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ADVICE: Anyone may PM me for anything, I will reply.
My OLD website! Draaloff's Empire
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Is this possible?
Mine and Sockbat Replicas hack
Overworld (a shortcut for me)
I have Skype, my username is also Draaloff.
Apart from being a director for a collab hack that only got one level, thanks Sockbat Replica (Shadow Child Other Side Of The Mirror), I enjoy all sorts of gaming and sledging in winter, I still love using my ZX Spectrum +2 and using my Dsi playstation 2, Etc. I will add to this user bio later. P.S. Need me for something? Send me a PM. I can design any OW, so feel free to ask me to make one, or help with them, or ANY questions.
I am a Houndoom!
Me + tough guy exterior = No idea, but I have no tough guy exterior, not a chance.
How good of a SMW hacker are you?
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Nothing stands in the way of getting your hack featured if you put enough time and heart into it, you likely are able to apply all kinds of hacks to your hack, including dynamic sprites and the like and I wouldn't be surprised if you even could code a good amount by yourself.

How good of a SMW hacker are you?
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I only got a bit on bad because I chose ZSNES, but it will play all music! So it can't be that bad!

If I can design the overworlds then I'll have a reason to use this, but what are the odds of that?

During the week until 17:00 (in England) I have to put up with this. I hate it. Any PM's on how to get around it without being noticed would be appreciated, but people probably wont.

My website disscussion on this site:
My website address:

Some IRC quotes:


