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User Bio
Rest In Peace Nicholas "eXcavator" Arts

pɹǝu ʎɐƃ ƃᴉq ɐ sᴉ ɹǝᴉʇɐld lǝɐuɐɥʇɐu

Hi, I'm a real life lion.
I'm also Iskandar and Caineghis irl (not really)

Leomon is my bae and so is BMM

Call me lion, KobaBeach (Koba) or Leomon.
I can speak: Portuguese, Spanish, English and I'm working my way through Japanese.
I'm considering relearning German, as well as learning Korean, Cantonese, French, Italian, Finnish and Russian in the future, if I ever have the time.

I'm a twig of a nerd who thinks he's goddamned Wolverine but he really just needs to learn his place lol
If I'm being an asshole feel free to conk me over the head, I guess.

I also like playing Japanese hacks for some reason? I think they're kinda fascinating considering the JP scene just lets everyone go wild with their works rather than focus on standards (also they're lesser known outside of stuff like Brutal and Mario X World + Luigi's Adventure and I just get a huge hipster boner for anything that's not too well known lol). I'm friends with a few JP hackers on Twitter, too.
よろしくれば知り合えるです (貧しい日本語でごめんw)

I'm essentially that first gay crush you have that makes you doubt your sexuality.

One day I was like: "carol's taking forever to finish his hack, I might as well learn ASM and try to make my own"
ASM hacking is fun, please don't be afraid of diving in!

Start here:
Assembly for SMW, Ersanio (read this first)
Assembly for the SNES, Ersanio

Blocks, in-progress by Thomas, please be patient! (legacy tutorial by superman6791)
Sprites, in-progress by Medic, please be patient! (legacy tutorial by Iceguy / Nesquik Bunny)
Patches, MarioFanGamer
Objects, imamelia
Cluster Sprites, Roy
Hex edits, MercuryPenny

Window/Mask Registers, Maxx
HDMA, Kaijyuu
Stripe Image Format for Layer 3, Roy
Mode 7, wiiqwertyuiop

SPC700 Intro, wiiqwertyuiop
SPC700 In-Depth, Kil

SA1, aCrowned
Super FX, Disco the Bat

Using and creating Macros, KilloZapit
Removing Patches, Medic

Also planning on learning how to draw and start working out when I have the time.
Drawing is for furry and non-furry related nonsense, working out is just to stay healthy and also look like one of my sexy video game boyfriends.

Yes: Digimon and Mon + V-Pet series in general, Kirby, Sonic Robo Blast 2, RPG Maker, MUGEN, Dezaemon and Danmakufu, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Vocaloid + UTAU, Furries, RPGs, Shmups (especially Danmaku), Fighting games, Puzzle games, Indie and Doujin games, Fangames, Shitty games, old computers, handheld consoles, Sega Saturn and Dreamcast, big cats (mostly lions), Programming, ASM hacking, Eurobeat, Sonic 06 LPs (especially blind ones), Bara, Yuri, cute guys, anything celebrating queerness (LGBTQ+)... except for stuff that excludes queer minorities
No: Using Lunar Magic lol, pre-Unleashed 3D Sonics, nationalist right-wingers, my shitty mood-swings lmao

