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Ми з Вами! 🌍🇺🇦 ПТН X̆ЛО!
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Hello everyone, 7 up here! I'm a 21-year-old guy with ASD. I often dedicate myself to various things happening at SMW Central. I have some weird sense of humor (not very offensive, though) and I'm generally quite a weirdo. I mainly create SMW hacks, I don't know if I'll ever start hacking SM64 or YI. I used to be known as MasterKastylinos222, user23507, Rainbow Star, and Rainbow Man. You can call me 7 up, Fido Dido or Emerald Shell, but calling me my older names is still fine. Don't hesitate to ask me any questions, I don't bite (so much)!

My hacks

My finished works
Super Mega Difficult Kaizo

It has a few walljumps, which cannot be forced in tool-assisted kaizo hacks due to a random chance of catching a wall, which isn't actually fun. Although this hack is too easy to be a pit. It's neither creative nor innovative and it has horrible palettes and a couple of cutoffs. This hack was made back in 2013, when my English used to be way more terrible than nowadays. Don't play it if you're mentally healthy!

Extreme One-Screen Puzzle
The hack I'm satisfied with most. It's on just one screen and requires only a few savestates when you know the solution. Don't watch my video of this hack if you don't want to be spoiled. It had multiple updates while the last one has all breaks fixed.

MintGreenYoshi's Challenge
This hack's named after my YouTube channel and it's its former name. Originally created as a special for 100 subscribers. Really easy for a pit hack, but there are a few walljumps and the section with disco shell leads the players to difficulty that could be easily considered pit. Everyone who can beat a kaizo: hard hack should definitely try this!

Canceled hacks and collabs I'm not working on any more
Loser Mario
If you don't know or remember this hack, I'm going to tell you about this one as well! I was not so happy with that and I lost motivation to continue it, therefore it's gonna stay discontinued. It was supposed to have only 3 levels which weren't gonna be exceedingly long, but ruthlessly hard, although there were no walljumps or corner clips in order to fit in kaizo: hard category. I only finished the first stage. Overworld and title screen were poor compared to what I can do now. The levels were filled with skull blocks, which didn't look too attractive when they were all around there.

Monstrous Mario World
This one could've been a thing. Unfortunately, it couldn't have even made it for a demo. I was so glad of this hack and positive feedback on it. The reason as for why I couldn't continue it was that I didn't have a working backup file for this. If you don't know or remember this hack, I recommend watching the videos of it on my YouTube channel. It was going to be possibly RTA kaizo.

Super Mario World DLC
It's a ghost house with kind of exploration in it and I'm glad I came up with such a creative thing that fast! And what's the best, I was paired with Minuy600, who made the boss fight for this.

Paper Mario: The Plasma Star
This project is dead. TheJullasicFox gave up this one and retired from SMW hacking, so I don't have to work on anything for it anymore. I only joined this because it had big potential.

I think it's not a final name of this collab. I made the first half of 3-5, but didn't show any video of it. #collab is currently dead.

Mushroom Kingdom 2 - The Dark Side
A collab by Blind Devil where you play as Wario. I claimed a level and that one was supposed to use the hypothermia gimmick. Blind Devil wanted to use the same gimmick in a castle level, though, but they lost interest in SMW hacking and thus the project's been canceled.

(of course, I'd had more of this before I joined this site, but I don't remember or I'm not certain about everything, so I don't wanna mention)

Works in Progress
As the name says, it's gonna be a summer themed hack. It was supposed to be standard, but I'm gonna finish this sometime and it might possibly be tool-less kaizo.

Super Mario World: Again in Dinosaur Land
I wanted it to be a pure vanilla hack which emulates Super Mario World's sequel. I'd only use Lunar Magic, but there would be no custom palettes, custom map16 tiles or ExAnimation. I released a world 1 demo. Progress has been slow and I dunno if I'll come back to the hack.

Super Pragmatic World
My second attempt at creating a kaizo: light hack. It's gonna be a lot better than the previous one and beatable without any tools as well. Now my primary project.

Collabs and team projects I'm working on

Super Mario Lost World
Previously a team hack, currently a collaboration. Now RussianMan is the leader, not Andyana Jonseph, in case you didn't know. Currently not making anything, but I'll plan on it if I get a chance before it's finished.

Contest entries
Mole Shenanigans
Contest: Kaizo Level Design Contest 2017
Place: 20th out of 36
It's a simple entry and has not a lot of extremely creative ideas. It's about Mega Moles and a few other sprites from Banzai Bill tileset. It also has screen-scrolling pipes and ON/OFF blocks. I neither expected one of 10 best nor 10 worst places, although I'm glad I placed 20th implying that it was my first ever finished contest entry and it was rushed.

Harmonious heaven
Contest: 11th Annual Vanilla Level Design Contest
Place: 10th out of 111 (117 entered)
Decided to revamp the idea I had for VLDCX. It's a sky level with a lot of platforms. Still sound boring? You must be careful for Chainsaws that wanna cut you! And you'll have to dodge some bubbles, too! I utilized layer 3 background and fake HDMA to make it look prettier, too! 10th place in a major site contest is by far my biggest achievement and I'm glad I joined top 10 elite despite thinking my level was imperfect! Fun fact: I intended to include reskinned hopping flames, but they went unused for my inadvertence.

Abnormal Athletics
Contest: Kaizo Level Design Contest #7
Place: 22nd out of 51
That one was... something. This level focuses on Monty Moles (who are reskinned), shelljumps, castle pencils (also reskinned), timed platforms, and timed platforms. There's also a boss fight with Big Boo. It was very demanding, but it turns out the main problem of my level was that aesthetics weren't really readable and the entry wasn't friendly to photosensitive people. Got a pretty high placement for what I whipped, though.

Wendy Four
Contest: 24hoSMW #12
Place: 41st out of 66

Torpedo's a Beach
Contest: 72hoKaizo #1
Place: 39th out of 51

In Search of Light
Contest: 24hoSMW #13
Place: dead last out of 46

Shut Up And Fly
Contest: Kaizo Level Design Contest #8
Place: 37th out of 71 (77)

Contest: Old-School Level Design Contest #2
Place: 21st out of 125

I Hate Music
Contest: Questionable Level Design Contest 2023
Place: N/A

My site- and SMW-hacking-related goals
- finish any of my current hacks
- learn some more ASM
- learn to make custom music
- make a lengthy overworld

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