07:10 Yoshiatom it will be chaos!
07:10 *** Alcaro was kicked by Counterfeit (this will probably come back to bite me in the ass trying to communicate with smallhacker in your punani)
07:11 Counterfeit it begins
07:11 Medic hahahahaha
07:11 Medic should have put alcarolls as kik reason
07:11 *** Medic quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
07:11 *** Alcaro joined #smwc
07:11 +++ ChanServ has given op to Alcaro
07:11 +++ Alcaro has taken halfop from Counterfeit
07:11 Counterfeit and the reaction
07:11 +++ ChanServ has given halfop to Counterfeit
07:11 Counterfeit oops
07:11 +++ Alcaro has taken halfop from Counterfeit
07:11 Lui37 yay
07:11 Alcaro no
07:12 +++ ChanServ has given halfop to Counterfeit
07:12 +++ Alcaro has taken halfop from Counterfeit
07:12 +++ ChanServ has given halfop to Counterfeit
07:12 Alcaro okay I give up.
07:12 *** medic joined #smwc
07:12 Yoshiatom Changing the subject, who here has any old consoles? and what are they?
07:12 Counterfeit i think chanserv likes me more
07:12 medic ugh
07:12 Counterfeit i have snes, ps1, n64
07:12 Losoall NES, SNES, N64, and i used to have a Virtual Boy awhile back, but it broke
07:12 Counterfeit dude
07:12 medic i have 3 gamecubes
07:12 Counterfeit i can't believe ps1 and n64 are already considered old
07:13 Counterfeit hell even snes
07:13 Alcaro I've got a gbc (actually I have that to my brothers) and a gbasp
07:13 Counterfeit i remember when new games were still coming out d
07:13 Lui37 NES, GB, GBC, GBAsp
07:13 Alcaro and my brothers have some ds family items, but they're not old.
07:13 Lui37 also a ps1
07:13 Yoshiatom ok, I have a ps2, gbasp, zx spectrum, and an atari 7800.
07:14 *** MSA joined #smwc
07:14 Losoall I had the Virtual Boy before i had a computer, and the only game i had on it was Wario land, so when i found out people hated the Virtual Boy, i was really confused
07:14 *** robertozampari joined #smwc
07:14 Losoall Wario Land was actually good
07:15 *** robertozampari quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
07:15 medic Hi roberTozampari
07:15 andy_k_250 I have old consoles - three Genesis's (Genises?), classic NES, slimline SNES, GB, GBC, GBA SP, N64, GC, PSX, PS2, and Wii
07:15 Zephyr the wario land series is the best
07:15 Lui37 too late
07:15 medic Wat
07:15 Luca Wario Land was the only good game. Mario Clash was a second placer.
07:15 medic warioware>warioland
07:16 Yoshiatom debateable.
07:16 Losoall piss off medic, you're not in the Virtual Boy club
07:16 Zephyr but warioland has minigames too
07:16 Zephyr in later installments at least
07:16 medic warioware has microgames
07:16 medic losoall is sniper
07:16 Yoshiatom true! like the golf minigame in warioland 3.
07:16 Yoshiatom late post
07:16 Losoall hmm, how do you know that?
07:17 Luca We need a sequel to Warioware DIY
07:17 medic 'piss off'
07:17 Losoall @[email protected] i forgot he says that
07:17 medic yes luca
07:17 Zephyr more games need to come with stage builders
07:17 Zephyr since nintendo is doing dlc now
07:17 medic with like advanced mode
07:17 Zephyr they could release stage builders at a later point
07:17 Yoshiatom @Losoall i've played it.
07:17 Yoshiatom late post
07:17 Luca Megaman Universe was going to do just that until Capcom pissed all over the Megaman franchise.
07:18 medic Where you can code games
07:18 *** SecretExit joined #smwc
07:18 *** Boometh joined #smwc
07:18 medic instead of gamemaker-like triggers
07:18 medic more advanced stuff
07:18 Yoshiatom @Luca D: seriously?
07:18 Luca Yup
07:18 Boometh One exciting shower poop later, I'm back.
07:18 Draaloff Warioware DIY wouldn't let you design bosses. I wasn't too happy about that.
07:19 Boometh Except that it was originally pop.
07:19 Luca Due to 'various circumstances' they cancelled it.
07:19 andy_k_250 I really want a Saturn
07:20 Luca Capcom and their cancelling megamen.
07:20 Luca Capcom hates their fans.
07:20 Luca
07:20 Boometh And Ace Attorney 6.
07:20 Boometh D:
07:21 leod
07:22 Luca I don't get it.
07:22 Luca Silly bird though.
07:22 Luca POUNCES IT!
07:23 Yoshiatom psp-homebrew-game-megaman-the-power-war-episode-1-openbor-mod.jpg I DEMAND THAT SOMEONE TAKES ACTION!
07:24 Yoshiatom did my pic work?
07:24 *** Grav joined #smwc
07:24 Draaloff no, it isn't supported
07:24 Boometh "work"?
07:24 Yoshiatom wait a sec.
07:25 Luca All it showed was mugumun
07:25 Boometh mugumun
07:25 *** Collen joined #smwc
07:25 Collen ello once more
07:25 Luca Hello, meow!
07:25 Luca ^-^
07:25 Losoall mugumun
07:25 Luca hugs Collen.
07:26 Losoall i want to play mugumun and buss
07:26 Boometh mugumun n forta
07:26 Draaloff *facepalm*
07:27 Luca ruckmun
07:27 Losoall lol
07:27 Yoshiatom now dose it work?
07:27 Losoall so we were supposed to see a picture of Megaman?
07:27 Luca Nope. Just mamagan again.
07:27 *** Vinnyboiler joined #smwc
07:27 Losoall in that case, it worked the first time
07:27 Draaloff Why Megaman?
07:27 Boometh Work?
07:28 Yoshiatom never use jepgs on mibit
07:28 *** robertozampari joined #smwc
07:28 Luca There should be a hack of Megaman Universe for PC
07:28 Luca Just to show Capcom up.
07:29 Luca
07:29 Yoshiatom @Luca what?
