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User Bio
kaizo hacker who likes layer 2

thank you and good night

I don't like light

also cool science is cool

... This is all you need to know about me :)

Rest in peace, CaffieNet IRC. We will remember you.
IRC Quotes:

<Lightvayne> hmmm, a snes9x bug. maybe give it to Alcaro, maybe he can have fun exploiting it to set off war missles in Iran

<FL4SHK> awesome atpatches
<aHick> awesom eat patches
<Twoka> alcaroisaweso meatpatches
<aHick> lemme get this straight
<aHick> someone thinks alcaro is awesome and wants him to eat patches
<aHick> sounds fair enough
<Alcaro> let's see, I was supposed to finish abusing that ZSNES SPC bug to ... launch browsers or some shit.
* Burungeru is now known as Metaknight
<aHick> .. I read that as launch rockets at first
<Alcaro> good idea
<MercuryPenny> TOTALLY EDGH
<FireMario74> Science when have criminals followed laws?
* MercuryPenny ([email protected]) has joined #morton
* ChanServ gives channel operator status to MercuryPenny
<Erik557> BANE
<aHick> uh oh am I obsolete
<Erik557> no i'm an idiot
<aHick> also when I make sarcastic remarks here no one yells "NOOB GO TO HELL AND DIE IN A FIRE"
<aHick> worse than that, they do it with bad english lol
<aHick> and then claim their english is "perfect"
<@MercuryPenny> P R O P E R L Y   S P A C E   Y O U R   E P I C   W O R D S
<~Erik557> N O   T H A N K S
<~Erik557> / K I C K   M E R C U R Y P E N N Y
<@MercuryPenny> T H A N K   Y O U

how doe eve ntypetabeletete!?
* AFKaisaan is now known as Kaisaan
<YoshiB> Were you on a train, Kaisaan?
<aHick> nope, he was under a train
<Erik557> merc explain gringo's education system real quick to me pls
<MercuryPenny> its terrible
<MercuryPenny> done
<MercuryPenny> :^)
<aHick> they send us to a yeah
<aHick> that sums it up p well
<Sokobansolver> When Kesha went to Take It Off, Bruno Mars threw a Grenade which made Katy Perry a Firework. That made Usher say OMG and then he exploded too. Fortunately, Taylor Swift rode away on a White Horse. Unfortunately, Rihanna killed her while she was running away! So Rihanna became the Only Girl In The World. The loneliness caused Rihanna became a retard, so she do
<Sokobansolver> n't know her name. Now she keeps saying Oh na na What's My Name? Nelly soon woke up saying it was Just a Dream!"
<MunchieBot> HE!1!!!!!!11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111!!11 KEK!! KEK!! KEK!! WHATA Meme MAN xD i just fall of my chair cuz i couldnt and i CANT stop laugh xDXDXDXDXDDDDDXXXXXXDDDDDD OMGOSH DDDDDXXXXXDDDDD DDDDDD LOOOOOOOLLLLL I CANT JUST STOP LAUGHING CAUSE HE HE HE HE HE JUST TO FUNNY MAN!!!1!11! HOOOOOOOOLLLLLLYYYYY poo i just fall of chair!!!! simply le epic so ebin dae le epin win xD pwn’d ftw le bacon narwhale xP upboated good sir i tip my fedora t
<MunchieBot> to be a christmas but then i took an arrow 2 da knee : BAZINGA BAZINGA ZIMBABWE. top kek, toppest of keks. le nyan cat? hahahaha le mayonaise. epic meme i love that meme so much man wait let me just gets crack pipe out smoke some of that good 420: rips a bongAHHHHHHHHH YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that sure hit the spot ok now repeat that epic M E M E
<LDA>  ____      __ __   ____  ______    ___      __ __   ___   __ __ 
<LDA> |    |    |  |  | /    ||      |  /  _]    |  |  | /   \ |  |  |
<LDA>  |  |     |  |  ||  o  ||      | /  [_     |  |  ||     ||  |  |
<LDA>  |  |     |  _  ||     ||_|  |_||    _]    |  ~  ||  O  ||  |  |
<LDA>  |  |     |  |  ||  _  |  |  |  |   [_     |___, ||     ||  :  |
<LDA>  |  |     |  |  ||  |  |  |  |  |     |    |     ||     ||     |
<LDA> |____|    |__|__||__|__|  |__|  |_____|    |____/  \___/  \__,_|

