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Name: adakkusu-san
Title: nice
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^ Yay, badges! edit: wait, what?
o adakkusu-san
wait a bit, I just noticed... blue? This was supposed to be purple, but until I find a good color, this will do.

Don't worry, I will be back, I just need to stop being lazy. I'm sorry...

I need my own site or subdomain, the file bin isn't enough for what I'd like to do...
If you know a free host or someone who can offer me 5~10GB of space with no ads, please PM.
In case you're wondering what I'd use it for, I'd like to have a homepage like many others do, and to be able to keep some files safe. I've written a lot of (useful?) things, but having no place to share them (other than here, but here's not the place) doesn't really give me motivation to write more, be the things I write useful or not.
Why 5~10GB? Why not? If they gave me only 500MB or so, I'd likely ask for more, then again, then again... somewhere between 5~10GB wouldn't have me do so; and it's very little, assuming most servers nowadays have 1TB of space or even more. I don't mind if they give me a bit less than 5GB, though.
But then, my folder with HTML files is not even 100MB yet... why would I even need 5GB for? Sometimes I don't understand myself.

Use this to save your old YT vids' annotations until 15th January! - Very thanks to WhiteYoshiEgg!
R.I.P it was good knowing you, annotations...

I'm probably not important to anyone and maybe no one even knows me (lol), but I still try my best to help sometimes.

There exists a lot of games/TVanime/cartoons/etc that not many people know about, or even anyone at all, most likely because they forgot about them, or other works take their place... That doesn't mean they're bad, it means they're not given enough attention. So, if you think you can help, spread the word out about your favorite things or what you think could be interesting for others (I did that many times and others liked what I shared, even though I didn't). This way, some rando person may find something they were looking for, or something they're interested in. You might also find someone to talk to, but I can't guarantee that. You might only make someone's day better, but that's enough for me to be worth the time.
I've also noticed that bad works get a bit more popularity and are referenced more times than average or good ones, thing which doesn't really help them.
Now, how many times have you heard of RabiRibi, Tobari, FreedomPlanet, CopyKitty, and others... Not many, right? Some of them you might not even know existed... What I mean is that you could bring attention to them, not letting to fall into obscurity for no reason, and other people who never heard of them before could enjoy them.
These works could be worth your time.
Above text was originally added on 2018-12-30. You can say it's a last advice/message for the year.

Slightly related to above, there's a game called , and I wasn't able to find it anywhere for years. If you have it somewhere, please send it my way. Thank you

I really don't know who MB980 or whatever is, but what I know is that nambona is better.

I find it weird that ChaosCompleXX was accepted, meanwhile ZGC wasn't for a long time, and it's the one doing it better too. Now this doesn't really matter because it was accepted (finally), but still. Also, mine is still not there, but I will try another time.

Sylveon is 80+% male and wears pink and is also very cute (I mean, look at this cuteness! I know it's a humanization, but heh). He's the proof that no matter what you are, you can be cute too. And that wearing pink is nothing to be ashamed of; this little guy also wears some cute ribbons too; he's not afraid of being judged by others. Also, I'm not to blame if you click through the links of those pages.

Y'all need to have more thick skin, tbh. You're on the Internet after all, and it's not really a fun place to be in. Expect insults and such. A simple "niqqa" isn't as bad as what I saw before (and, surprising enough, I never complained anywhere about the imagery I witnessed), so if you're """offended""" by some word like that, consider not spending time on Internet.
I don't care, you did it with your hands.
I found this post the other day, and I think it could be useful. Whether or not for this subject.

I have no idea if anyone could legitimately enjoy some parodies with the original names...
I always hated that stupid joke and I'm so glad to see it go away for once.
And, I know, as you can see, I like different things than other people. This stupidity always bothered me, but I never said anything about it.

Milk-chan was way ahead of its time. And I mean it, check it out. YT kept recommending me this vid of it, so here you go too.

I think it's better to save your $ for yourself than giving them to someone who doesn't deserve them.
If you wanna give them away anyway, save them for when I open an account so I can accept them. My currency is low and I have to pay 4.5+ times the amount internationally, making those purchases troublesome.
You're free to do what you want, though. Be it follow my advice or your own decisions.
There was more text above, but it wasn't all needed.
Anyway, I won't change my opinion on the matter. You don't have to try.

If any of the above bothers you, I don't know if I'm going to remove. I've seen other profiles with tons of images on them, at least this one only has text. Thanks for understanding.



Sample post or link
The real and original AutoMario ←I think this will be forever here
It will still be here instead

See if you can play this on piano (BlackMIDI)

floating muncher se /bgrip/bgripper php The Edit1754's BG ripping tool - fixed as of 2015-12-28 (2019-01-04: not really needed, you can still find it at Tutorials somewhere)
BlockTool - dunno who would use it anymore (2019-01-03: Wait a bit, since when this link didn't work anymore?)
BTSD - You might need this instead when it's available. Just search for it yourself until I upload it (might take a while)
YY-CHR 0.98 - this is in the tools section, right? No? Well, have it here. (2018-12-22: This is here because I didn't know how to change language for v0.99, and in case others may need it)(2019-01-03: What happened to this too?)
That blocks pack - (2018-12-22: Not working for a very long time, think "years". I need to reup it somewhere else after I find it again)(2019-01-03: Starting the year very well, it seems. I managed to get a hold of that file! Without any of your help!! Even though I'm pretty sure no one would have them anyway.)
Old sprites - Still looking
Old patches - Same
Old tools - ^
Old music - maybe(?

Useful patches or hex modifications - [Under ConstructionTM]

SuperMarioWorldPlay - Joke SMW Modification - Thank you who saved it! (even though I should've done it myself...)
I will maybe edit it again... after 5 years... let's see if I still remember how to do things. Also, I'm not switching to some new version, I don't intend to use more than vanilla things anyway, so...
Maybe I will use a new one if I go back into AutoMario levels, but that might break the blocks I intend to use, hmm... whatevz, I'll still try

Look what I found - Was this intended or am I seeing things? Also, that took me a whole 10 mins to make, so pls.

This is good manga

I wish this was me

Ayaya Ava - in case I forget about it

TODO - Not yet. But it will be a looong list, I'm sure

Random thoughts

Hmm, I should also say stupid things, just like others do, to get quoted in places. But... would that make me stupidier? Nah, I'd rather not do it... not yet.
I will have to do this, only to make myself look bad. But that's alright, as I always make myself look bad.

I think this page has 1+ visitors since adding this "counter".

Last up: 2019-02-12(quick changes)
2019-01-30(small additions)
2019-01-18(now, it seems)
2019-01-07(when will I stop...)
2019-01-06(still kinda daily, it seems)
2019-01-04(updating this daily, like in the olden days... not for long, tho)
2019-01-03(First one this year! Also, no more 1 year gap...)
2018-12-22(Nice, again 1 year)
2017-09-01(More than 1 year, huh)
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Sample post
C'mon, man, I try my best.