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Don't PM me with an SMW hacking question unless it is related to one of my submissions. Chances are I will ignore you and besides, you will get more help on the forums if you ask for help over there instead.

I am Nesquik Bunny. Formerly known as Iceguy. I was a staff member of this site from December 2009 - February 2010, and then again from July 2010 - November 2012.

I started hacking in June 2008 and I joined this website a month later. I haven't made any hacks but I have made a bunch of sprites, blocks and patches which you can freely use in your hacking projects.

This is a very good hack.
#serioushax debate on MSU-1 (note: doesn't really reflect our opinions)
Check out my hack thread =)
This is one of the dumbest posts I've ever made.
Totally awesome post.

Join these IRC channels!


My beautiful grasslands
My awesomesauce desert

My Very Simple ASM & Block Creating Tutorial
My Patch Creating Tutorial
My Sprite Creating Tutorial


IPSharp - A flexible IPS patcher
TRASM -> xkas/asar converter

I've decided to revive my cancelled hack, although I'm starting from scratch. Here are some screenshots (left ones are old ones)

Mario's house.

Mario and Luigi's bedroom.

Toad Town. Hmm, which one is better?

The shop. What do you want? (old)

ASM Opcodes:
LDA -> Load Data to Accumulator. Load a value into the game. E.g. LDA #$2C or LDA $7E
STA -> Store whatever data was loaded into the Accumulator. E.g. STA $13CC
CMP -> CoMPare. Compare a value with A. E.g. LDA $14AF CMP $01
BEQ -> Branch if value in Accumulator is equal. Use a symbol right after it.
BNE -> Branch if value in Accumulator is not equal. Use a symbol right after it.
BCC -> Branch if value in Accumulator is less than or equal to what is compared. Use a symbol right after it.
BCS -> Branch if value in Accumulator is more than equal to what is compared. Use a symbol right after it.
BMI -> Branches if A is negative (80-FF).
BPL -> Branches if A is positive (00-7F).
BRA -> Always will branch, no matter what the values are. No CMP needed before it.
SEC -> Command used to subtract. Use SBC right after it.
SBC -> Right a value (in # or #$) to subtract it from the value in Accumulator.
CLC -> Command used to add. Use ADC right after it.
ADC -> Adds a certain amount to A (remember to use STA to store the new value).
INC -> Increase a value by one only.
DEC -> Decrease a value by one only.
STZ -> Set whatever address into it to zero. E.g. STZ $0DBF
TAX -> Put A into X
TAY -> Put A into Y
TXA -> Put X into A
TYA -> Put Y into A
TXY -> Put X into Y
TYX -> Put Y into X
JSL -> Jumps to a routine then follows whatever code is after it after the routine ends. RTL must be used here.
JSR -> Same as above, but RTS is used.
CPX -> Compare in the X register
CPY -> Compare in the Y register
RTL -> Used to end a code (after a JSL).
RTS -> Used to end a code (after a JSR).
REP -> Go into 16-bit mode.
SEP -> Go back into 8-bit mode.
INX -> Increment X by 1
INY -> Increment Y by 1
DEX -> Decrement X by 1
DEY -> Decrement Y by 1.
BRK -> Useless, crashes the ROM.
STP -> Freezes the game.
PLX -> Pull X
PLA -> Pull A
PLY -> Pull Y
PHX -> Push/Preserve X
PHY -> Push/Preserve Y
PHA -> Push/Preserve A
LDX -> Load into X
LDY -> Load into Y
STX -> Store into X
STY -> Store into Y
JSR -> Same as JSL, but RTS is used to end the code
JMP -> Jump to a label in the code (JMP label).
JML -> Same as JMP, but can branch if the address is in a different bank.
XBA -> Flips the value in A. (e.g if a = $1815 XBA makes it 1518).
ORA -> Used to set bits (e.g ORA #$80 sets the last bit) Also check if mutliple RAM Address are the same value (e.g. LDA $75 ORA $85 BEQ BothZero)
TSB - Much easier way of setting bits. LDA #$80 ;set bit 7 TSB $85 ; to RAM Address $85
TRB - Basically, the opposite of TSB. It will clear a bit. LDA #$80 TRB $1F2C will clear bit 8 of $1F2C.