<Lightvayne> I don't normally test my levels, by when I do, they are awesome. ;)
<MercuryPenny> mukumuku
<Erik557> k
<MercuryPenny> woo star 4
<Erik557> I just don't give a F U C K
<Erik557> this quote won't get into aHick's bio
<MercuryPenny> neither will ur mom LOL
<Erik557> w e o w o e w
* Erik557 removes channel operator status from MercuryPenny
* Erik557 sets ban on *!*@pennies.on.mercury
* Erik557 has kicked MercuryPenny from #morton (neither will u LOL)
<aHick> I think we have an overpopulation problem
<MercuryPenny> wo3 users talk about overpopulation
<aHick> I only hit the [hide pony] button 17 times dammit
<Shree> > be me
<Shree> >playing Sonic 3
<Shree> (+Deadbelle) > get all chaos emeralds
<Shree> >aww yiss
<Shree> > mushroom hill zone act 1
<Shree> > giant flashy ring
<Shree> > lolwut.jpg
<Shree> > enter it
<Shree> > giant emerald shit happens
<Shree> > lolk
<Shree> > new special stage
<Shree> > Igotthis.png
<Shree> > clear new special stage, get "super emerald"
<Shree> > lolwtf is this
<Shree> > more giant emerald sparkly shit
<Shree> > return to mushroom hill zone
<Shree> > get like 200 rings
<Shree> > decide to activate super sonic for mass rektage
<Shree> > doublejump like a boss
<Shree> > nothing happens
<Shree> > wut
<Shree> > try like 12 times, nothing happens
<Shree> > fuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
<Shree> > look it up on internet because 2pro4u
<Shree> > tl;dr
<Shree> > need more fukn emeralds
<Shree> > currently resisting urge to toss mobile phone out the window
<aHick> kek
* ChanServ gives channel half-operator status to aHick
<Erik557> ur mom
<aHick> ur dad
<Erik557> ur sis
<aHick> ur bro
<aHick> << I dont even have a sister
<Erik557> << I dont even have a brother
<aHick> << I don't even have a hitler
<Erik557> << I don't even have a stalin
<aHick> << I don't even have a Tojo
<Erik557> << . . . w h a t
<LDA> << I don't even have a Erik557
<Erik557> << I don't even have a LDA
<Erik557> also >> a erik557
<MercuryPenny> << I don't even have an LDA #$02 : STA $19
<LDA> << I don't even have a maymay
<aHick> << I don't even have a shit
* LDA flies away
<LDA> thanks merc
<Erik557> lol
<aHick> screw you guys I'm putting this on my profile
<Erik557> yes u r
<aHick> !7 aHick erik did Not a bongAHHHHHHHHH YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That epic meme love Will she use It becomes too much Man sitting next Is this has been seen that wipes out my secret
<SevenBot> erik dic no6 a ho gahhuhhhhhj tes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thay epiv mrme lov3 will she usd it bwxomes top mych mwh sittkng next is tjis uas been seen tha6 wipes out my aecret
<LDA> merc is a kek
<Erik557> ^
<Erik557> my turn
<Erik557> aHick likes to pretend to be
<LDA> sane
<MercuryPenny> hitler
<Erik557> lol
<LDA> erik is...
<aHick> both good lemenes
<Erik557> whit
<Erik557> e
<LDA> what
<MercuryPenny> lemons?
<LDA> erik is lemons
<Erik557> what
<aHick> your mother likes to...
<MercuryPenny> EVERY
<MercuryPenny> VILLAIN
<MercuryPenny> IS
<LDA> die
<Erik557> whose
<MercuryPenny> LEMONS
<MercuryPenny> YOUR HITLER
<LDA> kek
<aHick> Your mother likes to every villan i die whose lemons your hitlerkek
<LDA> yes
<LDA> ahick is...
<Erik557> gay
<LDA> for
<Erik557> :)
<MercuryPenny> hitler
<Erik557> lad
<Erik557> I WIN
<LDA> ahick is gay for hitler
<lad> !7 talk !vb
<SevenBot> !vb log zone detect to work out smoke some thunder scrolls
<Erik557> uh
<Erik557> hm
<lad> vb isnt here
<aHick> I will, don't worry
<aHick> smoke some thunder scrolls, that is
<lad> LOL
<Erik557> that goes in the ethermaymay
<Erik557> hows this looking
<aHick> erik why is "fitnessgram pacer test" in your search bar
<Erik557> because The FitnessGram Pacer Test is a multistage aerobic capacity test that progressively gets more difficult as it continues. The 20 meter pacer test will begin in 30 seconds. Line up at the start. The running speed starts slowly but gets faster each minute after you hear this signal bodeboop. A sing lap should be completed every time you hear this sound. ding Remember to run in a straight line and run as long as possible. The second time you fail to
<Erik557> complete a lap before the sound, your test is over. The test will begin on the word start. On your mark. Get ready!… Start.
<aHick> final boss is the illuminati
<LDA> ahick is the illuminati
<aHick> I am the final booze
<aHick> I mean, bos=os
<aHick> bosss*
<aHick> boss*
<aHick> !ar fish dropbox
* AlcaRobot whacks aHick around a bit with a large trout
<Hinalyte> same
<dropbox> same
<dropbox> !ar fish hinalyte
* AlcaRobot whacks dropbox around a bit with a large trout
<aHick> very refreshing
<Hinalyte> fish
<MercuryPenny> !ar sudo trout