Fave games:
* ActRaiser
* Alien Soldier
* Battle Garegga
* Burning Rangers
* Castlevania Bloodlines, Rondo of Blood
* Chrono Trigger
* Cyber Troopers Virtual-On: Oratorio Tangram
* Dangun Feveron
* Darkstalkers 3 (both VSav and VSav2)
* Daytona USA
* Dicing Knight Period
* Digimon World
* DoDonPachi DaiOuJou
* Donkey Kong Country 2
* Dragon Quest III, IV
* EarthBound
* ESP Ra. De.
* Fantasy Zone II DX
* Final Fantasy V and IX
* For the Frog the Bell Tolls
* Gunbird 1&2
* Jikkyou Oshaberi Parodius
* Judgement SilverSword: Rebirth Edition
* King of Fighters '98
* Kirby and the Amazing Mirror
* Klonoa: Door to Phantomile
* Live-A-Live
* Magical Drop III
* Mega Man & Bass, Mega Man Zero subseries
* Mischief Makers
* NiGHTS into Dreams...
* Ninja Gaiden (NES)
* Okami
* Pokémon Gold/Silver/Crystal (havent played HG/SS yet)
* Pulseman
* Puyo Puyo 15th Anniversary (need to play 20th sometime)
* Red Earth
* Romancing SaGa 2, SaGa Frontier
* Secret of Evermore, Legend of Mana
* Silhouette Mirage
* SimCity series
* SNK vs Capcom: Match of the Millenium
* Sonic Advance
* Summer Carnival '92: Recca
* Super Street Fighter II Turbo, III: 3rd Strike
* Tetris the Absolute: The Grand Master 2 PLUS
* Touhou Chireiden ~ Subterranean Animism
* Tower of Heaven
* Undertale
* Yoshi's Island
* Ys IV: Dawn of Ys

Hacks I like:
* game.bps (Wakana)
* Gokudou Mario World (-Neko)
* JUMP: Janked Up Mario Party (raocow's talkhaus)
* Lunar Legends (Eternity) [rip this hack]
* Super ASPE Mario (JP hackers on Twitter: Kokoron, xjakku (not JP but still), Nori, Anikiti, Kona, Sui, Asutoro, Momonga, 660, Stens, SIG, Rage, Akaginite (33953YoShI), abc_ore, MIYABI, Masashi27, Goblin, Agate, Naari, 6646 (boldowa/757))
* VIP and Wall and Alaska Mix 4 & 5 (2ch's Game Urawaza board)

See you around?


<Underway> ...
<Underway> I guess he is human

<lion> i still haven't come up with anything much for a hack
<lion> any ideas
<DerpyBackslide> The Roberto Story
<Medic> carol's inbox simulator

* DerpyBackslide sets ban on eXcabator!*@*
<DerpyBackslide> .
<eXcavator> nice

<aHick> I swear maybe I should send those ants to the nsa
<aHick> oh, I didnt say that on this channel
<Claus> i love the lack of context

<Shree> Somebody help
<Shree> The snow on my browser's SMWC
<Shree> Is falling literally horizontally
<Shree> HOW
<Koopster> christmas miracle
<Away> You must have some harsh winds
<Zandro> not as bad as some of the css warfare I've trekked through on this stupid site

<lion> creepypasta rap battles
<Magi> three word horror story

* KTB ( has joined
<robertozampari> Hello (K)ill (T)he (B)itch
<KTB> Hiya

<Kaisaan> vldc
<Kaisaan> I might not even try
<Kaisaan> We're naming our level, 2 bros try again
<Kaisaan> lel
<GD> yeah
<GD> a bit
<GD> i remember that i used redrawn sprites only because i liked nsmb-ish hacks
<GD> in 2011
<GD> but try to make something better
* IanBoy141 ( has joined
<GD> your vldc8 level was really bad
<IanBoy141> thank you
<IanBoy141> i mean
<IanBoy141> hello

<CreeperJr> !vb future lion
<VilelaBot> lion will become president of Brazil.

<Nameless> <DerpyBackslide> did imamelia stop voting or is he just not here atm
<Nameless> he was probably listening to the battles and got scared by saya no uta
<DerpyBackslide> olo
<Nameless> he locked himself in his parents' suv and they're still trying to talk him outside

<Lui37> If SMWC is so accepting, then why is it that I, Officer Backslide

<Nameless> dax my man
<Nameless> my homie
<Nameless> my brother
<Nameless> my ese
<Nameless> my nigga
<Nameless> my jigar
<Nameless> my pal
<Nameless> my dude
<Nameless> my frand
<Nameless> my man
<Nameless> my mate
<leod> my bride
<Nameless> my woman
<Nameless> my lover
<Nameless> my friend
<dax> did you need anything