07:29 Boometh The fans yelled and yelled for Xenoblade, so why not for this?
07:29 Zephyr >lilypichu playing slender
07:29 Boometh AND ACE ATTORNEY 6
07:29 Zephyr this will be good
07:29 Luca Capcom don't listn.
07:30 Luca They just want to make realistic games now.
07:30 Yoshiatom PROTEST! PROTEST!
07:30 Luca Robots are people too!
07:30 Losoall realistic games...
07:30 robertozampari Hello
07:31 Yoshiatom why capcom why?
07:31 Boometh @Luca: Next thing you know, that's going to be some form of an equality protest.
07:31 *** ampharos joined #smwc
07:31 Draaloff Megaman is realistic enough, I'm insane enough to be a young Dr. Wily!
07:31 Losoall "Modernization"
07:31 Boometh I agree, Yoshi. Why, Capcom? Why won't you localize Ace Attorney 6?
07:31 *** robertozampari quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
07:31 Luca Translation.
07:31 Luca Capcom doesn't want to translate.
07:32 Luca That could be true.
07:32 Draaloff Too much effort.
07:32 Yoshiatom BUT WHY?!?!
07:32 Boometh I guess mugmun doesn't have much in the way of dialogue.
07:32 Yoshiatom ITS MEGAMAN! NOT MUGMUN!
07:32 Luca menus and stuff for customizing mugumun
07:32 Losoall mugumun
07:32 Draaloff *facepalm*
07:33 Yoshiatom Oh boy.
07:33 Zephyr ahahaha, she's humming her slender man song
07:33 Boometh mugmun and rul
07:33 Losoall If i made a Megaman fan game, it's gonna be that
07:33 Losoall named that*
07:33 Boometh A Megaman fangame named mugumun
07:33 Boometh ...yeah okay
07:33 Counterfeit mugmun
07:33 Losoall we aren't
07:33 Losoall we're saying mugUmun
07:33 Luca I think Megaman Universe can be easily made for PC. Like in Flash Player.
07:34 Luca If someone did that, I wonder how Capcom would react...
07:34 Boometh Sue?
07:34 Losoall lawsuit
07:34 Losoall they'll try
07:34 Boometh OBJECTION!
07:34 Yoshiatom I hope not...
07:34 Boometh slams desk
07:34 Boometh ...ugh.. It's not fair. >.>
07:34 Luca Capcom sues all the time, I wouldn't put it past them.
07:35 Yoshiatom Ace antony refences?
07:35 Yoshiatom late post
07:35 Boometh Ace Antony and mugumun.
07:35 Draaloff sounds good
07:35 Yoshiatom ARRRG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111
07:36 medic mugman
07:36 Yoshiatom SHUT UP ABOUT MUGMUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
07:36 Luca mugumun
07:36 medic now with 300% extra coffee
07:36 medic mugman
07:36 Collen luca i read that as 'canon sues'
07:36 Collen too much tvtropes
07:36 Luca Heehee
07:37 GvS you mad bro
07:37 Boometh There is no too much TVtropes.
07:37 Counterfeit i remember when it used to be like
07:37 Counterfeit you went to tvtropes and never came back
07:37 Counterfeit because you clicked everything in relation to everything in relation to everything
07:37 Counterfeit i get that with encyclopedia dramatica now but no longer tvtropes
07:38 Boometh I read TVTropes when I'm using the hairdryer.
07:38 Boometh ._.
07:38 Zephyr but then they banned everything with loli and I'm boycotting them
07:38 Losoall wut? i had the reverse affect cou
07:38 Counterfeit i'll join your boycott
07:38 Counterfeit i was boycotting them before for being boring but now this is a better excuse
07:38 Yoshiatom bye
07:38 medic -_-
07:38 medic ^_^
07:39 Losoall ...I thought ED became something else...Ohinternet or something like that
07:39 Yoshiatom and don't mention mugmun!
07:39 Counterfeit encyclopedia dramatica is now on a .se domain
07:39 Boometh ED did become Oh Internet! but then they decided to just have both.
07:39 Losoall mugumun*
07:39 Counterfeit they
07:39 Counterfeit uh
07:39 Counterfeit i thought ED was salvaged by others
07:39 Losoall ^
07:39 Counterfeit and oh internet went on to become an unmemorable failure
07:39 medic se is switzerland?
07:39 Counterfeit sweden
07:39 Counterfeit aka lawless land of fun and shit
07:39 medic i
07:40 medic olo
07:40 Counterfeit and green plant hedgehogs
07:40 medic switzerland is that too :V
07:40 Losoall bork 'e bork bork
07:40 Luca chronic the hemphog
07:40 medic and alcaro
07:40 Counterfeit luca
07:40 Yoshiatom mugmun
07:40 Counterfeit you stole my old thing!
07:40 Draaloff I typed Mugman on yoshiatom's laptop.
07:40 Luca I did? o.o Heehee x3
07:40 Yoshiatom I HATE DRAALOFF!
07:40 Draaloff he is not pleased
07:40 Counterfeit lmao
07:40 Losoall lol
07:41 ampharos Kieran: installed syntax hilighting, now making C&t programming sticky going into the wiki:
07:41 ampharos in addition, namespaces for SMWC and SMWC users
07:42 Yoshiatom SHUT UP ABOUT F***ING MUGMUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
07:42 Boometh woah, geez.
07:42 Draaloff no
07:42 Zephyr mugmun 2deep4u
07:42 Luca Dood. Calm down dood.
07:42 Yoshiatom mugmun is proboly going to become a meme at this rate.
07:43 Luca Mugumun
07:43 Luca Ay guyz.
07:43 Boometh I'd like to see that.
07:43 Counterfeit i'm going to kill it before it takes off then
07:43 *** Counterfeit is now known as mugmun
07:43 Luca les play mumugmgugn
07:43 Boometh Except since it's badly spelled, people will just somehow slap it into Dolan.
07:43 Draaloff User Bio Time!
07:43 Yoshiatom WHAT?!
07:43 mugmun hi
07:43 mugmun i am mugmun and this is my mugublustur
07:44 Boometh LOL
07:44 Boometh MUGUBLUSTER