TODO (15/09/2012)

- ASMPad.
- Finish Prologue + Chapter 1 of PM hack before the end of the year.
- Rewrite Spriting tutorial and possibly host a spriting workshop sometime in the future, maybe early next year.

Old quotes

<Falconpunch> I wanna have op.
<@Iceguy> any specific reason why you want it?
<Falconpunch> Beats me. What is op?
<@Iceguy> ...
<Buu> <Falconpunch> Beats me. What is op?
<Buu> you want to have something you dont even know what it is?
<Falconpunch> I know right?
<Buu> what if its a bad thing
<Buu> like a permanent ban
<Falconpunch> Buu...
<Falconpunch> Not funny.
<Buu> just an example
<Buu> im not trying to be funny
<Falconpunch> NOT funny.
<Buu> im not trying to be funny dumbnut
<Falconpunch> Whatever.

* Iceguy fries a muncher, adds some salt, and tosses at Nimono
(..30 seconds later)
* @Nimono ([email protected]) Quit (Connection reset by peer)
<@Counterfeit> good going
<@Counterfeit> you burned him right off the server

<Luigi370> Ixtab, how to see if generator is a generator?

<Iceguy> why do you use ... so much?
<robertozampari> The link of the ultimate BG rip tool don't work...
<Iceguy> <Iceguy> why do you use ... so much?
<robertozampari> I rip with paint
<Iceguy> <Iceguy> why do you use ... so much?
<robertozampari> I rip with paint
<Iceguy> you didn't answer my question though
<robertozampari> I don't know...

(talking initially about ASMPad)
<Iceguy> yeah Alcaro that guy is really weird
<Iceguy> windows will die
<Iceguy> kinda strange to say
<&Alcaro> and I will grow wings and fly to the moon
<Iceguy> lol
<&Alcaro> so someone will need to getmeoffit *shot*
<%afk250> and then I will have to getyouofthemoon
<%afk250> feh
<%afk250> XD
<+Lightvayne> XD

<&p4plus2> ice
<&p4plus2> idea*
<&p4plus2> wow ....fucking terrible typo
<&p4plus2> >.>
<Iceguy> lmao

* Nimono is away: whee!
* Nimono was kicked by MarioE_ (Annoying away message)
* Nimono ([email protected]) has joined #serioushax

<~SNN> but chester can be read as "chest hair" with an accent
<~SNN> who wants to support chest hair

(Ersanio talking about the size in bytes of his level)
<~Ersanio> 0xC0C
* &Alcaro tosses a K at Ersanio
* &Alcaro runs

<Iceguy> thinking to post a hack thread today y/n
<~Ersanio> /
* ~Ersanio is shot.

Aqua|Eating> Iceguy
Aqua|Eating> I changed D0 to F0
Aqua|Eating> nothing happened :\
Buu> Why are you even modifying your food via hex?
Buu> You should be eating it.

(irrelevant parts removed)
<Iceguy> i find it funny how most people forget to include people who coded tools in their credits list
<Iceguy> like, i hardly see FuSoYa credited
<Iceguy> or mikeyk
<Iceguy> etc
<cosmoc> I have them in my credits list
<Medic> fusoya didnt do shit!!!
<cosmoc> even Nintendo for original stuff
<Iceguy> yeah
<Medic> thats like crediting alcarobot in your asm :C
<WYE> or your mother for making all this possible

<imamelia> CODE_05BF61: 9E 48 14 STZ.W $1448,X
<imamelia> CODE_05BF64: 9E 48 14 STZ.W $1448,X
<imamelia> ...
<~Ersanio> let's STZ twice just to be sure.

* Torchkas is back (gone 00:12:01)
* &AlcaRobot is back (gone for as long as Torchkas)
<reghrhre> AlcaRobot and Torchkas are dating

"Yeah, so, I found this DLL written in Russian, and I was wondering if I could still use it in an English program..."

The FG used in the level in my layout was made by reghrhre.

NEW: 31/08/2012
How much do you know about SMW hacking?

If you want to PM me for any of the following reasons, feel free to:

- Just to ask some random question or talk
- Suggestions for my n00b boss sprite
- Basic hacking questions
- Help/bugs about one of my submissions
- Anything else that isn't stupid
- Ask me for a sprite that I haven't released yet
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