<Sayuri> wtftf the fuyck
<VilelaBot> <Yuki-chan> !vb tell Sayuri THE CELL GAMES
<VilelaBot> <GIBBY> !vb tell Sayuri THE CELL GAMES
<VilelaBot> <Mirann> !vb tell Sayuri THE CELL GAMES
<VilelaBot> <FL4SHK> !vb tell Sayuri THE CELL GAMES
<VilelaBot> <LENNY> !vb tell Sayuri THE CELL GAMES
<VilelaBot> <Koopster> !vb tell Sayuri THE CELL GAMES
<VilelaBot> <Claus> !vb tell Sayuri THE CELL GAMES
<VilelaBot> <DeputyBS> !vb tell Sayuri if u dont join THE CELL GAMES mirann dies from not being best girl
<VilelaBot> <Nameless> !vb tell Sayuri THE CELL GAMES
<Sayuri> ...again??

<robertozampari> Pewdievayne

<dax> also your waifu moving into her new home

<Mariomon> My post quality has been fine since the bullshit
<DeputyBS> nah
<Mariomon> People are just mad at me because I'm not an SJW
<GiantShyGuy> Mariomon I don't know if you know but I don't think the redpill is supposed to make you high

* Eevee is now known as TaylorSwift
<StrikeForcer> Not saying a thing about today's mainstream singers since id likely get reprisals.
<StrikeForcer> But do know that I do not have a high opinion of their abilities.
<TaylorSwift> i will sue you

<Lightvayne> i am a heron. i ahev a long neck and i pick fish out of the water w/ my beak. if you dont repost this comment on 10 other pages i will fly into your kitchen tonight and make a mess of your pots and pans

<lion> tfw armstrong is literally trump
<lion> kojima and kamiya warned us
<lion> they knew
<Prizm> i literally shat my pants when i read that make america great again was trump's slogan
<Prizm> i knew

<Maxo> how's that nsfw
<BMM> oh i don't know max

<Nameless> i shitted *puts on sunglasses and drives on a motorcycle down the road while deep purple's "highway star" plays around the end constantly repeating that one part where theyre all I'M A HIGHWAY STAR I'M A HIGHWAY STAR"
<Nameless> *


	  <lion> ______██████████████
	  <lion> -____██▓▓▓▓▓ fuk u ▓████
	  <lion> -__██▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓██
	  <lion> -__██████░░░░██░░██████
	  <lion> ██░░░░████░░██░░░░░░░░██
	  <lion> ██░░░░████░░░░██░░░░░░██
	  <leod> ██░░░░████░░██░░░░░░░░██
	  <leod> ██░░░░████░░██░░░░░░░░████░░░░████░░██░░░░░░░░██
	  <lion> -__████░░░░░░██████████
	  <lion> -__██░░░░░░░░░░░░░██
	  <lion> _____██░░░░░░░░░██
	  <leod> _____██░░░░░░░░░██
	  <lion> -______██░░░░░░██
	  <leod> _____██░░░░░░░░░██
	  <leod> _____██░░░░░░░░░██
<DerpyBackslide> -______██░░░░░░██
<DerpyBackslide> -______██░░░░░░██
<DerpyBackslide> -______██░░░░░░██
	  <lion> -____██▓▓████▓▓▓█
	  <lion> -_██▓▓▓▓▓▓████▓▓█
	  <lion> ██▓▓▓▓▓▓███░░███░
	  <lion> -__██░░░░░░███████
	  <leod> __██░░░░░░███████
	  <leod> __██░░░░░░███████
	  <lion> -____██░░░░███████
	  <lion> -______██████████
	  <lion> -_____██▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓██
	  <leod> -_____██▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓██
	  <leod> -_____██▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓██
	  <leod> -_____██▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓██
	  <lion> -_____█████████████
	 <Lui37> -_____██▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓████▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓████▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓████▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓██


Originally posted by S.N.N.
Originally posted by Roberto zampari
The greatest mystery ever: Is Alphys a lesbian?

wanting to punch you in the dick fills me with determination

Originally posted by Hawthorne
*masturbates furiously with both hands to degeneracy and the euphoric thought of western civilization collapsing* ohh yeahh baby BORN TO DIE WORLD IS A FUCK Kill Em All 1989 I am trash man 410,757,864,530 DEAD COPS

Originally posted by 1337doom
Originally posted by levelengine
Originally posted by Ragey
I guess the idea is kind of nice, but it doesn't work too well in this format because I can't play one hack each day, especially not a huge one like Second Reality Project.

