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User Bio
I'm Kian. Duh. I'm kinda dead inside.




"kians avatar looks fucking retarded but I dont thnk hes a bad guy" - Quizler

"kianworld, youy
*you're not funny." - MandL27

"ew its kian" - sleepy

"You're less terrible since you stopped posting front page Reddit links on IRC every five seconds." - SNN

"Who cares about kian" - Pichu101

"literally nobody cares about kian, he is a professional shitposter and oldkster" - Zaxxon

"you're so shit you don't even deserve a mosts trophy" - dax

[insert more compliments here]


<kianworld> I need to add more IRC quotes
<Counterfeit> add this one because it's really funny
<dax> add this line too right after it because it's out of context
<dax> don't mind this line that explains the context tho !

* Hobz ([email protected]) has joined #radbusiness
<Absol> go away fgt
* Hobz has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

<kianworld> so i'm reading game informer's 2013 game infarcer
<kianworld> "Zynga Rips Off THQ's Going-Out-of-Business Model"
<kianworld> dammit why cant i think of articles like these on tns
<kianworld> Also top ten Vita Games
* DoopyBuckride ([email protected]) has left (fuck all of you)
<kianworld> what
<Koopster> osh ragequit
<RenkoV2> Holy hell
<Underway> lol
<Lakmir> kianworld- I'm disappointed in that top ten vita games list!
<Lakmir> it's missing persona 4 golden!
<Lakmir> (it's otherwise accurate though)
<MolSno> what just happened
* DoopyBuckride ([email protected]) has joined
<DoopyBuckride> I was kidding
<MolSno> omg u got me
<Lakmir> OHNOES
<Lakmir> raeg!
<kianworld> vita

<OsamaDustBin> Hello!
<OsamaDustBin> Anyone want to help me crash a plane into a building?

<Miltank> kianworld
<kianworld> what miltank
<Miltank> kianworld i think you have aids
<kianworld> :(

* Salamence ([email protected]) has joined
* Dragonite has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
<Adam> salamence came on and dragonite got scareddd
<Salamence> friggin

<Falconpunch> Damn it, I can barely see any layouts. What's wrong with you guys not making your layouts compactable with IE?

<Falconpunch> You're a very weird person, Kian.

<Magi> time to pixel draw another character since I have nothing better to do woohoo
<Pixels> asdf
<Pixels> wait
<Pixels> that didn't highlight me
<Pixels> ok
<Pixels> whatever
<Magi> wat

<Nio> One day, I felt the sudden urge to relive my childhood and play Gradius again after all those days. However, I did not own this game yet, so I decided to look for it. I found it on the side of the road, and picked it up right before it was about to be run over by a massive smkdan's freight train. What amazing luck!
<Nio> The store down the road would have charged $69! I saved a lot. I took a look at the cartridge. It was slightly chipped and had the game's name written on it with blood-azure marker. When I arrived at home, I popped in the cartridge into my X-Game 360.
<Nio> The title screen showed an image of Ted Hartrup stabbed with an empty pistol which made my blood-purple blood run cold. I didn't understand one thing while I was playing, though... Randomly, I got killed by a random bicycle. I didn't remember that from the original. Maybe I just had bad memory?
<Nio> Was this a special cartridge, like a developer's game? I simply thought this was a glitch and moved on. The next day was even worse. My secret porn collection suddenly revealed itself, much to my nostalgic rage. I felt so much horror. AND ALL OF A SUDDEN A PIECE OF ROTTEN MEAT FELL ON ME.

<mathelete> I've seen enough of human nature to be qualified for giving relationship advice
<Sonikku> i've seen enough human nature to be qualified to assure you that fucking a backpack is not natural


<Ben> i still think after watching it 30 times my poop is still funny

<Azurik> .
<Azurik> SOCK
<Azurik> OH MY GOD.
<Mogsiah> whait
<kianworld> No cock is better
<Azurik> WHIS SHYI&IU :%#Y:y[[[[[[[[[
<Mogsiah> rofl
<kianworld> the cock sock
<Pixels> i don't think spilling it on your cock is as painful as sock

(about Club Nintendo)
<Devann> Welp
<Devann> just got gold status for the year
<Devann> Should I get the 3DS 18 game card holder
<kianworld> wait til something good comes
<kianworld> like the SM3DW soundtrack
<kianworld> if that ever comes overseas
<Devann> >wait till something good comes
<Sonikku> hey devann what if you found out your mom specialized in pregnant fetish porn while she was pregnant with you and you came across a video of hers while playing with yourself
<Devann> >something good
<Devann> Hey Sonikku why the fuck do you have to be a gross piece of shit in the public channel like this
<Nekoishi> sonikku what the hell?
<SNN> wow that was disgusting sonikku
<Sonikku> why do you have to insult people
<Sonikku> im stating an actual thing
<Sonikku> what if
<Nekoishi> no
<Devann> I'm stating an actual thing too
<Nekoishi> just fuck off
<Devann> Fucking stop it
<Nekoishi> I need brain bleach
<Sonikku> anal prolapse
<PatPatPat> 10/10 Sonikku
<Nekoishi> just from reading that sentence
<Sonikku> devann go drink your own enema
* SNN has kicked Sonikku from #smwc (okay now that's just raunchy)
* Sonikku ([email protected]) has joined
<Sonikku> lol
<eXcavator> pwnt