Go Mugmun!


08:41 <Draaloff>: It's Pete!
08:42 <Draaloff>: Hi
08:43 <Draaloff>: It's Pete!
08:43 <Pete>: Yes, It's Me!
08:43 <mib_svuym3>: It's Pete Mosley
08:44 <Pete>: Yes
08:44 <Draaloff>: Pete I love your car that can go into space!
08:45 <Pete>: It's great, I know.
08:46 <ApocalypseX>: Hi guys!
08:48 <Pete>: What should we talk about guys?
08:48 <Draaloff>: Martin?
08:48 <ApocalypseX>: No, I'll have nightmares.
08:50 <Draaloff>: Okay, what else?
08:51 <ApocalypseX>: Ponies?
08:51 <Pete>: Oh no!
08:52 <Draaloff>: mib_svuym3 is Harry.
08:52 <Pete>: One of the council members
08:52 <Draaloff>: Yes
08:53 <Draaloff>: He is also playing on his x-box
08:53 <ApocalypseX>: ok
08:54 <Draaloff>: He is playing Infinity Blade
08:54 <Pete>: I haven't heard of it
08:54 <ApocalypseX>: Me neither
08:54 <Draaloff>: I only just heard of it
08:55 <Draaloff>: Oops, he is on his ipad
08:55 <Draaloff>: not his x-box
08:58 <Pete>: What shall we talk about?
09:00 <ApocalypseX>: The lack of people?
09:00 <Pete>: We haven't got enough people to discuss that!
09:02 <Draaloff>: Sadly, that is true.
09:02 <Draaloff>: I can't quite believe that people aren't even turning up to vote for Rooftop Wanderer's administration!
09:02 <Draaloff>:
09:03 <ApocalypseX>: I can't quite believe it either...
09:03 <Pete>: Neither can I.
09:05 <Draaloff>: We were so successful when we had Sadworld...
09:05 <Pete>: Those were good times.
09:05 <ApocalypseX>: Funny name though
09:06 <Draaloff>: It was a bit random, we weren't trying to make everyone miserable.
09:06 <Pete>: It must have been pulled out of a hat.
09:06 <Draaloff>: Maybe it was.
09:07 <ApocalypseX>: I don't know... maybe.
09:09 <Draaloff>: I requested some graphics so I could make a hack to do with mine and the elite four's origins...
09:09 <Draaloff>: Player graphics...
09:10 <ApocalypseX>: Someone might claim your request...
09:10 <Draaloff>: I hope so...
09:11 <Pete>: I'd love to be in a hack.
09:12 <Draaloff>: I'd have some other people on this site and stuff, but they wouldn't be playable.
09:12 <Draaloff>: Only me and the Elite 4 would be playable.
09:13 <ApocalypseX>: Sounds good, even if I'm not playable.
09:13 <Draaloff>: I'm glad you like the idea.
09:14 <ApocalypseX>: I've got to go, bye.
09:14 <Pete>: Me too, I've got to check on Project Outerbird.
09:15 <Draaloff>: I'd better get going as well. Bye Pete.

We need more people!

Note To Self: Luigi Lost In Telinc's World Thread: This
Draw Thread: This

Best IRC quote ever!
15:49 Luca: Yoshiatom les plai mugumun. i herd iss 2 playurz.
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