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Name:  Ruberjig
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Since:  2010-10-26 08:22:15 AM (registered for 6 years, 8 months and 3 days)
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Hello. 3 years and I have never introduced myself properly...

I am Ruberjig.

I like to draw and be on my laptop doing stuff, like Lunar Magic or GIMP. The thing is, I am also a creative person, and with Lunar Magic, hopefully things can run smoothly.

Honest answers were input I promise.

I'm not exactly an "ASM master".
Some layout colors
...And now we take you to: "IRC Moments". Sit back and enjoy the casual interaction of various members who I have encountered in the wonderful world of the IRC:

*pixels has kicked MK1081 from #smwc (no)
<MK1081> w
<MK1081> nice try
<MK1081> u fake kicked me
<pixels> i love how you had to check

[00:47:39] <Ruberjig> alcaro
[00:47:50] <&Alcaro> no I'm tired, ask someone else.
[00:47:52] * Alcaro has quit (Quit: z)

<fired_man2> bub
<Ruberjig > e
<fired_man2> :)
<Ruberjig> wat
<fired_man2> just saying hi
<fired_man2> I want my port I'll collect your next pay check
<fired_man2> :)
<Ruberjig> wat
<Ruberjig> also hi
<fired_man2> :)
<Ruberjig> >_>
<Ruberjig> what port
<fired_man2> .......
<Ruberjig> who are you
<Ruberjig> xD
<fired_man2> dont make me collect your check
<fired_man2> :/
<fired_man2> till then later
<Ruberjig> I use Bank of 'Murrica
← fired_man2 has quit Quit: ~ Trillian - ~
ⓘ fired_man2: No such nick/channel

→ robertozampari has joined
<MolSno> i'd like to go one level deeper inside u ;)
← robertozampari has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

<leod> I only posted the softest stuff I could find
<leod> and even censored it with funny heads

<SF|008> Microsoft, please stop condoning stupidity

<snowshoe> i forget what that xkas replacement was called

<[UsernameRemoved]> My favorite rapist is the M&M he raps about his moms spaghetti dinner

<Adam> fucking cubans, I like the triangulans better

<adam> reading hentai and eating raisinbran
<adam> the fuck am i doing with my life

<PatPatPat> I like my women like I like my video games: 2d

<Mogsiah> :^^^)
<Alcaro> how many noses do you have
* Alcaro steals them
<Pikachu101> 5
<Ruberjig> lol
<Pikachu101> 3 now
<Ruberjig> 5-3=3
<Ruberjig> yep :)
<Pikachu101> good thing i keep spare noses in my back pocket

<Ruberjig> Hey Alcaro
<Ruberjig> On the food chain, what eats muchers?
<@Alcaro> correctly-spelled munchers
<Ruberjig> *munchers
<Ruberjig> we know munchers eat ever living thing, but what eats munchers?
<Ruberjig> *every
<MercuryPenny> hitler
<@Alcaro> ^
<Ruberjig> and what eats hitler?
<@Izuna> satan
<Ruberjig> and God eats Satan right?
<MercuryPenny> yes
<Ruberjig> God eats everything
<@Alcaro> can God create something so disgusting He won't eat it?
<Ruberjig> panties

<Ruberjig> input or die
<Bow_Jr|School> *ded*
<Alcaro> can I pick die too?

<Alcaro> it's a transdragon betagendered female who uses male pronouns
<Alcaro> ...what the fuck did I just say

<erga|cell> he's making a list
<erga|cell> checking it twice
<Ruberjig> to see who's naughty
<Ruberjig> and who's nice
<Ruberjig> nice gets banned
<erga|cell> he'll ban you if your post is nothing but "nice"
<erga|cell> SNNta Claus is coming to town
<Ruberjig> you better not pout
<Ruberjig> you better not cry
<Xyspade> you better not post
<Ruberjig> im telling you why
<Ruberjig> SNNta Claus is coming to town
<Ruberjig> git coal or git baned

<Ruberjig> i just some beautiful puns about music
<Ruberjig> *read some
<mib_65816> were you still sound after reading those?
<Ruberjig> a bit
<Ruberjig> I had a moment
<p4plus2> mib_65816: man that joke is so bad it doesn't resonate well with me.
<Ruberjig> "flagged for saxual content."
<Ruberjig> "Needs more violince."
<Ruberjig> "Saxual Brassment"
<mib_65816> rofl
<Ruberjig> "You can NEVER have enough sax!"
<Ruberjig> "HORNOGRAPHY"
<Ruberjig> I read those and almost died.
<mib_65816> p4: i thought my joke was rather moderato
<Ruberjig> Watch them puns or you're in big treble :V
<&p4plus2> mib_65816: on a high note, puns have a limit to how bad they can get
<Ruberjig> Yeah it's off the charts.
<&p4plus2> Ruberjig: My puns scale majorly the more tired I become
<Ruberjig> It's probably natural :)
<mib_65816> these puns are flat out terrible
<&p4plus2> mib_65816: well, if you're sharp enough you can speak in puns for hours
<Ruberjig> On a minor note, I laugh until my organs shake
<mib_65816> "My puns scale majorly the more tired I become" I guess tiredness is the key here!
<&p4plus2> Ruberjig: misspelled word puns feel like a typo, you might even say off key
<mib_65816> lmao
<mib_65816> okay i think i'm done :D
<&p4plus2> mib_65816: oh come on, don't make me do this solo
<Ruberjig> We had a nice rhythm goin on :^)
<Ruberjig> ...hehe band humor
<&p4plus2> Ruberjig: I'd say we've kept up quite the cadence indeed
<&p4plus2> well
<&p4plus2> I don't have time for more of this
<Ruberjig> ok
<&p4plus2> so I think I'm just going to call it a night, I'm beat
<&p4plus2> ;)
<Ruberjig> This is gonna be a soft night :V

<Ruberjig> nice
<Ruberjig> tell me who gets rekt
<Ruberjig> :^)
<&Darkvayne> u

<Calumon> hello i'm new and i'm 12
<Calumon> how do I use lunar magic
<Shree-san> Open start, press shutdown and rethink your life.

