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Website: http://C93.UK/

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I'm a 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 year old hard core moderate SNES collector.

I've been working on two full hack ideas since 2007. A chocolate hack disguised with a wafer thin superficial layer of vanilla, and a story centric hack that's supposed to look and sound totally separate from Super Mario World.

Super Mario Hack World - Active
This one will be chock-full of custom stuff, and yet it's supposed to look true to the original game without being so true to it as it goes on. It will also have a long credits list from all the resources on this site I want to add.

This will be a hack that's so vanilla it's coloured and designed very true to the original, but this will be in a misleading way, because as you progress through the hack it gets more and more chocolate and weird, because the player will presumably assume it's a straight up vanilla game.

To give examples, I want animations at 90 degrees, stuff that you can't do without rotating GFX tiles and re-animating. I'm thinking yellow and red levels on the map, but also green for 3 exits and blue for 4. I'll be using Layer 3 a lot, so many custom sprites and bosses, but all the GFX should look like it came from SMW in one way or another, but with surprisingly alternative behaviour. I'm not against putting objects over one another as well.

I'd like to use the Mode 7 3D effects as well, but with SMW graphics. It's going to be the most not vanilla hack trying to be vanilla I ever saw. I think modifying sprite disassemblies and then reinserting them would be a good way to catch the player off-guard with unexpected behaviour too.

Dreamland Horizon - Active
This hack will try to be completely different in appearance from SMW, and should feel like a new game, but with similar enough in controls so you should pick it up just fine. It will have a lot of code available on this site, so the credits list will be extensive.

I'll be trying to break up the linear feel of the map, not just by having alternate routes, but using different level-to-map teleports and blocks that change depending on exits or switch palace triggers that make you go back and forth on the maps, even get stuck in one place and have to complete levels to get back out again. I want the game to seem like it's about to end, and then doesn't.

Mostly I want the hack to be very story driven, and if it's going very well and people like the beta tests, I'd be interested in asking pixel artists on DeviantArt if they would like to draw cut-scene panels and be credited with the hack. Ultimately I believe the minimum of what I want to do is achievable unaided from resources on the site, but if it's going well I'd like to find out who's interested in contributing some visuals and ASM.

The hack adventure spreads among two star systems, and various planets, moons, and gravitating bodies. There are both religions and communities of people from different sovereignties that are loosely but not explicitly related to existing things. For instance there are countries that speak Japanese, English (GB), Arabic (UAE), Russian, English patois, Latin American Spanish, Hindi, and Inuktitut, although the languages won't be called that.

These countries are loosely based on existing countries, so the desert area speaks mostly Arabic, the big city speaks very international, the dry rocky areas speak Spanish, the cold mountain communities speak Russian, there's a hot moist jungle planet that speaks mostly Hindi and is of course loosely based on India, plus some deep space ice objects like the Oort cloud where habitants speak Inuktitut.

Synopsis of the story: You play as Qusay, a wealthy young man from the desert planet of Al'ard in the Shams Solar System, but lives in a Blue Forest area of a different star system on the planet Chikyu. Qusay is a married man suffering from self isolation and depression. He and his wife were part of a group that practiced magic in university, but have since parted ways due to reasons revealed to you as you go along.

In this story there is a lot of magic and mysticism, this includes harvesting dreams in vases. There is a militia of a force from far away who attack Chikyu and steal many of these vases, roping Qusay into finding out where they came from, and reconciling with old friends to help him along the way.

Super All Stars World
Basically an accurate All Stars hack, instruments and all, but also with unexpected behaviours and song changes like the 'Super Mario Hack World' idea.

I would also like to incorporate instrument samples, songs and graphics from their respective NES titles in multiple regions.

Unnamed Dreamland Horizon Story Expansions
I'd like to do at least two Super Mario World hacks for Dreamland Horizon as a chronological series, then potentially a few more canon side stories like a SMB2 hack (maybe adapted into a SMASSMB2 hack), Mario 64, and Zelda OoT/MM. I just hope the first hack is good, so I'll be closely listening to critiques in beta.

Firstly I'd like to make a sequel to Dreamland Horizon based on some rough outlines of what would be to follow the original story. It will involve a group of playable characters with their own traits and powers, but you mostly play as the female lead in the story. It would be a space exploration spaceship crew adventure, like Star Trek.

Super Sonic The Hedgehog World
Trying to be an accurate Sonic 1, 2, 3, S&K, CD and Sonic Mania recreation in the Super Mario World engine. It's going to be unsuccessful tricking anyone watching playthroughs into thinking it's a real Sonic game, but with graphics, instrument samples, and songs that sound like the original and then change into something else, and unexpected sprite behaviour, I think it will make an enjoyable hack worth trying out.

If it looks spectacular as a work in progress, I do hope for some additional coding help, but so does everyone who wants something they can't do. I think it's good to put this prospect bottom of the list, so it comes after a portfolio of building hacks.

Hacks I support: - Alphabetical order.
SUPER MARIO BROS. Returns (An 8-bit like hack)
Super Mario Bros. Advance 2 - The SMBA Team presents
Super Mario World Central Production 2

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