Unless you're a virgin lord.

you're right, my untainted genitalia has caused me to play video games at 4x speed. it's a real inexplicable superpower but here we are

Originally posted by Ten
When I see people complaining about spin jumps and capes being broken, it makes me want to scream at them something along the lines of THEY AREN'T BROKEN, YOU ARE A LAZY DESIGNER.




Originally posted by KaiserLeomon
Wanna know what? I'm tired. Fed up to believe, have faith, and hope on a character who is unworthy of it. I speak, of Leomon, of series of Digimon. It's been more than 15 years of anime and manga series of Digimon, and in all these series, without exception, Leomon NEVER survived until the last episode. If he is really a "hero" he is the pathetic sense, loser, and, defeatist, this word.

He looks more like a cartoon character like Tom and Jerry or Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck, that no matter how many times has the head struck by a baseball bat, no matter how many times often it is crushed by a weight of 10 thousand tons no matter how many times cut in half by an ax, no matter how many times he has to face exploded by firing a hunting rifle never tires of being beaten, and being humiliatingly defeated and detonated and always comes back to ask for detonate more .

15 Years. 15 long, tiresome and fruitless years of Digimon in that Leomon had all possible opportunities to "be a hero" in fact, make a difference, and arrive alive at the end of his series, anime, and manga, of Digimon yet who ever did because it's one of those characters support made solely to pose as a hero but whose lack harms no one in the anime is not real obstacle for the main characters.

In fact, the only "real usefulness" of Leomon, as a character, is to serve as "furry gay icon," gay fetish of fantasies homosexuals, not an individual, neither a character nor a being worthy , respect, admiration, or love of the fans and serve only as "inspiration" to produce "furry porn art" of the most varied, indecent and unhealthy types, this was the only "usefulness" Leomon had in these 15 years of Digimon series. I'm tired of it, and tired of believing, that Leomon someday live ended, a series of Digimon. If one day it will not happen by "merit of Leomon" but only because it was convenient for the authors of the Digimon series.

But anyway, turned up a troll joke on the internet, saying that, "Leomon came in, an anime series Digimon, we can count in fingers, your lifetime ...". And I'm tired of cheering for someone who is not worthy of the faith that you deposit.. Tired. Leomon never more ...


Quer saber de uma coisa? Estou cansado. Farto de acreditar, ter fé, e apostar em um personagem que não é digno disso . Falo, de Leomon, da série Digimon. Já se passaram mais de 15 anos de anime e mangá de Digimon, e em todas as séries, sem exceção, Leomon NUNCA sobreviveu até o último episódio. Se ele é realmente um "herói", ele o é no sentido patético , perdedor, e, derrotista, desta palavra.

Ele se parece mais com um personagem de desenho animado humorístico , como Tom e Jerry ou Pernalonga e Patolino, que não importa quantas vezes tem a cabeça atingida por um taco de beisebol, não importa quantas vezes ele é esmagado por um peso de 10 mil toneladas, não importa quantas vezes é cortado ao meio por um machado, não importa quantas vezes tem a cara explodida, pelo disparo de um rifle de caça não se cansa de apanhar e de ser humilhantemente derrotado e detonado e sempre volta para pedir para o detonarem mais.

15 anos. 15 longos, cansativos e infrutíferos anos de Digimon em que Leomon teve todas as oportunidades possíveis para "Ser um herói" de fato, fazer a diferença, e chegar vivo ao final de sua série, anime e mangá, de Digimon mas que nunca o fez porque é um daqueles personagens de apoio feitos exclusivamente para posar como um herói, mas cuja falta não prejudica ninguém no anime e não é obstáculo real para os personagens principais.