* Pac ([email protected]) has joined
* Pikachu hugs Pac
<Pac> Why are you guys so gay?
<eXcavator> what
<Devann> :l
<eXcavator> |:

* Carol ([email protected]) has joined
<robertozampari> Looks like that everyone doesn't pay attention
<Carol> roberto...
<KY2010> a wild carol appeared
<Oh_Hell_No> what
<robertozampari> WHAT?
<robertozampari> CAROL?
<Koopasta> oh my God here we go
<Carol> never play my hack again
<robertozampari> AM I DREAMING?
<Carol> you are dead
<KY2010> roberto is completely aroused
<Carol> i am coming for you
<Gloomier> LMAO
<Carol> that is all
* Carol has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
<Koopasta> i fucking died
<KY2010> roberto has just suddenly ejaculated
* Leonardo has dissapeared.
<KY2010> inside his underpants
<Oh_Hell_No> thanks for the details
<KY2010> this is the smwc animal channel
<KY2010> there has to be a commentator
<Adam> animal or anime?
<robertozampari> Why everyone doesn't pay attention?
<Leonardo> Because we're doing other stuff
<Leonardo> (maybe?)
<KY2010> roberto, not paying also enough attention, realizes that everyone is a ghost
<Leonardo> inb4 who ya gonna call
* Leonardo runs like hell
<Volke> OOOoooooOOOOOOooo
<robertozampari> Bitch please
* Leonardo is now known as GhostMenthoL
<robertozampari> NIGGA IS RACIST WORD
* GhostMenthoL possesses roberto and makes him slap himself
<robertozampari> Exorcist

<PetersTwins> [broken porn link]
<PetersTwins> [fixed porn link]
<Latula> [!] The Peters Twins - XVIDEOS.COM
<PetersTwins> Two brothers, no mother.
<PetersTwins> They'll do anything to survive.
<PetersTwins> Even if it means, loving each other.
<PetersTwins> In a way two brothers would never do.
<PetersTwins> They have a bond deeper than blood.
<PetersTwins> They have a bond, of semen.
<PetersTwins> Enjoy the tragic love triad of two brothers as they enjoy their own bodies on camera
<PetersTwins> For your hedonistic lecherous pleasure.
<PetersTwins> The video is about 30 minutes so, sit back
<PetersTwins> Grab some popcorn
<PetersTwins> Grab yourself
<PetersTwins> and have some fun.
<MolSno> what the
<eXcavator> what
<eXcavator> was that a spammer
<eXcavator> ...advertising a gay porn video?
<Kiseki> no obviously it was some blessed soul making sure we had sufficient hedonistic lecherous pleasure
<eXcavator> weird.

<Kian> what if alcarobot came on
<Mogsiah> I dunno
<Kian> do we have enough bots as is
* You've invited AlcaRobot to #radbusiness (
* AlcaRobot ([email protected]) has joined
<AlcaRobot> Invited by Kian.
* AlcaRobot ([email protected]) has left (...actually, I know you'll kick me anyways, so I might as well spare you the effort.)
<Kian> hahahaha
<Mogsiah> lol

<SNN> <kianworld> if image spamming was a rule i'd be baned
<SNN> you recognize that you're annoying as shit with all of the image links yet do nothing to change it
<SNN> that is a sign of insanity

<kianworld> Latula, how long is my dick?
<Latula> 8=D
<Chuckles> waugh
<Chuckles> BURN
* You have left channel #radbusiness (FUCK THIS CHANNEL AND YOU MOLSNO)

<Ben> Why does everybody find my pain as their porn

<MolSno> whenever some guy is naked I look all seductive and say "that's a nice dong you got there"

* Ladida ([email protected]) has joined
<MandL27> Hi, Ladida.
<Ladida> no
<MandL27> What?
* Ladida is now known as Ladidaway
<MandL27> Oh.

