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Billy Mays... He'll be awesome forever...Just Send me a PM asking what you want!

You're listening to "Muse: City of Delusion"

Old/Current Usernames:
Obsidian Serpent
Q - SSBB Name
Scyther - Used during Pokemon Name Fad
Moe - Pre Nightfall Name
Someguynamedmoe - Used on the old SMWCentral, pre EveryoneIsAMod Day

Old Post Layout Backgrounds (Really only useful to me...)
Space, Green Ribbon, Dark Circle,Dark Wall

"Speak what you think today in a firm tone. Speak what tomorrow thinks in a firm tone, even if it completely contradicts what you say today." - Emerson

[11:16:54] <An00bis> !haiku jesus
[11:16:57] <~Vulpix> -!- Your own personal
[11:16:57] <~Vulpix> -!- jesus. Personal jesus
[11:16:57] <~Vulpix> -!- is the most baddass

[11:14:02] <An00bis> !haiku bra
[11:14:04] <~Vulpix> -!- , Why do we build dicks
[11:14:04] <~Vulpix> -!- in your mom. Dicks dicks dicks. Dicks
[11:14:04] <~Vulpix> -!- dicks dicks.
[11:14:07] <An00bis> ¯\(°_o)/¯
[11:14:47] <Obsidian> That was beautiful

[18:07:24] <Vulpix> Obsidian: You have to do.
[18:07:30] <@Obsidian> No, you have to do vulpix
[18:07:30] <Vulpix> Obsidian: You have to.
[18:07:37] <@Obsidian> Nuh uh you have to Vulpix
[18:07:37] <Vulpix> Obsidian: I have to vulpix.
[18:07:41] <@Obsidian> Yes you do Vulpix
[18:07:42] <Vulpix> Obsidian: What do i have to do vulpix.
[18:07:47] <SolidSnake141> lol
[18:07:48] <@Obsidian> Sex me Vulpix
[18:07:48] <Vulpix> Obsidian: , Which part of me just tells me that i didn't have sex with vulpix.
[18:07:57] <@Obsidian> ...I... Don't know(?)
[18:08:00] <SolidSnake141> vulpix masturbate
[18:08:00] <Vulpix> SolidSnake141: I am gay brb masturbate in shower.
[18:08:04] <SolidSnake141> O_O
[18:08:04] <SolidSnake141> xD
[18:08:09] <&Amos> LOWLUT

[18:20:51] <Vulpix> SolidSnake141: Your ass is a very messy on top of bad.
[18:20:59] <@Obsidian> :(
[18:21:06] <Lord_Degaia> lol
[18:21:07] <@Obsidian> Vulpix doesn't like my ass
[18:21:08] <Vulpix> Obsidian: If you like my ass.
[18:21:13] <@Obsidian> Vulpix I love your ass XD
[18:21:13] <Vulpix> Obsidian: Your ass is a dead link.
[18:21:21] <Lord_Degaia> LOL
[18:21:26] <SolidSnake141> lol
[18:21:34] <@Obsidian> Vulpix, My ass is a very live link thank you very much!
[18:21:35] <Vulpix> Obsidian: , Very much in the ass.
[18:21:39] <@Obsidian> ... XD
[18:21:40] <@Obsidian> Burned
[18:21:47] <SolidSnake141> xD

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