Na verdade, a única "utilidade real" de Leomon, como um personagem, foi de servir como "ícone gay furry," fetiche gay de fantasias homossexuais, não um indivíduo, nem um personagem nem um ser digno,de respeito, admiração ou amor dos fãs e servir apenas como "inspiração" para produzir "arte pornô furry" das mais variadas, indecentes e doentias formas, esta foi a única "utilidade" que Leomon teve nestes 15 anos de série Digimon. Estou cansado disso, e cansado de acreditar, que Leomon um dia ira viver até o final , de uma série de Digimon. Se um dia isso acontecer não será por "mérito de Leomon", mas apenas porque foi conveniente para os autores da série Digimon em questão.

Mas, enfim, já virou até uma piada dos trolls na internet, dizerem que, "Leomon surgiu,em uma série de anime Digimon, podemos contar nos dedos, seu tempo de vida ...". E eu estou cansado de torcer , para alguém que não faz jus à fé que você deposita. Cansado. Leomon nunca mais .

Originally posted by Skewer (
I've written a some rape chapters that actually inspired my novel, so... the Skype chat is there, feel free to hit me up/add me to your contacts and we can brainstorm.

(↑ cw rape mention)

MMMMMMMMMMMMdooo:                       :ooodMMMMMMMMMM
MMMMMMMMMMdo:                               /omMMMMMMMM
MMMMMMMMds:                                   /smMMMMMM
MMMMMMms/             -+++-   -+++-             /smMMMM
MMMMms/       -+++++++osss:   :ssso+++++++.       /smMM
MMMMy         :sssssss:           /sssssss-         yMM
MMMMy           -+++++-           -+++++.           yMM
MMmy/         ./osdMMMh+-       -+hMMMdso/.         +ym
MMy       ./- :s/ oMMMds:       /ymMMM+ /s- -/.       y
MMy       +Ms     +MMMo           sMMM+     yM/       y
MMy       +Ms   ./oyyy/           /yyyo/.   yM/       y
MMy       +Mh/- :y/                   /y: -/hM/       y
MMy       +MMMs         ./.   -/.         sMMM/       y
MMy       +MMMs         /y/   /y:         sMMM/       y
MMy       +MMMh:.   .:.           .:.   -:hMMM/       y
MMy       +MMMMMs   /ho:. .:::. .:oh:   sMMMMM/       y
MMh:.     :hmMMMy:.   /ho:yMMMy:oh:   .:hMMMmh:       y
MMMMy       +MMMMMy:.   /hhhhhhh/   .:hMMMMM/       -:d
MMMMy       /hmMMMMMo               sMMMMMmh:       yMM
MMMMh:.       +MMMMMo   .-------.   sMMMMM+       .:hMM
MMMMMMs       +MMMmd+   /ddddddd/   +dNMMM+       yMMMM
MMMMMMh-.   `-sMNdo-.               .-sdNMo-`   .-hMMMM
MMMMNdmMy---sMMMy-odo---`       .---sd+-yMMMo---hMmdNMM

My++++++++++++/                       `++yMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
MNh-                                -.   `.dNMMMMMMdNMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
MMMMs-                            `s+-      :yMMMMMsoyMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
MMMMMNh-                 ./yyyyyyys`          .dNMMMNh//////ymMMMMMMMM
MMMMMMMMs-               -/                     :yMMMMMMMMMMhhMMMMMMMM
MMMMMMMMMNy                   `::+yyyyyy/.  -:::::/h:````:hMMMMMMMMMMM
MMMMMMMMMy:                  :s++-      :ossNMMMMMMssssssssMMMMMMMMMMM
MMMMMMNh`               syyymmhymNNyyyyyydMhh+```/h/.:hh:``/dMMMMMMMMM
MMMMMy:                   .sNo  /+/     +o/        +sssssssMMMMMMMMMMM
MMNh`                      ``/s::::::+yy-           `````:hMMMMMMMMMMM
Ms:                           `//////-                     /dMMMMMMMMM
MMNNNNNNNNNNNNh                                  .::`  ::-   :hMMMMMMM
MMMMMMMMMMMMMMh                  :s              /MM:  MMy     /dMMMMM
MMMMMMMMMMMMMMm:              `yyo:               ``   ``        -hMMM
MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM`                .+yy/                             /dM
MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM+                   :yyyyyymmyyyyyMdyyymmyyyyyNMMMMMM
MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM+                          :os   `M:   yy   -yMMMMMMM
MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMm:                          `yyyyhyyyymMMMMMMMMMMMMM
MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMh:                                 ymMMMMMMMMMMMMM