<kianworld> molsno I dare u to kick everyone off this channel
<MolSno> why
<kianworld> why not
* ChanServ sets channel limit to 1
* ChanServ has kicked Mituna from #radbusiness (CLEAR USERS used by MolSno: blame kian)
* ChanServ has kicked Latula from #radbusiness (CLEAR USERS used by MolSno: blame kian)
* ChanServ has kicked GlitchMr from #radbusiness (CLEAR USERS used by MolSno: blame kian)
* ChanServ has kicked NovaBot from #radbusiness (CLEAR USERS used by MolSno: blame kian)
* ChanServ has kicked Nameless from #radbusiness (CLEAR USERS used by MolSno: blame kian)
* ChanServ has kicked PMW from #radbusiness (CLEAR USERS used by MolSno: blame kian)
* ChanServ has kicked ergazoobi from #radbusiness (CLEAR USERS used by MolSno: blame kian)
* ChanServ has kicked Reimu from #radbusiness (CLEAR USERS used by MolSno: blame kian)
* You have been kicked from #radbusiness by ChanServ (CLEAR USERS used by MolSno: blame kian)
* Now talking on #radbusiness
<Latula> <Mituna> Latula, how long is my dick? <Latula> 8=D
<kianworld> :)
* eXcavator ([email protected]) has joined
<eXcavator> whattttttt
<MolSno> blame kian
<eXcavator> kkian
<kianworld> I AM POWERFUL

<Harley> ░░░░░▄▄▄▄▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▄▄▄▄▄▄░░░░░░░
<Harley> ░░░░░█░░░░▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒░░▀▀▄░░░░
<Harley> ░░░░█░░░▒▒▒▒▒▒░░░░░░░░▒▒▒░░█░░░
<Harley> ░░░█░░░░░░▄██▀▄▄░░░░░▄▄▄░░░░█░░
<Harley> ░▄▀▒▄▄▄▒░█▀▀▀▀▄▄█░░░██▄▄█░░░░█░
<Harley> █░▒█▒▄░▀▄▄▄▀░░░░░░░░█░░░▒▒▒▒▒░█
<Harley> █░▒█░█▀▄▄░░░░░█▀░░░░▀▄░░▄▀▀▀▄▒█
<Harley> ░█░▀▄░█▄░█▀▄▄░▀░▀▀░▄▄▀░░░░█░░█░
<ZMann> no
* Truxton has kicked Harley from #smwc (Truxton)
* Harley ([email protected]) has joined
<Harley> hmm
<Truxton> don't
<Harley> Truxton: how come you don't like the troll face
<Harley> : (

* Snowshoe pets SF|008
* Pikachu32 pets Snowshoe
* SF|008 wags and pets Snowshoe. :3
<Snowshoe> lets pet everyone even the people that don't like the /me command
<Snowshoe> they deserve extra /me s
<Snowshoe> think of love and tolerate but not ponyshit
* kianworld runs his fingers along Snowshoe's soft and slender thighs, running up to his hard, throbbing squirrelhood
<Snowshoe> jesus christ kian
<SF|008> Not that kind of petting
<Snowshoe> also lolol implying my thighs are slender
<SF|008> That belongs in the other channel
* kianworld rubs his petite bottom on SF|008's well-endowed squirrel-cock
<MonopolyMan> Kian, do that in a PM window, thank you.
<eXcavator> can you not
* You have been kicked from #smwc by Ladida (Ladida)
(Skoda got kicked too)
* kianworld stop
<kianworld> s
<kianworld> fuck
* Skoda ([email protected]) has joined
<SF|008> I understand kian's kick but what did Skoda do?
<Snowshoe> fucking lol @ kicking skoda too
<Snowshoe> he had it coming sf
<kianworld> being skoda
<Skoda> I didn't do anything wrong.
<Skoda> :V
<akacesfan> what the hell did skoda do?
<kianworld> you promoted furry porn
<Bowser_Jr> ^
<Snowshoe> ^

* MonopolyMan slaps a hand over blm's mouth.
<blm> kojimas 30 years behind
<MonopolyMan> blm, it's a joke.
<kianworld> no really?
<MonopolyMan> Kianworld, yes.
<kianworld> I thought the game was actually coming out in the past through advances in time travel technology!
<MonopolyMan> Really?
<kianworld> Yes, really! Technology is incredible, ain't it?

