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Layout 2012


17:49 [Sonikku] : guys
17:49 [Sonikku] : i found a way to get away with every crime
17:49 [Sonikku] : alternate identities
17:49 [Sonikku] : do a crime
17:49 [Sonikku] : blame the alter ego
17:50 [Sonikku] : claim alter ego threatened life of primary ego
17:50 [Sonikku] : cops try to arrest alter ego, but is a part of primary ego
17:50 [Sonikku] : primary ego is innocent
17:50 [Sonikku] : cant arrest alter ego
17:50 [Ersanio[Laptop]] : rofl
17:51 [Sonikku] : admit it ersanio
17:51 [Sonikku] : it would work
17:52 [Buu] : isnt that like getting away with crimes due to being under the influence of alcohol?
17:52 [Sonikku] : who knows but mine is far more complicated and fun

[Counterfeit] : i feel a strong wind of nerd rage coming on
[Counterfeit] : and i've lost my umbrella.
[Counterfeit] : F.
[AbSeNNt] : NERD
[AbSeNNt] : RAGE

[Alcaro] we've had a distrubingly low ban per idiocy ratio recently, let's increase it a bit.

[16:39:43] <SRH> Darkvayne..?
[16:40:08] <SRH> Don't leave me here alone with Falconpunch :<
[16:43:47] <Falconpunch> I don't even KNOW you.
[16:46:12] <~Darkvayne> he doesn't even know you and he knows you XD

[14:01:29] <~Alcaro> I had to do some rather ugly stuff to make ARs timemsgs show up in the logs
[14:02:04] <MandL27[M]> I just add code at the end of each command handler to put it in logs. B)
[14:02:21] <~Alcaro> that is nothing to be proud of
[14:02:29] <~Alcaro> it just makes it likely that you'll forget one
[14:02:35] <MandL27[M]> True, but it works
[14:03:00] <~Alcaro> yes, and setting your front door on fire because you forgot the key also works

<Scorpion> Hunter was born 7 minutes earlier than I.
<Alcaro> go around and say "when I was your age" and describe what you did seven minutes ago

<Lightvayne> I see we are diving deeper into the mysteries that SMW hold
<p4plus2> There are more what the fucks than bytes in the ROM

*** Alcaro quit (Quit: z) [email protected]
*** PatPatPat quit (Quit: z) [email protected]
*** Jack quit (Quit: zz <-- mine's longer B) )

[Falconpunch] : Why does Alcaro have to mock everything I say?
[Lightvayne] : also don't feel bad FP, he does that to everyone
[Lightvayne] : it just means he likes some degree
[Falconpunch] : He's not gay for me, is he?
[Impetus] : yeah if he didn't like you slightly he would- what the fuck
[Lightvayne] : XD
[Impetus] : i was writing a joke now i'm just speechless
[Corona] : nobody is gay for you, falconbrunch
[Lightvayne] : silly FP, he is a robot. Unless your circuit board is exposed, you're safe.



Hack Submission Guidelines (HSG) | Videos of "What Not To Do" in your hack Video 1 Video 2


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Test Move 1 - This move will cause the player to attack with 2 DMG
Test Move 2 - This move will cause the player to attack with 10 DMG. This move will cause dizziness

Test Move 3 - This move will cause the player to attack with 20 DMG

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