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About Me

Hi, I'm Sugunii. During my time on this site, I've gone by Mario3andU, OmegaYoshi, Kyanite, and now Sugunii. (I know my username is still Kyanite but I'm too lazy to ask for a name change at the moment.) As far as my interests go, I like anime and video games. I also make hacks, which you can find down below.

My Hacks

Super Mario World: Yoshi Hills - You probably thought XCity, my second hack, was actually my first. But nope, this was made in 2014. A few days before I joined as Mario3andU. This hack... is awful to say the least. I rushed it in like a day, and it shows. Should mention that this isn't the original version of Yoshi Hills. Nope, this is version 2.0. But don't worry, they are practically the same, just with a few minor edits. I have lost the original, so this is what you get.

XCity - My second hack, made in 2015. Like the last one, this was also made in a day. It's slightly better than Yoshi Hills, but not by much. It's very short, with only two exits. I actually made a video about this hack, but it's long gone now.

A Super Mario Adventure - My third hack. This one, unlike the others actually had a bit of thought put in to it. It's your typical, generic Mario hack. Oddly enough, it got a decent following on it's Works in Progress page, but unfortunately, I decided to cancel it due to lack of motivation. I planned on making a remake of the hack, but once again, it was cancelled.

Super Mario World: The Final Showdown! - My fourth hack. This was the first hack that I made that got accepted on SMWC. This hack is pretty bad. I honestly think it's worse than A Super Mario Adventure. It really lacks any sort of polish, the level design is generic, and the palettes are generally all the same. I tried something different, but the end result is just bleh.

Mario's Final Quest - My fifth hack. This was basically all I worked on in the summer of 2016, but once school started, progress quickly slowed to a crawl. I didn't want to cancel it at the time, as I was pretty proud of it (for some reason), so I handed it off to three other people, and progress was getting nowhere. After about 7(?) months, I claimed I was back to working on it, but only finished one level. After that, I was done with it. I'm not a big fan of this hack, especially the 6-world demo. The level design was pretty repetitive, and not really that much fun overall.

Super Mario Hack - My sixth hack. This hack was made during the ongoing development of Mario's Final Quest. It was originally finished in September of 2016, but was not accepted to SMWC until April of 2017. The hack was riddled with enough problems for it to be rejected, so I hired some beta testers and whipped a more polished version of the hack. This is probably one of the better hacks I've released. The graphics are pretty appealing, the level design is decent enough, the songs were well-chosen, and the gimmicks separated each level from the others.

Super Mario: Fantastical Secret Stage - My seventh and latest hack. This was originally meant to be just a collection of levels before I scrapped that idea and turned it into what it is now. It's only a single level, so there's not much there, but I hope you enjoy what is there regardless.

(Last updated on 2/16/2021)
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