<Shree-san> I always hate organic chemistry.
<Shree-san> I have alkynes of problems.

<[Anonymous]> If Notepad++ was my wife, i'd Unfold All :^)

<Lightvayne> just like I don't age
<Lightvayne> I level up
ⓘ ChanServ set mode -v MrRean, +ao Alcaro
<Alcaro> sure, I can level up too
<Alcaro> is this the point where I kick you?
<Ruberjig> ...
<Lightvayne> do it
<Ruberjig> kick my good side
<Alcaro> also what is it doing to rean
<Prizm> yeah, this is the part where mods r corupt, yes
<Ruberjig> it has a rash
ⓘ ChanServ set mode -ao Lightvayne
← Lightvayne was kicked by Alcaro (nom.)
→ Lightvayne has joined
<Ruberjig>oh u meant him
<Lightvayne> da hell?
<Ruberjig> lol
<Prizm> coruptiun
ⓘ ChanServ set mode +ao Lightvayne
<&Lightvayne> oh
<&Alcaro> beep
* Prizm grabs popcorn
<&Lightvayne> I forgot
ⓘ OperServ set mode +q Lightvayne
<&Alcaro> oh?
ⓘ ChanServ set mode -qao Lightvayne
<Ruberjig> rip
← Lightvayne was kicked by Alcaro (that's not gonna save you)
→ Lightvayne has joined
ⓘ ChanServ set mode +ao Lightvayne
* Prizm noms popcorn
<RanAS> What the?
<Bowser_Jr> fwha?
<Luigi_Fan> ._. what is going on
← Alcaro has quit ([] Local kill by Lightvayne (beep))
<Ruberjig> KO
→ Alcaro has joined
<&Lightvayne> I win
<Koopster> destroyed
<Ruberjig> FATALITY
<Alcaro> okay I deserved that.
<Alcaro> also site is back
<&Lightvayne> :P
* Lightvayne hugs Alcaro and hands over a Derpy Lego set.
<Ruberjig> Derpy Lego
* Alcaro stacks the lego, but fails to create floating lego

<kianworld> sparta remix
<kianworld> is this fucking 2007
<andy_k_250> no, this is Sparta
* andy_k_250 dies

<Ruberjig> I guess you could say my coding has BIT the dust.

← leod has quit (Quit: I'm a biscuit, I'm a straight up B. The biscuit life is the life for me. Being cooked by day, being buttered by night. Being a biscuit, is hella tight.)

<DrTapeworm> anything is possible
<LDA> so I became a table

<Ahick> Lo
<Ahick> Lo
<Ahick> lo
<Ahick> Lol
<Ahick> fail
<Medic> is this that difficult

<Tato> santa claus saw three prostitutes on the street and said "ho ho ho" xD 

<JohnB> I am actually an "undefined gender". It does not matter.

ⓘ Rubberjug is now known as Spinhumper
<eXcavator> i never drink without smoking anymore
<Spinhumper> Whoops
<Ruberjig> lol
<aHick> emperor rofl mao
ⓘ Spinhumper is now known as Spinjumper

<Magi> learn to boob
<Magi> learn the beauty

<Buu> you gotta be the boob

<smwhackedhack> can a smw rom have viruses???????
<SNN> depends if the hacker threw in some dr. mario enemies
<smwhackedhack> seriously???
<smwhackedhack> ill use zsnes for more protection

←Sixcorby has quit (Quit: fuck the duck and fuck the buck in the truck for some good luck chuck just don't get stuck in the muck slip on the puck or step in the guck then get struck and cluck like a shmuck or you'll have to find a dick to suck aw shucks)

A day in the irc of #smwc

<Ruberjig> i wish you lick with it
<Ruberjig> *luck
<Ruberjig> lol

<PKStarship> I also find it impossible to not dance like a jackas while listening to the Pokemon theme
<PKStarship> so please, try to not imagine the lame 15 year old on the other side of the computer dancing like an ass

<Boometh> Someone called their Smash 4 Pac montage "Six Pac"
<Boometh> goddamnit how did I not think of that myself
<eXcavator> man that's three times tupac!

Kareoke in the irc of #smwc

(In #imamusic)...
Ruberjig> whos up for banman
<FL4SHK> you
(In #serioushax)...
Ruberjig> whos up for banman
<FL4SHK> you
(In #vldc)...
Ruberjig> whos up for banman
<Kaisaan> you

<Ruberjig> !ar wmath am i pretty
<&AlcaRobot> Everyone seeking computable knowledge is beautiful to me.
<Ruberjig> thats deep bro
<Ruberjig> !ar wmath why do you like computable knowledge
<&AlcaRobot> Why? | Because.
<&AlcaRobot> Do you like (enjoy, ...)? | Yes, I do.
<&AlcaRobot> What is computational knowledge? | Fundamentally, it is the vast collection of quantities and facts that I provide, compare, and calculate for my users.

16:09:14 <Conal> I hack peoples CCTV and watch them sleep.

4:45:46 PM <PKstarship> typing a frown will give you virtual wrinkles

<YoshiB> What's the point of a high score if you're not high while achieving it?

Welcome to #Nuts

Welcome to #Memes

2:16:00 PM <LucasRCD> What if a squid shot out white ink?
2:16:12 PM <@PCorner[M]> Then it's White Out.
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