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Name:  Zekrom PKstarship
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User Bio
Name: PKstarship
Age: 16
Rating: Epic
Gem Type: Alexandrite
Weapon: Warhammer
Armor: Diamond Armor (Fire Resistance IV)
Pokémon species: Zekrom
Level 100
Nature: Brash
Ability: Teravolt
Moveset: Fusion Bolt, Dragon Claw, Bolt Strike, Zen Headbutt
Item: BrightPowder
Favorite food: Burritos
Favorite TV show: Steven Universe
Favorite movie: Guardians of the Galaxy
Favorite song: Stronger Than You
Favorite Video Games-
-Metroid Prime
-Space Channel 5: Part 2
-Portal 2
-Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
-Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition
-Halo 4
-Super Mario 64 DS
-Sonic the Hedgehog 2
-Bejeweled 3
Quotes:"Jersey Shore is a surgery-free lobotomy."
"If you are reading this, you need to be doing something more important."


Boometh: 8:42:40 PM - PKstarship: I literally can't even Undertale
Boometh: I haven't heard something this Tumblr for a long time
Magi: ^
Ruberjig: ^

Dead: Do your mom
Mettaton_EX: hey
Mettaton_EX: Keep it clean, darling
Mettaton_EX: This is a family show
Zandro: Do the Mario
Dead: Clean: unlike your mom
* Ruberjig does the mom
Ruberjig: *mario
Ruberjig: lol

*** Shree quit (Quit: -- .- -.. . / -.-- --- ..- / .-.. --- --- -.-)
*** Shree joined #smwc
LDA: rip
PKstarship: What does that message spell anyways
PKstarship: I know it's in morse code
PKstarship: I'm just too lazy to decode it
TRS: if you read it carefully you'll find it says
TRS: -- .- -.. . / -.-- --- ..- / .-.. --- --- -.-
PKstarship: --.- -.. . / -.-- --- ..- / .-.. --- --- -.-
LDA: good work
PKstarship: Actually, I forgot a " "
LDA: a what
PKstarship: y'know... a " "
TRS: a " "
LDA: you forgot a set of quotes?
PKstarship: no...
Shree: no, a " "
PKstarship: I forgot a " "
LDA: a set of quotes
* PKstarship facepalms
LDA: here's some quotes ofr you to use: """"""""""""
PKstarship: I forgot a " ", not a """
TRS: no, it's the thing inside the quotes
LDA: you only need 2?
LDA: here: ""
LDA: tax there is nothing inside those quotes
LDA: are you blimd
PKstarship: Uuuuuugggggghhhh
PKstarship: I forgot a " ", how is this so hard to figure
Shree: Does saying "I forgot to put a space in there" really take that much effort

That day we talked about the worst shitposter ever

<%TRS> did I ever tell the story about that one time I kicked LHB
<Erik557> no
<Erik557> tell me
<%TRS> it went like this
<%TRS> !ar timeban LHB 0s fuk u LHB
* %AlcaRobot has kicked LHB from #office (fuk u LHB)

<%AlcaRobot> TRS, your fish to fish set sail for fail. (<TRS> !ar fish -f fish fish)

(On the topic of a card game in one of our forum games)
<@Impetus> if you buy a Time Loop Booster Pack you can play with yourself
<@Impetus> ........
<@Impetus> that wasn't intentional its 5am

<@LHB> i cant believe LHB is fucking dead

<MercuryPenny> ~ar png

<Erik557> wat my dick ;)
<Erik557> eat


In an attempt to stop save-stating entirely, I'm gonna place my retro game passwords here.

Mega Man IV
A2, B4, B5, C6, F2, F3 (Pharoah, Dust, Skull, Ring, Balloon, Wire)

Mega Man V
B4 blue, C1 red, D4 red, D6 blue, F1 blue, F6 red. (All Robot Masters defeated, and all plates collected.)

Mega Man VI
B6, D4, F2, F4, F6. (All weapons, Beat plates, and Energy Balancer.)

Mega Man VII
6875 2554 1141 1758 (First four bosses defeated, Hyper Bolt, Rush Search and Jet, Super Adapter, 2 E-Tanks, 1 W Tank, Energy Balancer, Exit, 10 Bolts.)

Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril
DEGWDJZU (18-04, 1st boss defeated, High Jump, 3 warps activated)

Mega Man V (Gameboy)
EE_TT _TTE_ TT_TE TER_R EE_RR (Dark Moon, Clobber Arm, Magnet Arm, 3 E-Tanks, 040 bolts)

-Currently playing-

Mega Man V
Sonic 3 & Knuckles

Games I've beaten (started this list on 5-18-2016)

5-18-2016 Kirby's Dream Land
6-02-2016 Kirby and the Amazing Mirror
6-03-2016 Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land
6-06-2016 Kirby's Adventure
6-12-2016 Street Fighter Alpha 2 (SNES)
6-29-2016 Rockman 4: Minus Infinity*
7-06-2016 Mega Man II (Gameboy)
7-08-2016 Metroid Zero Mission*
7-09-2016 Mega Man 1*
7-12-2016 Sonic CD*
7-12-2016 Sonic 2: Secret Rings Control (hack)*
7-12-2016 Mega Man 1 (Wily Wars)
8-10-2016 Steven Universe: Soundtrack Attack
9-19-2016 Sonic Advance 2
10-18-2016 Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga

A * means that I've beat this game before I made this list. I just want to record how many games I've beat onto here, as well as the date.

-Games 100% completed-

9-29-2016 Sonic Advance 2 (Finished the game with every character, got every Chaos Emerald for every character)

-Random bullcrap-


You've been warned.

(some of these pics lead to videos I like)




First Mechanical Arena clear in Rockman 4 MI

First Mechanical Arena clear In Rockman 4 MI
First Limited Arena Clear in Rockman 4 MI

Art I got drawn for me at C3 2016!
Zekrom rage quit (by Eevee
Samus and Luigi on a date (by Eevee)
My username as a Black Metal band logo (by Face)

Layout by Erik557
Layout officially retired on 7-25-2016

Originally posted by Falconpunch

Play 100 horizontal
Play 100 horizontal
Play 100 horizontal

New layout by Erik557

Originally posted by Steven Universe
Originally posted by Pearl
Oh Steven, I told you before not to take peanut butter on missions!
Originally posted by Garnet
I'm not going to say anything, but I expect you to understand that that was wrong.

Originally posted by Zekrom PKstarship
I sexually identify as a beef burrito. Ever since I was a baby dragon I dreamed of giving humans explosive flatulence and diarrhea at the most inconvenient of times. People tell me that a dragon being a beef burrito is impossible and that I'm fucking retarded but i don't care, I'm beautiful. I'm having a fast food worker fill me with delicious 50% beef mixture, refried beans, and nacho cheese, as well as replace my scales with a white flour tortilla. From now on I want you to refer to me as "Macho Supreme Grande Burrito XXL" and respect my rights to cause indigestion and cause it needlessly. If you can't accept me you're a burritophobe and need to check your tortilla privilege. Thank you for being so understanding.

Officially a Mega Man addict.
Major thanks to Giga and Erik557 for the layout.

Sample Post

Originally posted by Sample quote

Sample code

Sample post
Officially a Mega Man addict.
Major thanks to Giga and Erik557 for the layout.

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