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Games that you should play.

Etna is the most awesome Disgaea character ever.
Don't know what Disgaea is? Play it! It's an awesome RPG that has some pretty hilarious dialogue.

Sonic Robo Blast 2.

Another awesome RPG you might wanna look into is Paper Mario.

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--==funny stuff==--

Dear Blueredmario64:
If you are reading this, the cake is not happy in the kitchen. Ersanio has too much been using your quotes and has been stabbing each with his claymore. It also eats the pig butter, but that one is another history. Also, smkd sucks.

[00:51] <SNN> i think i'll blend my DICK
[00:51] <SNN> mmmm
[00:51] <Doc_Brown> do it
[00:51] <SNN> DICK smoke
[00:51] <SNN> don't wheeze this
[00:51] <SNN> Spade :(
[00:51] <Crystal_King> NN mix it with some beer
[00:51] <Crystal_King> *SNN
[00:51] <Crystal_King> it'll taste great
[00:51] *** Doc_Brown is now known as Tamua
[00:52] <SimultaneousDicks> i would have preferred to use the famous "don't breathe this" but in the one i used, he just had to make a pun
[00:52] <An00bis> free beer + free SNNdix?
[00:52] <spigmike> sort of like making out with SNN's mom: her mouth tastes like beer and SNN's dick
[00:52] <An00bis> i must be dreaming
[00:52] <SNN> an00bis: they sell my blended dick at stores near you!
[00:52] <Tamua> OedipuS RexNN
[00:53] <An00bis> oshwin
[00:53] <SNN> just ask the cashier if they have any blended dick
[00:53] <SNN> make sure she is 60+

[00:58] <spigmike> the only thing SNN can beat is his dick

[12:17:55 PM] Ersanio says: can you hear my breathing and stuff?
[12:18:11 PM] Crystal King says: no
[12:18:19 PM] Ersanio says: oh ok
[12:18:20 PM] Crystal King says: but I'm listening to music so that may be it
[12:18:21 PM] Crystal King says: :|
[12:18:28 PM] Ersanio says: ok
[12:18:43 PM] Ersanio says: I'm listening to chocolate rain. It inspires me to move away from my mic to breathe in!

[16:20:36] <Crystal_King> GENTLEMEN.
[16:20:41] <pikaguy900> CK: I AM FINE

14:36] Yuyuko_Saigyouji> because alice loves the taste of floor
14:39] Yukari_Yakumo> patchy sliding her butt on the ground

<Crystal_King> dear snn
<Ersanio> P.S. The moon is smiling at you

[15:34] =-= Spade has changed the topic to “-- CHALLENGE TIME! -- Challenge: find rule 34 of Jalhalla and Molgera”
[15:38] <Crystal_King> why the fuck do you want that spade
[15:38] <Spade> just a random thought i thought hey what if jalhalla was fuckin' molgera

[16:43] <Crystal_King> Epic skpye convo between me and Ersanio
[16:43] <Red_Chameleon> =D
[16:43] <Crystal_King> Me: Hi
[16:43] <Crystal_King> Ersanio: Hi
[16:43] <Crystal_King> Me: Hi
[16:43] <Crystal_King> Ersanio: Hi
[16:43] <Crystal_King> Me: Hi
[16:43] <Crystal_King> Ersanio: Hi
[16:43] <Red_Chameleon> lolwut
[16:44] <Spade> inb4 hi
[16:44] <Amos> lol
[16:44] <Crystal_King> Ersanio: Greetings!
[16:44] <Red_Chameleon> inb4ersantalksaboutchocolate
[16:44] <Red_Chameleon> ...
[16:44] <Spade> ...
[16:44] <Spade> fuck
[16:44] <Red_Chameleon> oh

[10:06] <Crystal_King> =o maos
[10:06] <Crystal_King> samos
[10:06] <Crystal_King> as;ds
[10:06] <Crystal_King> gf
[10:06] <Crystal_King> srg
[10:06] <Amos> maos
[10:06] <Crystal_King> amos
[10:06] <Amos> mouse
[10:06] <Jimmy52905> maos XD
[10:06] <Amos> rycstaik_gn
[10:06] <Crystal_King> samos sounds like samus
[10:06] <Amos> samos aran

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I am the Eggman! My current Egglayout is to support Sonic Robo Blast 2. I'll change it sometime in the future.
Listen to the SRB2 Soundtrack! It's awesome! AWESOME I SAY! Also, PM me if you ever wanna do SRB2 with me.