<Nicolas_Cage> ok
<Nicolas_Cage> read this review
<Nicolas_Cage> I was gifted this game and was initially skeptical, as I hold no particular interest for Japan, Japanese culture or anime/manga. My curiosity was aroused though when I found out that during my virtual visit to Japan I would be accompanied by two young girls. Legal, yet looking not a day over 14, despite the comedically large breasts/short skirt tha
<Nicolas_Cage> t one of the girls sports. The desire for love and to get a virtual waifu compelled me to give it a go. Who knows, perhaps I would enjoy a threesome with said sisters at the end of the game?
<Nicolas_Cage> So, I started it up and lo and behold ran into my cute little senpais. My boner and willigness to play this game slowly evaporated though as Makoto spent at least 10 minutes explaining to me how the Japanese public transportation system works. I was getting more and more confused as she droned on about PASMO ( for more inf
<Nicolas_Cage> o) and the difference between that and SAIKU cards. Apparently PASMO cards can only be used in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area. As she droned on and on I slowly got more frustrated and bored. After she explained to me the wonders of the card, in that you can scan it at the ticket machine without taking it out of your wallet (no I am not kidding, they a
<Jayfeather> no
<Losoall> kick
<DerpyBackslide> STOP
<Losoall> kick
<Losoall> kick
<Nicolas_Cage> cted as if this was the most amazing thing in the world) I decided to give up. I shut the game down, turned on incognito mode and had a wank to Tentacle ♥♥♥♥ Fest 9 and I am the happier man for it.
<Nicolas_Cage> A boring game with a misleading premise. Avoid at all costs, lest you too get sexually frustated and incredibly confused about the inner workings of Japanese public transport.
* Jayfeather has kicked Nicolas_Cage from #smwc (Jayfeather)
<DerpyBackslide> jesus christ
<Jayfeather> dumb
<Lui37> fuck tab
<Skoda> the heck are you posting.
<Lui37> thanks jay

<AbSeNNt> on that exciting note, i should get some sleep
<leod> nobody cares
<leod> this isn't twitter dumbass
<AbSeNNt> okay
<AbSeNNt> well
* AbSeNNt sets ban on *!*[email protected]*
* AbSeNNt has kicked leod from #smwc (AbSeNNt)
<AbSeNNt> good night
* AbSeNNt has quit (Quit: z)
<Ladidaway> rekt
<Lexie> LOL
<Jayfeather> olo
<kianworld> #REKT
<Lexie> mega rekt
<Nekoishi> shoulda k-lined him

<Nick42> How do i kick?
<Nekoishi> ./quit name
* Nick42 has quit (Quit: Klan)
<Nekoishi> oh my god
<Losoall> rofl
<Nekoishi> he fell for it
<Losoall> did he just
<Kian> KLAN
<Losoall> even better, he spelled your name wrong

<Raidenthequick> i'm going to bed
<Raidenthequick> i'm probably the only mod awake so play nice kids
<Raidenthequick> :3
<Nameless> so who here likes to murder
* reghrhre grabs knife
<Sonikku_> only jews for me nameless
<kiansleep> ur gay fgt
<reghrhre> hey guys
<Nameless> i love murdering jews
<Nameless> and eating black people
<Raidenthequick> now this is an example of good behavior
<Raidenthequick> thanks guys
<Nameless> they taste like the colonels secret spices
<Raidenthequick> glad i can count on you
<kiansleep> no problem, cunt
<reghrhre> fuck you let's get into a 30 minute argument
<Raidenthequick> nighty night

<Greeny> Q/A time with Adam
<Greeny> How many inches are you?
<Adam> what the fuck
<Adam> I'm not telling you about my dick

<Greeny> tl;dr kian is retarded and is hypocritic for calling people names that he basically is

<LuigiXHero> Who wants to see live kitten birth?

<Adam> mituna can you end my life please
<Mituna> adam ✈ █ █
<Adam> thank you

<SNN> if things went my way, i'd leave you banned forever and also murder your family
<SNN> not you though
<SNN> i'd just want you to suffer

<kianworld> [insert 5 posts of nothing but the letter d on #radbusiness]
<Stiltzkin> MolSno
<Latula> Posted: "<MolSno> no" -
* MolSno is now known as MolShower
<Stiltzkin> perfect holy shit

<mathelete> I just took the biggest shit in the world
<mathelete> clogged up my toilet
<H> yesshhhh...... i needed to know about that
<mathelete> Oh's not over yet
<mathelete> I'm stilling getting some more
<mathelete> I'm typing while on another toilet
<mathelete> Cause the first one was clogged up
<mathelete> Oh shit I just sharted
<DrTapeworm> why are you telling us this
<DrTapeworm> we don't want to know about your fecal adventures
<mathelete> Oh no...the shart splattered everywhere
<H> you better at least be discovering some new rom addresses while doing this
<mathelete> I actually discovered some new ones 3 years ago
<mathelete> And added them to the rom map
<H> is this dump bigger than the one you had then
<mathelete> Oh yes
<mathelete> Oh no...even this toilet is clogged up now
<mathelete> I guess I'm gonna have to use the living room plant
<mathelete> I'm STILL not done shitting
<FL4SHK> Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
<underway> this channel really turned to shit
<FL4SHK> >implying it wasn't already
<underway> literally
* ChanServ gives channel half-operator status to PatPatPat
<H> uh oh
<FL4SHK> same
* PatPatPat has kicked mathelete from #smwc (This has to be the most literal form of shitposting I've seen for a while)

<DevannB> excavator
<DevannB> wanna smash
<kianworld> gay
* ChanServ gives voice to kianworld

<Qwholl> Hi Kian! :D
<Qwholl> I pillowpet named Kian...
<Qwholl> Kianworld... Are you my pillowpet?
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