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Name: Heatmariomki
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I was Formaly known as FiremariomkiZX

Going through a nooby period, please bear with me until I know everything

Current Project (hack): firemariomki Chronicles: Marios Return
Current Project (scratch): Firemariomki and the Super Tubers talk
Things done
Scratch: Firemariomki vs Heatman, Firemariomki vs Mario, firemariomki vs Zero, Legend of Zelda RPG, and Firemariomki and a wird Message

Working on Firemariomki Chronicles Series.
To Smkdan: MAYBE THE REASON I NEVER LEARNED IS BECAUSE I NEVER GET HELP! PEOPLE LIKE YOU FAIL AS MODS! ... sorry... I overeacted... but still... I think Kindness rules over POWER.
Plus, dan, Im not Firemariomki anymore.

Now, because you guys hate me so much, I am maybe banned forever!
So to Lucas/Isaac, I cant show you my hack now.

If someone helps and unbans me, I will be better! I just need plenty of help knowing whats good and not good.

HEY! THIS IS A SECRET ONLY TO THOSE WHO READ MY PROFILE! I have a new hack Im workin on and there will be custom blocks + sprites! Expect the the first demo by the time I make the 4th castle.

Also, FiremariomkiZX/Heatmariomki would like to say that he fails at life and SMW hacking.

So.... yeah.

Your still reading?


Well.... your still reading, so......... the 4th castle has a remake of our most hated level in Super Firemariomki World.

Well whaddya know, im telling the levels in a stradegy guide. (in profile) here goes.

World 1-1: Tribute
The name says it all. A tribute to SMB 1. Not too hard.
World 1-2: Dark Forest
This level is pretty tough. first off:
See that weird coin? Thats an Initiation block. You just cant passs without touching it. So be carefull! Also look at this:
Thats a key so you can lock the blocks. Thats not good. there are times where an enemy is guarding an Initiation Block for you to grab! Defeat the chucks to gain the Init block. Now, you should've kept your cape so... now fly over the lava. You will find a p switch. You need it so, bring it with you. You will go to the cage of chucks. Now prepare to fight for your life! Use the cape to take them all out! Wasnt too hard, huh?
World 1-3 Adventure Mode
On previous versions, this had a very fast auto scroll at the end. You must cross the skull raft in the first part so, beware of Bouncin and Punting chucks.
World 1-4 The Destroyed Fort
This level is named due to the fact theres castle enemies. When you enter, you get key blocks. YOU NOOB!
Later, near the midway point, you find... a growing vine! dont climb it yet! The Poison Water will instantly kill you so... use the Thwomps to move on. Also you will find a message block here and an initiation block. Now either way, you wont get a secret exit so...
Cross with the thwomps again. NOW climb up the vine. YOu must be small to pass. Once you did pass, yoshi and a message block are there. We cant bring yoshi, so just go into the pipe. YOU ARE NOW IN A BONUS ZONE. There are 4 in this game. they defy all means of knowledge, skill, and imagination with all the blocks there. Not too bad, eh? Theres a bridge of 1up blocks, but as you learned in the toad houses now called shroom houses and The Dark Forest, 1up (or 5up) blocks disapear under your feet. Apply this glitch to cross: Hold the button responsible for either spin or normal jump while runing at full speed. now at the end, you will meet some blue koopas and a bunch of bills. jump on to the red note block for a bit o help over the poison water. Strangly, its solid. 0.o
Well... looks like Fishbones dont need water to swim. Just dodge em. YAY YOU FINISHED THE LEVEL!
#1 Castle: Iggys Flooded Fort
This aint too tough. You get 2 fireflowers for your assistance so grab em. Use them to take out the charging chucks and amazing flying hammer bros. (Yes, i did just say their official name. ^o^) Next just head for the midway then swim all the way up. Youll find a pipe. so go in. You face the same area again from the original! Only this time, its extended! GET TO THE END!
Originally posted by FiremariomkiZX
this guy is a ! dont listen to him!

Now... I think I cant be here anymore.

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