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User Bio

Hey, I'm Anas, previously known as the two-year-permabanned SwagAssMustafa. Nice to be back on the central again. How are you?

Please note I don't take private requests for music ports. I will decide what I want. However, if you have any questions whatsoever about my works, please don't hesitate to contact me and I'll see what to do!

(small note: if you're wondering why in some of my ports, the fifth channel is defined is #5 as opposed to #4, it's because I'm deliberately porting with the SMW SFX channel configuration, i.e., channels #4, #6, and #7. This is in case a future version of AMK will have an option for this configuration)

Useful Resources



pow_coin.asm: A modded version of the original 'pow_coin.asm' that doesn't act solid for projectiles. Used the old code for the block in a GitHub repo of an old version of the custom powerups patch for reference.

pow_muncher.asm: A block based off of 'pow_coin.asm' that is collectable by projectiles when a silver P-Switch is active.

coin.asm: A modded version of the original 'coin.asm' that doesn't act solid for projectiles. Used the old code for the block in a GitHub repo of an old version of the custom powerups patch for reference.

SMB3Brick_Powerups.asm: A modded version of the 'SMB3Brick.asm' bundled with the Custom Bounce Blocks patch with which projectiles can interact. Currently, only the superball can interact with it. However, you can move the desired 'projectile_found' labels between the '.superball_found' label and 'LDA !Switch' in lines 270-271 (where 'projectile' = the name of the projectile you want to interact with the brick block)

E.g.: If you want the hammer projectile to interact with the block, you can put the '.hammer_found' label between lines 270-271. However, don't forget to remove the same instance of that label located before '.superball_found', or it won't work!

dragon_coin_top_pow.asm and dragon_coin_bottom_pow.asm: Two blocks which allow the projectiles to interact with the dragon coin.

Now, excluding the SMB3 brick, how do you actually make the vanilla blocks act like the enhanced counterparts? Well, you can't directly insert custom blocks in the first two Map16 pages, but there is a very easy workaround thankfully! Just insert the blocks using the given list below and then change the acts-like setting of the vanilla blocks you want to the block IDs of the custom blocks:


(you may freely change the block IDs, but not the acts-like settings)

Hex Edits

org $01C4DC
LDA.b #$XX ; no. of pts. to give for collecting a moving coin (best used with the no consecutive score patch)
BRA.b $0C
LDA.b #$YY ; no. of pts. to give for collecting a silver coin (best used with the no consecutive score patch)

org $01A6BF
LDA.b #$ZZ ;no. of pts. to give for sprite-to-sprite collisions (best used with the no consecutive score patch)

(Thanks to Yoshifanatic for the hex edits!)

SMB3 spinning platform by Akaginite, modified by Erik and Telinc

Note: the length of the spinning platform can be specified with one extra byte (probably with values up to 0F). Putting an absurd value like 1F or 20 may lead to crashes or sprite tile glitches. Thanks to Knight of Time for sending these!

Custom brick piece by Anas, based off of 'gray_brick_piece.asm' by LX5 from

A custom minor ext. sprite that acts like the vanilla brick piece.

Note: Strictly requires Atari and LX5's PIXI update! Should be inserted like so:

00 gray_brick_piece.asm

Also, by default it uses palette F, but this can be changed by editing the '.props' table in the .asm file.

Monty Mole shatter particle patch by Anas

Allows you to change the minor ext. sprite spawned by the ground- and ledge-dwelling monty moles when they explode from their hiding place. Best paired with my custom brick piece sprite. Note that when defining the minor ext. sprite number in the patch, 0x0C should be added to the actual sprite number dictated in your PIXI list (i.e., if my sprite number is 0x00, it should be 0x0C in the patch)

Gravity UberASM by tjb

I think this is much better than the other existing gravity codes as cape works fine and the physics are far better imo. This was originally submitted to the UberASM section by tjb himself sometime in early (May?) 2020, but he removed it for some reason. Luckily I had the code!

Mega and Homing Banzai Bills, made and converted by Akaginite

Ever wanted huge banzai bills for your hack? This might be perfect for you! These sprites are originally from Akaginite's file bin, but obviously they weren't converted to SA-1. Luckily, when I asked her, she actually sent me her conversions two years back on the SnesLab Discord. I personally made JSON files for them myself a few days back! But I included the original CFGs if you need them. Something interesting about the mega banzai bill is that there are three variants: the first one is normal, the second one acts like the missile bill from SMB3, and the third one acts like the (in)famous Japanese homing bill. Enjoy!

UberASM Timer, by Kevin

Kevin sent me this one in the SMWC Discord and I wanted to put it here. Basically, it draws a timer at the top left corner of the screen. If you didn't disable the vanilla timer code, you should remove all the code between the '.tick' and '.draw' labels. Might be useful if you disabled the status bar but still want a timer. Can be used as gamemode 14 or level ASM.

Originally posted by Sample quote

Sample code

Sample post
My Mode 0 guide.

My Discord server. It has a lot of archived ASM stuff, so check that out!