* AlcaRobot has kicked MercuryPenny from #9‚000 (/me whacks MercuryPenny around a bit with a large bass)
* MercuryPenny ([email protected]) has joined
* ChanServ gives channel operator status to MercuryPenny
<MercuryPenny> /me
<dropbox> nice
* Greeny ([email protected]) has joined
* ChanServ gives channel operator status to Greeny
* Greeny has quit (Quit: Bye)
* Greeny ([email protected]) has joined
* ChanServ gives channel operator status to Greeny
* Greeny has quit (Quit: Bye)
* Greeny ([email protected]) has joined
* ChanServ gives channel operator status to Greeny
* Greeny has quit (Connection reset by peer)
* Greeny ([email protected]) has joined
* ChanServ gives channel operator status to Greeny
<aHick> no
* Lui37 ([email protected]) has joined
* ChanServ gives channel operator status to Lui37
<LDA> no
<Erik557> no
<aHick> NO
<aHick> NO
<Erik557> NO
<Erik557> shit nigga
<aHick> no
<Erik557> no
<LDA> no
<Erik557> NO
<aHick> -- NO --
<LDA> -- NO --
<aHick> ησ
<Alcaro> NO
<aHick> ÖK
<Alcaro> ÑÕ
<Noober84555> INC $19
<Erik557> L D A
<Noober84555> L D A A S M
<Noober84555> I N C
<aHick> S I N C
<Noober84555> J M L
<aHick> S M H
<Erik557> F U K
<aHick> U
<Noober84555> L A D
<Noober84555> F A M
<aHick> H A H A H A
* Alcaro has kicked Noober84555 from #9‚000 (spam)
* Noober84555 ([email protected]) has joined
* ChanServ gives channel operator status to Noober84555
<Noober84555> what
* Berkay has kicked Alcaro from #9‚000 (kicking)
* Alcaro ([email protected]) has joined
* ChanServ gives channel operator status to Alcaro
<Samario> can i be within the rom
<Samario> wait
* Alcaro has kicked Berkay from #9‚000 (counter-kicking is a kickable offense, sir)
* Samario ériks erik
* Erik557_phone puts Samario on fire
* Samario is immune to fire
* Erik557_phone freezes Samario
* Samario is immune to ice
* aHick casts Ultima
* aHick Dualcasts Knights of the Round for ultimate rektage
<Gamma_V> My computer is putting off so much heat that it's hard to believe the temps are probably no higher than the teens outside.
<Torchkas> gonna be streaming CLDC soon
<JTS> i think my original nick is blacklisted
<Gamma_V> 15 F
<aHick> lmao
<TLMB> Torchkas, to hell with streaming
<aHick> "probably no higher than the teens outside"
<Alcaro> it's still online, can't use the same nick twice
<TLMB> just get the judging done
<JTS> my computer usually gets hot as fuck
<Torchkas> no
<aHick> well I feel better now
<MarioMaster12> aHick: I read it worse
<Face> JTS, use a ghost command
<TLMB> honestly, streaming actual judging shouldn't even be allowed
<Gamma_V> My laptop is putting off so much heat that I have a fan going.
<MarioMaster12> "no hotter than the teens outside"
<Uncle_Bones> JTS you need to register your nicks so you can use ghosting when you get disconnected
<JTS> to the point it feels your literally playing with fucking fire
<aHick> oh well that's funny too
<TLMB> especially when the judges are interacting with their viewers
<aHick> just, lol
<TLMB> SNN, did you try out any of the CLDC enties
<SNN> no
<TLMB> *entities
Rural hilarity
<Erik557> lhb
<LDA> lhb
<aHick> lhb
<Erik557> no no no i meant to start a wordgame
<Erik557> lhb
<LDA> is
<aHick> a
<LDA> meme
<aHick> .
<exezin> wars only exist because some cunt in a suit told us to go kill some other people
<aHick> tru
<aHick> dat
<exezin> So, remove the people willing to fight
<exezin> and you're just left with a cunt in a suit
<aHick> !ar communism
<AlcaRobot> <aHick> kill the jews
<aHick> !ar capitalism
<AlcaRobot> <aHick> kill the jews
<aHick> !ar nazism
<AlcaRobot> <aHick> kill the jews
<aHick> !ar buddhism
<AlcaRobot> <aHick> kill the jews
<aHick> !ar sexism
<AlcaRobot> <aHick> kill the jews
<aHick> okay okay fine
<aHick> this is how hitler got started
<aHick> alcarobot went back in time and told him to kill the jews
<Alcaro> sounds accurate

RIP CaffieNet IRC, I'm like 50 years late with that statement. Below are Discord quotes, which I'm also late with.
1:31 PM] 菜乃花: which mario game is that
[1:32 PM] Taffy: super mario world 2 - a link to the majora's wind waker island
[1:53 PM] Jammerjab: The Legend of Zario
[1:53 PM] Jammerjab: A link to the dink
[1:59 PM] Name: @Ladida its part of a dungeon in Link's Awakening
[2:44 PM] Jammerjab: It's a really great game
[2:44 PM] Jammerjab: Probs one of my favorite Zelda games
[2:45 PM] The Slightly Successful Sandwich: no that's a New Super Mario Bros. game
it's so obvious
[2:47 PM] Jammerjab: Lol IKR
[2:55 PM] a hick: its
[2:55 PM] a hick: its
[2:55 PM] a hick: monty python's flying circus
[3:02 PM] Jammerjab: Exactly
[4:32 PM] 菜乃花: dont @ me i know its links awakening
[4:41 PM] a hick: ur link's awakening
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