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<LeOdd> !ar timeban 20s AFKaro
* AlcaRobot sets ban on *!
* AlcaRobot has kicked AFKaro from #serioushax (AlcaRobot)
<LeOdd> lol
<imamelia> Then we actually load the data from SRAM and store it to whatever the three RAM addresses you chose were (which need not be SRAM, since that part is already taken care of).
<LeOdd> he will so kill me
* AlcaRobot removes ban on *!
<TLMB> :>
<TLMB> nothing beats when I called Alcaro ElMario
<TLMB> I logged off
* ChanServ has kicked LeOdd from #serioushax (lol (AFKaro))

<wiiqwertyuiop> .mi i Ladidaway
<Mienshao> Ladidaway. Ignorance is our most important resource.
<Ladidaway> ggggg

<Kieran> waht ckatrina seid

<Jimmy52905> anyone know how to check who has power on a specific channel?
<wiiqwertyuiop> just do /whois <user>
<Jimmy52905> no I mean
<Jimmy52905> finding a list of the people who have power on a channel
<wiiqwertyuiop> /names <channel>
<wiiqwertyuiop> ?
<Jimmy52905> hmm
<Jimmy52905> that only tells me who is on the channel
<Jimmy52905> not who has power on it
<Ladida> join the channel ¯\(°_o)/¯
* Ladida is shot
<wiiqwertyuiop> it works for me
<Jimmy52905> what if they're not on the channel though >>
<wiiqwertyuiop> e.g. serioushax
<wiiqwertyuiop> * Users on #serioushax: edit1756 imamelia ggamer77 Ladida Jimmy52905 Snowshoe NoelYoshi TCD Roy_Koopa VilelaBot Hobz Adam Gamma_V bahamete bio Jayfeather eXcavator wiiqwertyuiop Valence_Desumo SecretExit dax[bed] Nimono [email protected] [email protected] ZBot Mienshao Hathor
<SecretExit> hahwhat
<wiiqwertyuiop> ....
<Hobz> nice man
* edit1756 is now known as edit1754
<Snowshoe> for what purpose
* Lakmir ([email protected]) has joined #serioushax
<ggamer77> lol
<Jimmy52905> lol
<eXcavator> mass highligh
<Hobz> I hope that just highlighted everybody
<wiiqwertyuiop> *facepalm*
<eXcavator> wut
<Hobz> rule 1 dude
<wiiqwertyuiop> sorry

<Alcaro> .cb ignore tahixham
<CoolBot> You do not have permission to do this.
<Alcaro> .cb ignore permissions ignore tahixham
<CoolBot> You do not have permission to do this.

<Azurik> I'm totally on IRC outside running from cars though
<SecretExit> It's a fun sport with just the right touch of danger added.
<Azurik> I call it ERC
<Azurik> Extreme Relay Chat
<SecretExit> awesome.
<ergazoobi> *XRC
<ergazoobi> Xtreme Relay Chat
<Azurik> ^^^^^^^^^^^
<SecretExit> Bonus points if you can play Banman whilst doing so.
<PatPatPat> IRC
<PatPatPat> Insane Relay Chat
<ergazoobi> spelling extreme correctly isn't cool enough for this sport

* TCD ([email protected]) has joined
* TCD|Away ([email protected]) has joined
* Sarcophagus ([email protected]) has joined
* TCD has quit (Killed (NickServ (GHOST command used by TCD|Away)))
* TCD|Away is now known as TCD
* TCD has quit (Killed (NickServ (GHOST command used by TCD|Away)))
* TCD ([email protected]) has joined
* TCD has quit (Killed (NickServ (GHOST command used by TCD|Away)))
* TCD ([email protected]) has joined
* TCD has quit (Killed (NickServ (GHOST command used by TCD|Away)))
* TCD ([email protected]) has joined
<Sarcophagus> ...
* TCD has quit (Killed (NickServ (GHOST command used by TCD|Away)))
* TCD ([email protected]) has joined
* TCD has quit (Killed (NickServ (GHOST command used by TCD|Away)))
* TCD ([email protected]) has joined
* TCD has quit (Killed (NickServ (GHOST command used by TCD|Away)))
* TCD ([email protected]) has joined
<NoelYoshi> uh...tcd
* TCD has quit (Killed (NickServ (GHOST command used by TCD|Away)))
<Bluemoon> yeah...
* TCD ([email protected]) has joined
<Daizo> Seen the thread Sarco?
<THY> dude
<THY> tcd power hour
* TCD has quit (Connection reset by peer)
<NoelYoshi> oh ok he's gone
* TCD ([email protected]) has joined
<Sarcophagus> hi tcd
<TCD> hi

