans äääääääääääääää
21:26 AlcaRobot äääääääääääääää
21:26 Alcaro !ar trans de|en äääääääääääääää
21:26 AlcaRobot pokemon
21:26 Ersanio rofl

18:31 netcvb so what is the best thing to use to emulate touhou

01:32 Lexie Hey Son
01:33 Lexie /join 0
01:33 Sonikku thy noooo
01:33 Sonikku rofl lexie
01:33 *** SNN left #smwc (Left all channels)
01:33 Sonikku AHAHAHAHA
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