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You know 0% about SMW hacking.
0% goodness, you seem to know barely anything about SMW hacking except probably using Lunar Magic to make garbage levels and do basic stuff.

How good are you at SMW hacking?

How good are you at SMW hacking?
Your Result: Hacking n00b
You are a novice at SMW hacking. You have limited abilities, and your hacks are mediocre or bad vanilla hacks that have common flaws often seen in a hacker's first hack, like cut-off or boring level design.
Semi-good Hacker
Average Hacker
Experienced Hacker
Hacking God

How good of a SMW hacker are you?
Your Result: Bad
You won't ever get a hack into the featured section, if you are lucky you MAY make it into the regular database, but not even that's for sure.

What's your SMWC status?
Your Result: N00B!
You have obnoxious posting habits. You ask terrible questions and people wish that you would go and spam Yahoo or Youtube instead of the Central.
Normal User
Snippy Moderator

are you a SMWC n00b?
Your Result: n00b!
you heven't really posted many threads if not any and you haven't downloaded very many tools, hacks, sprites, etc.
you haven't many friends if not any.
you don't really know how awesome SMWC is!
regular user
should be a mod
should be an admin
should own the site

You know 0% about SMW and SMWC.
You don't know much about SME and SMWC. In fact, you must go and read the F.A.Q. again and probably watch some tutorials.

How much do you know about SMWC and SMW hacking?

How much you like smwcentral is0%
Not good, you don't like it. If you get this, go away from smwcentral if you don't like it..........

How much do you like smwcentral?

You know 0% about tools used for hacking Super Mario World.
You are someone who is very, very focused on a select few tools by themselves and don't expand your view of SMW hacking. So much so in fact, that you don't know much about many other SMW hacking programs. Go ahead and check the others out.

How much do you know about SMW Tools?

How good are you at super Mario World hacking?
Your Result: Worst hacker
You hardly make levels with no cut-off and can't make quality overworlds. You have absoulutely no idea on how to edit super Mario World's graphics and what are the ExGFX. You are unable to apply XKas patches and add custom music.
Bad hacker
Limited hacker
Awesome hacker
Average hacker

You know 10% about SMW hacking!
Hahaha! You got an F! That means you are a n00b! thisisnothing thisisnothing thisisnothing thisisnothing

How much do you know about SMW hacking?

SMW Addiction Test
Your Result: 25% addicted, check's out SMWC
Not really addicted, but wants to go on the site to see whats new. Have other things to do then look at words. All you care about is getting stuff for your hack.
100% addicted, married SMWC
50% addicted, SMWC Stalker
75% addicted, SMWC's Boy/girlfriend

How much do you know about Super Mario World hacking?
Your Result: A bit
You surely experimented with the different programs you can use to hack SMW. You have a bit of knowledge for advanced stuff and probably know almost everything about basic stuff.
A really little bit
Normal knowledge
A lot

How good are you at playing SMW Hacks?
Your Result: Newbie
Meh. You quite new to SMW hacks arn't you? You have yet to get more used to your controlls. Configure them to something easy. Remember not to savestate to often.
Uber n00b
Below Average
God Like!
You ARE GOD!!!!

You are 7% of an addicted SMW freak.

Read the F.A.Q. Brush up on knowledge and USE your brain. Go make a halfway decent hack.

The Real SMW Addiction TEST

Do you know what you must'nt do in SMW hacking
Your Result: Wrong, wrong, WRONG!!!
You really don't know what you must'nt do. Take a look at and see what you must not do in your levels. Also, if you plan on doing hacks in a future, then this is important.
Not bad, but you could improve
Well, you're almost as good as the original SMW
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