<DoopyBuckride> alcaro omg ladida is hacking into your bot
<DoopyBuckride> kick him!!!!
* Alcaro has kicked DoopyBuckride from #serioushax (sorry, I left my glasses at home, you mean this guy right?)

<DorpyBorkenslide> hey guys if you want I have a doozy for you
<DorpyBorkenslide> (and yes I checked)
<DorpyBorkenslide> 56x^3 + 32x^2 + 35x + 20
<eXcavator> my body is ready
<eXcavator> aw crap man
<eXcavator> here we go
<smc_gamer> Okay, let's do this.
<eXcavator> baaaaa
<TRS> Yeah, but it doesn't cross the y-axis.
<smc_gamer> Third-degree polynomial, so the solution is a trinomial times a binomial.
<linkunarre> i don't even know what is that supposed to be
<eXcavator> I don't think I can factor out a constant here
<smc_gamer> ( + + )( + )
<eXcavator> yep all positive
<smc_gamer> well, the signs are just guesses.
<smc_gamer> Could be ( - - )( - ), too.
<eXcavator> likely guesses
<eXcavator> could it?
<eXcavator> anyway
<smc_gamer> So, there are six multiplications in here.
<eXcavator> what is that rule
<eXcavator> the p/q rule
<eXcavator> that determines the possible roots
<eXcavator> it's like (all factors of 20)/(all factors of 56)
<smc_gamer> If we take the factored result as (a + b + c)(d + e), then we have ad + ae + bd + be + cd + ce.
<smc_gamer> How do you divide sets?
<smc_gamer> So, 56x^3 needs two numbers that multiply to 56x^3 - something like 7x^2 * 8x, for example.
<eXcavator> mmm
<smc_gamer> (7x^2 + b + c)(8x + e), at least for now.
<smc_gamer> I'm failing again, aren't I?
<eXcavator> not as far as I can see
<eXcavator> but as I mentioned
<eXcavator> I'm hopeless at this
<eXcavator> okay, what are all the factors of 56
<eXcavator> 56/1
<eXcavator> 28/2
<eXcavator> 14/4
<eXcavator> 7/8
<eXcavator> so 1,4,7,8,14,28,56
<smc_gamer> Now, the second term, 32x^2, needs to be factored. A possible solution could be 8x * 4x.
<eXcavator> those are all the possible solutions for c and e correct?
<TRS> I would guess (14x^2 + b + 5)(4x + 4).
<smc_gamer> So, to make it fit, here's the new factored form: (8x + b + c)(...
<TRS> Or (14x^2 + b + 4)(4x + 5).
<xnamkcor> are we still on the same math problem?
<smc_gamer> no, I'm a total failure
<DorpyBorkenslide> different one
<DorpyBorkenslide> mine now
<eXcavator> wait TRS I don't think 4 and 5 fit do they?
<eXcavator> unless I'm misreading this
<eXcavator> oh wait
<eXcavator> drr
<smc_gamer> 56x^3 + 32x^2 + 35x + 20
<TRS> 4 x 5 = 20
<eXcavator> the last term is 20
<eXcavator> why did I think it was 56
<eXcavator> whyyyyyyyy
<TRS> Plus 35x, so either c or e must be odd, IIRC.
<DorpyBorkenslide> do you guys want a hint
<TRS> Not yet.
<smc_gamer> I have (8x^2 + b + c)(7x^2 + 4x) so far.
<DorpyBorkenslide> okie dokie
* AndroUser2 ([email protected]) has joined
<smc_gamer> That gives me 56x^3 and 32x^2, at least.
<smc_gamer> So, the third term is 35x.
<linkunarre> maybe the phone conected himself...
<smc_gamer> We already have a convenient 7x^2, though it's a lot less convenient by the ^2.
<TRS> Got it.
<smc_gamer> I'm not quite sure that my route is... wow.
<DorpyBorkenslide> hi matt we're doing math
<smc_gamer> Congrats, TRS, you're fast.
<smc_gamer> Am I even close with (8x^2 + b + c)(7x^2 + 4x)?
<TRS> Here's a hint: it's not (a + b + c)(d + e).
<TRS> It's (a + b)(c + d).
<smc_gamer> huhwhat
<DorpyBorkenslide> ^
<DorpyBorkenslide> that was the hint
<smc_gamer> oh a ^2 in one of the terms
<TRS> Then it becomes super simple.
<DorpyBorkenslide> I think we lost exca
<smc_gamer> but that isn't enough terms, though - wait, it is.
<smc_gamer> FOIL is four terms, and the ^2 doesn't allow grouping of the O and I terms.
<smc_gamer> Ingenious.
<linkunarre> ...
<smc_gamer> So, I'll probably start out with something like (7x^2 + b)(8x + d), which would give me 56x^2.
<smc_gamer> er, ^3
<smc_gamer> or, no, (8x^2 + b)(7x + d)
<smc_gamer> d then is 4x, so (8x^2 + b)(7x + d)
<smc_gamer> (8x^2 + b)(7x + 4x)
<smc_gamer> wait, there can't be an X in d.
<TRS> You should recheck that.
<smc_gamer> probably, yeah.
<linkunarre> 56x^3 + 32x^2 + 35x + 2
<linkunarre> its just 4 right?
<TRS> Because you would have b(7x and 4x).
<TRS> Which would give you only 3 terms.
<smc_gamer> No, factoring something like that doesn't give you a single number, linkunarre.
<smc_gamer> True.
<linkunarre> ...
<smc_gamer> um, let's try (a + 4)(b + 5), then.
<smc_gamer> as that gives us 20 for the L term.
<smc_gamer> (8x^2 + 4)(7x + 5)
<DorpyBorkenslide> close
<smc_gamer> dang.
<TRS> That gives 28x.
<TRS> You want 35x.
<smc_gamer> oh, yes.
<smc_gamer> Ah-hah.
<smc_gamer> (8x^2 + 5)(7x + 4).
<linkunarre> i think i don't understand because of the names in english
<DorpyBorkenslide> yes!
* Magi hugs TLMB too~
<smc_gamer> Woo!
<DorpyBorkenslide> in only 13 minutes!

