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Von Fahrenheit

Name: Von Fahrenheit
Title: Don't test me.
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I think the most based animals are dogs and bears. Dogs are nice and friendly and full of energy. Bears don't give a fuck. I desire to be somewhere in the middle of those two extremes. The most annoying animals are cats and birds.


Roberto Zampari...
Kaisaan Siddiqui...
Long ago, smwcentral lived together in harmony, but everything changed when the Meme Lords asked if it has got custom music.

One day these guys will have the numbers to start an Organization XIII and then we're all fucked, fellas

I was an ASM mod for a while but oppressing other people by saying no to submissions was too much work so I quit. Now I spend all my hacking time working on Extra Mario World with Team Välfärd! We have completely ridiculously high ambitions for this hack, fully intending to make it the best ROM hack of all time. It includes 6 playable characters, co-op multiplayer, a new world, original music, a silly amount of new enemies and bosses, upgrades for your characters, difficulty selection, a bit of a story... basically it has a ludicrous amount of work put into it with all the resources we're making. If this sounds interesting to you at all I implore you to check it out. I promise you that we won't disappoint!

Some great quotes:
This here is Von Fahrenheit's Hall of Fame (TM) for fantastic and silly things people have said on smwcentral or the discord.

Roberto Zampari:
@Von Fahrenheit @Eminus Did you know that i make sprites?
My coding skills aren't perfect...
I mean, almost perfect...
you use anonimzwx's tool, right?
Roberto Zampari:

MarioFanGamer was stuck trying to find an exit in YUMP 2. He asks for advice on Discord. lordkronos100 replies with a 20 minute video showing the exit.
Von Fahrenheit: "That's the Lord Kronos 100 we know and love!"
lordkronos100: "Well Atleast the one who is Stucking on a Puzzle 😄"

"This is extraordinary. Gotta go now because I have a massage."
--ForthRightMC, just casually commenting on Gamma V's hack

"Has it got custom music?"
--ForthRightMC, all the time dude

"I've got a power to crush wood."
--ForthRightMC, explaining what his ideal super power would be

Let that last one sink in for a bit...

"What makes a good hack/level vs. What makes a great hack/level? I know ExAnimation is one thing but what are some others?"
--Kaisaan Siddiqui, wondering how he can make Luigi's Revenge the best hack ever

"Another hack that makes me very good."
--ForthRightMC, commenting on Gamma V's recently revealed hack

Coming (yes, actually) soon: list of cool smwc users!

Current projects:

Extra Mario World

I used to be a sprite moderator and kept a list of what I moderated. I dunno what to do with it so it might as well be here:
Ultimate Noob Sprite
Ultimate Wario Sprite
Super Mario Maker - Blooper
Custom Bullet Bill Shooters
GreenHammerBro's asar-based sprites
Mega man scroll gates
Stopwatch timer
Custom object clipping
Custom Yoshi Message
Giant Masked Koopa Boss (asar version)
Multiple Songs on Main Map
Alternate Cape Smash
Graphical Layer 3 Air Meter
Lakitu's Cloud (disassembly)
Vertical Level Bowser Statue Fireball Fix
Extended Sprite SFX
Normal/Hard Mode
Pause Menu
ExSprites Hijack
Undine Boss
Birdo Modificated
Sprite Scroll Fix
Pipe Cannon
Nintendo Presents Logo Expansion v1.2
No shooting fireballs/cape spin when carrying something
Countdown Blocks
Boo Ring
Classic Firebar
Falling Icicle
Player-following Air Meter
Racoon Guy
Zidane Bro.
Individual Yoshi Coin Save
Tolerance Timer
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