|\  /|  ____ _____           |               _         _         ___   _          ____
| \/ | |       |    /\       | |   | |\  |  /   |   | |_|  /\      /  / \  |\  | |
|    | |----   |   |__|      | |   | | \ | |  \ |   | |\  |__|    /  |   | | \ | |----
|    | |____   |   |  |   \__| \___/ |  \|  \_/ |__ | | \ |  |   /__  \_/  |  \| |____


(↑ click for source)

▒▒▒▒▒▒▒█░▒▓▒▒▒▒▓▒▒▒█░░░░░░░▀░░░░░█ NYAN LIKES NIGHTCORE

(↑ click for source)

(↑ Game: Sonic Robo Blast 2 (Eggmanway 5 mod))

     `` ``` `                    #                                 
    . ``````` `                 #,#                                
   ` `````````                 #,,,#                               
       `````````              #,,,,,#                              
  `     `,:,```              ::,,,,,,#                             
  .`  ``:::::.```            #,,,,,,,,#                            
  `````:::::::``.           ;,:::,,,,,'.                           
  ````.:::::::,`.        +#+;;''''''#;,#  ;#####.                  
  ````,:::'''::``      #+:''''''''''''++#+,,,,,,+                  
    ``.:::''':,      '#;''''''''''''''''+:,,,,,.#                  
   .```:::''':``    #;;'''''''''''''''''''#,,,,,#                  
    ````:::::..    #:::''''''''''''''''''''#,,,,#                  
     . ``.,, .    +;::;'''''''''''''''''''''#,,,#                  
       .```.      +''''''''''''''''++#+''''''#,,#                  
                 #;'''''''''''''''###  .''''''',#                  
                `+'''+#''''''''''#####   '''''+,#                  
                #:'# ####'''''''#`####+  .'''''##                  
                #;+ ###. '''''''' :####   +''''+#`                 
                +'  ###  #''''''' `####   `'''''++.                
               .'+  ###  #''''''# '####,   '''''+,+                
               ;;' ,###+ #+'''''#######'   '''''',,#               
               +;, .#######'''''#######'   +'''''+,+               
               #',  #######'''''#######:   +'''''#,#               
               #';  #######'''''#######    +'''''+,#               
               #'+  #######;::::'######    ''''''',#               
           '##`#''   ######::::::#####    +'''''''+                
           #  :#''+  :####+:::::::;`     +'';'''''#                
           #.  ,''':   ,,';;''''''''#;'+''::::''''+#               
           ;.. #:::'+, :+'''''''''''''''''''''''''#+               
         .  '..'':::''''''''+###+'''''''''''''''''#'               
       ,,`;##..''''''''''+'+  ,'''''#'''''''''''''+#               
       ,`.   ;,''+'''''+''''+ ';;;;;;;++'''''''+''++               
        #..`  .'''#''#'''''';'++++++';;''''''''+'''';              
        :,..` `+'''''+''''+:::::::::::';#'''''#'''','.             
         #... .'''''''''':::::::;;;;;;:+'''''#''''';,#             
            ';''''+''++#'''''+++'''''#    ;;;;'''+''+,,'`          
             #'''''''+`  #''''''''++     ';;;''''''''+,,#  #'      
          ,#+ +'''''';     :####;       ';;;;'''''''''+,'.#,,+#    
          +  '+'''''+                   ;;;;;'''''#''''++#;++'';   
          ;.   #+;'''                  :;;;;'''''''''''''+  .'+.   
          '..   ##+;                   ';;;;'''''';''''+    `'#    
          #...  :+;+                   ;;;;;'''''';''',     ;'+    
     '###'#...   ;;#                   : ';;'''''';''`   ..,+#     
    .     .'...  ;;;                  ; `.;: +'''';#'  ....,+,     
     :..    ...  ';;                  ` ..`  ,';`,;;' .....#''##.  
     #...    ''+''';                   `..  ..+ `;;;; ....      `; 
      '...`  `''''''                 : ,.:  ... ;;;;;;++,        ' 
      .:....  '''''':                ; .,   ..+';;;;;;;;    ....#  
     :##:.... ''''''+                , ;  ; .'';;;;;;;'+  .....+   
   .+     `,'''',,,+'`                    ` :.+;;;;::''+......#    
   :       +''':,,,,',                     ..,;;;;,,,,''',,,  `#   