* Pac ([email protected]) has joined
<Seru-kun> hey Pac
<Pac> sup
<Seru-kun> How's Japan?
<Pac> Japanese
<Pac> How's France?
<Seru-kun> French

<Alcaro> table.pmr td ( border: 0px; color: #000000; background-image: none }
<Alcaro> find the mistake
<Neptune> uh
<Neptune> I don't see one
<Neptune> wait
<Alcaro> look at the brackets
<Neptune> jhlsfa
<Neptune> DERP

<Ladida> !ar fish PatPatPat How many Pats can a PatPat Pat if a PatPat could PatPat?

<UmlautBanana> how to open a bottle without a bottle opener go
<Magi> use your teeth
<leod> coin
<leod> /knife/spoon/fork/stick
<UmlautBanana> oh fuck me they're twist off
<KTB> lol

Hmm, I need to clean this place up a bit. Well, if you see this sentence, just PM me and I'll do it. No, I'm serious, go send me a PM. Honest.

Originally posted by "Luigi-San"
Harold Camping used RAPTURE!
But it failed!

Originally posted by Blumiere

"What they have to discover, what all the efforts of capitalism's enemies are frantically aimed at hiding, is the fact that capitalism is not merely the 'practical,' but the only moral system in history." -Ayn Rand

Hello, I'm The Secret Exit. I also go by smc_gamer on other forums. I like programming, and I'm currently working on a Mario platformer written in C#.

If you wish to contact me, just shoot me a PM. Thanks!

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