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Feel free to use and distribute my work in any way you want (all my stuff on smwc, even my files, submitting to any smwc’s sections, I even authorize archiving it). But please give credit (and show the link to the original as well as previous updates that was before your changes). Thanks.

-Pretty much any content
  • “Self-destruct users”, A behavior that users who purposely render their works they've posted unavailable (delete/private/friends only) in response to others using without permission (repost, reupload, etc), assuming that all people would do the same. I mean, why even post in the first place? Seems counter-intuitive, and once distributed, it isn't easy to undo this. All this does is make people wanting to download/view your work hate you.
  • Dropbox broke all the links, thanks to their decision to disable the public folder.

asar: Awesome, Super And Relying

Japanese smw stuff:
epic sprites
japanese sprite pack
Yoshi island lift - Line guides (note that the origional webpage has some Mojibake problems)
punching cat
Japanese ROM hacking
Luigi's adventure main page

MIDI links:
Final fantasy midi files
vgmusic general midi site
kingdom hearts insider general midi site
touhou music pack in midi (rotted) format (for touhou music porters, yay! it's 100% black midi free).
Midi of Dimension of Reverie
tako8's midi room note that each "page" shares the same URL, by using the same special codes like Java and Adobe scripts.
Midishow (japanese)

spanish SMW hacking
Some other music sheets
P4plus2's shex
G͇̱l̮̠͖͞ͅi̪͘ͅt͖̝ͅc͠h͝ ҉̟͚͍t̲̣̗̞̞̜̹̀éx͏̝̤̟̩̫t̻̻̻̪͎̹͖͡ ̹͙̰͓̱̳g̻͉e̛͚̣ne҉͕̝͈̟ͅr̰͍͈a̧̘̗͕̻t̶̥̤͎̱o̡̼͇͓r͚̘̺.̖͖͖
suitepee site
notes: look up these if you want Japanese smw hacks:
- 改造 スーパーマリオワールド search this up on google, I hope this doesn't violate anything.
火炉's youtube channel
japanese music player emulator
Notepad ++
MasterLink's song pack (this gets updated from time to time) (backup in case it goes down)
Some japanese music player site

notes to self:
the algorithm for pitch is 69+12*log2(f/440)

Favorite songs:
Vip 7 theme song

ASM tutorial:
Ersanio's work

Favorite other songs:
Kevin MacLeod ~ Batty McFaddin

GHB's status: none

Lost Content:
-Custom - Badlands, by S.N.N
-(comming soon)

My ASM libraries

(credit to Akaginite for some of the codes)

Unsigned hexadecimal to decimal (converts a value into BCD with 1 digit per byte):

Left and right-aligned number display
Convert 32-bit frame counter to Hours:Minutes:Seconds:Centi-seconds timer format

Scripts to jump to page when there are a number of them.
Opcode disassembler.
Some MarkAlarm's stuff:

Protip: If you encounter file filters when uploading a file that is wongfully banned, you can avoid this by having them in an encrypted zip file (recommended using 7zip's password feature, and to avoid visible file names, just double-zip them with the outermost file being encrypted), or transforming the file in a way it can be reverted back (splitting them into smaller files, converting it into image, etc.). I hate upload filters when mandated, f**k article 17, any similar laws and its supporters).
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Sample code

Sample post
Give thanks to RPG hacker for working on Asar.