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Konata Izumi

Name: Konata Izumi
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User Bio

I'm just another generic SMW hacker who's been here since mid-2015.

---GradientTool vs. Effect Tool (+ means Gradient Tool does it better, - Means Effect Tool does it better, Gradient/HDMA part only)---
+ Stable, doesn't break occasionally when you open it
- Generating Wavy HDMA
+ Requires NET Framework 3.5, perfect for the people who still use Windows 2000 in 2017 for some reason

---ZMZ vs. ZSNES (+ Means ZSNES does it better, - means ZMZ does it better)---
+ Functioning Movie Recorder w/ playback
- Emulating SA-1 properly
- No exploits
+ Being able to run legacy hacks
- Actually stopping when you hit the X button (Task Manager says zsnesw.exe loves to stay running after you close it, I have no clue why)
- 64-bit PC support (ZSNES is 99% x86 architecture, something 64-bit PC's seem to hate for w/e reason.
- Accuracy
+ Fast forward speed (No clue why this gets affected, could be the cores deal w/ emulation speed?)

Userbars Here:

Layout backup, incase i wanna use them again (probably won't, lol):

Edit: uhhh.... Hi?

Awesome layout by nt61!

Want me to Advertise your hack? PM me and I'll add your userbar!



moo, we all do!

actual "funny" quotes i guess
if you want your name nuked please PM me about it.

Originally posted by autisticsceptile1993
awesome now layer 3 areas in which skewers can crush the player can look a little bit more epic

<lion>im carol
*Badapple is now known as carol
<lion>im carol
<lion>not u

<ASMWiggler>alcaro fix your bot, 9+10 is 21 = $15 = %00010101

[11:48:02] <ASMWiggler> i mean
[11:48:08] <ASMWiggler> to fuck two towers
[11:48:24] <LucasRCD> You have to be of the size of a tower
[11:48:55] <ASMWiggler> your dick would have to be extra large

[13:46:35] <ASMWiggler> arbies
[13:46:36] <ASMWiggler> we
[13:46:36] <ASMWiggler> got
[13:46:38] <ASMWiggler> the
[13:46:39] <ASMWiggler> meats

[20:33:08] <carol> <robertozampari> K3fka for the best dick
[20:33:16] <@K3fka> ;)

[22:01:51] <&VilelaBot> New user: THE MOTHER FUCUKER -

<moo_we_all_do>is Item Abuse JP?

[15:46:56] <@Erik557> fucking asshole
[15:47:11] <@Alcaro> yes?
[15:47:17] <@Erik557> finish minir
[15:47:17] * Koopaway (PK@horseshoe) has quit (Ping timeout: 242 seconds)
[15:47:25] <@Alcaro> no?
[15:47:28] <@Erik557> :(
[15:47:48] <@Alcaro> how about I ban you for spamharassment

[14:48:30] <&VilelaBot> New post by Εrik557 (General SMW Hacking Help - Switching to Luigi) -
[14:48:36] <@Erik557> alcaro you're the snes nerd post in that thread
[14:49:06] <@Alcaro> stop telling me what to do
[14:49:08] <&VilelaBot> New post by Αlcаrо (General SMW Hacking Help - Koopa climbing help.) -
[14:49:15] <@Erik557> no
[14:49:28] <@Alcaro> at least pick only one thing
[14:50:11] <@Erik557> hard choices!

Konata Did the SMWC Wipe
Originally posted by Sample quote

Sample code

Sample post
Hi, I'm a signature!
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