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Name:  Eevee
Title: Play Sicari 2!!!!
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Hi, I'm Eevee. I'm an admin here on SMW Central. You can find me around the forums. I don't bite (unless you submit a broken hack), so if you have anything to ask me, please let me know. You can also find me on the Discord, usually going by Yuki!


Sicari (2013)

Sicari was born and raised as an assassin after her parents were killed. However, Sicari doesn't enjoy this lifestyle and just wants to live as a normal child. After turning 11, Sicari takes it upon herself to save the world from an evil fiend named "Niscura", who plans to crash two dimensions together. Joined by her robot assistant K-16, Sicari must destroy Niscura and her 5 minions, and bring about her own redemption...
K-16 - Story of Steel (2014)

The vampire Scarlet lost her brother Crimson during Niscura's invasion of Paradia. Overtaken by extreme grief and distress, she decides the entire human race is to blame and decides to just end it all. She hires Team Supernova, who set up three space stations around the galaxy. The plan is to absorb the power of the stars in order to create a supermassive black hole that will swallow everything. Sicari, being a human, cannot go into space, so it is up to the robot K-16 go and travel up there and save the day!
Sicari Remastered (2018)

Thousands of years ago, there was a war between the Gods of creation. Due to its effect on the mortal plane, the Gods were forced to punish themselves - to prevent such a thing from happening again. As such, they were all but cut off from the mortal world, with little to no influence, leading humanity to lose their faith. However, one group survived the thousands of years that passed after the war - the Sanguis vampire family. Their goal across those millennia was to undo the binding that their patron deity, Niscura was under. They wanted the Goddess of Dimensions and Shadow to be free again...

...and they succeeded.
Sicari 2 - The Brink of Time (2022)

A mysterious girl only known as TS-94 has arrived in Paradia, attempting to gather the powerful Shards of Serpos. Sicari and K-16 catch wind of this and attempt to intercept the shards. They must gather them while also putting a stop to TS-94's lackeys who have been placed throughout various periods in time.
Anna's Treasure Trove (TBA)

Anna becomes fascinated by the legend of an ancient shrine, thought to contain the greatest of treasures. To gain entry however, she must travel to the four corners of the world, and collect ancient keys that will reveal the shrine's secrets to all, all while a mysterious magician named Melanie races her to the prize...

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