   '.....  :''':,,,,'+.                   ,..,;;'',,,,'''''     :, 
    #.....`,'''',,,+'':.                 ....+;''',,,,'''',      ,`
     ,#',,''''''''''''',..             `.....'+'''+::''''' ...... '
         ,+;''''''''''';'....`      .......,+'#;'''''''''';.....'+ 
           +#;;'''''';#: #'...............,+#, #;''''''''''+;+#'   
             `#######:     '#',.........;#+     ;##+''++##+`       
                              `;######'.                     im gay

Well Im growsing out on the kawaii here so I decided to edit myself on this wiki. Its been 2 years! 2 fucking years! AND Shun kun has figured out everything, This is mature shun you are talking to now ok!!! Im 17atm so im way smarter then I use to be! Im a sugoi desu gamer wolf person and I love playing weird games, pretty much anything will do. I love my friends and I love spending time with them, watching movies and being kawaii (smoking weed basically) I like to watch the animus, my favorite is Bible Black, like so much sugoi and kawaii <3

Kouya san broke up with me, im going to fuck Maria chan now ;3;


brutal marios gone wild vol. 12

Making my way downtown / Walking fast / Faces passed / And I'm home bound / Staring blankly ahead / Just making my way / Making my way / Through the crowd / And I need you / And I miss you / And now I wonder.... / If I could fall / Into the sky / Do you think time / Would pass me by / 'Cause you know I'd walk / A thousand miles / If I could just see you... / Tonight / It's always times like these / When I think of you / And I wonder / If you ever think of me / 'Cause everything's so wrong / And I don't belong / Living in your / Precious memories / 'Cause I need you / And I miss you / And now I wonder.... / If I could fall / Into the sky / Do you think time / Would pass me by / 'Cause you know I'd walk / A thousand miles / If I could just see you... / Tonight / And I, I / Don't want to let you know / I, I / Drown in your memory / I, I / Don't want to let this go / I, I / Don't.... / Making my way downtown / Walking fast / Faces passed / And I'm home bound / Staring blankly ahead / Just making my way / Making my way / Through the crowd / And I still need you / And I still miss you / And now I wonder.... / If I could fall / Into the sky / Do you think time / Would pass me by / 'Cause you know I'd walk / A thousand miles / If I could just see you... / If I could fall / Into the sky / Do you think time / Would pass me by / 'Cause you know I'd walk / A thousand miles / If I could just see you... / If I could / Just hold you / Tonight


Originally posted by Skelux




Hey, do you think we could swing by the Cup Noodles shop for a sec?

I like Cup Noodles as much as anyone, but I think you might like them a little too much, big guy.

There's nothing else like 'em. They're easy to make whenever you've got a craving, and they're delicious to boot. I'll never forget my first time.

Must have been real eye-opening before all the fine dining you did before that.


Something dawned on me when I was on my own.

Any food you make tastes better when you use good ingredients, right?

Then if you take something already delicious like Cup Noodles and add the finest, freshest ingredients, what do you get? The ultimate flavor experience!

So I ask you, Noct, what is your favorite ingredient?



You know something? Going through all that trouble to make our own custom cup, it's made me appreciate Cup Noodles even more.

Perhaps we truly can't improve upon perfection.

It's not about finding the single best ingredient. It's about crafting that perfect blend of meat, egg and shrimp. That harmony of flavors is key.

Yeah, you're right. Makes you appreciate how delicious these noodles really are.

I know I sure do.












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Originally posted by Sample quote

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Sample post

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