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Name: X-King
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Update : 15.2.09 / 2.15.09

I think I forgot to say something about my hacker experience:
I am a well ripper,and a very good Level designer.
I can help people,but I am not very good at explaining.
I can also insert HDMA and I am trying to make
Custom Music from Games,it doesn't sound very well,but
it's good for the beginning.

A Hackers Story:
Oh man,I made maybe 10 hacks (2 I am working on them,one is here available for download).
My first hack ever was a hack called Super Mario the 82th World(cutoffnes,Level edits and more).
After World 2 I quitted this hack because I deleted it .:P
My second hack was an unnamed Hack and I quitted it also after World 2.
My third hack was Super Mario the 82th World 2.Yay!This hack has also Cutoffnes and blantant level edits,but in World 6 I began to make completly new levels!When I was in World 7 I deleted it,because I played with the exgfx window without clicking the Red Mushroom Button before.:/And my hack is dead.
My fourth hack was called Mario in:Tower PanicI found then SMWC and I tried to insert Custom Music and it worked!
This hack crashed because I patched the SMB3 music patch and I've Custom music in it and I haven't copies about it.:(
My fifth hack was called SMB:Bowsers Revenge and it was SMB3 styled.I lost it for any reason.D:
My sixt hack was called SMB:Bowsers Revenge:AGAINand I deleted it I patched the SMB3 music patch and I've Custom music in it and I haven't copies about it.
My seventh hack was called Mario World:A Plaaan(Later Bowsers Plan) and this hack was good,but not too good.Here are some screenies:

I think those screenshots explains enough.:D
My Eighth hack was F-Mario,which you can download here in SMWC.
My Nineth hack is F-Mario X,which I am work on it.
And finally,my tenth hack is a Unnamed Shoot em up SMW hack,but I am too bored,to work on it,but you can except a demo for it.:3

I think they're informations enough.^^

I take EXGFX requests,here are some rules:
-It should be a PNG file
-Don't give me conplicated BG's,ask some more experienced ripper for this.
-You have to wait,because I've also a life life.

But,I am very happy,when you choose me to rip BG's

Currently Working on F-Mario X!


No more Beta-tester.

Update : 12.2.09 / 2.12.09


Other Project:
Nintendo vs. the Evil 0%

Go and search in the EXGFX section ;)

Red Steel.42% done!
Woohoo,I beat it!

Sign by Danasoft - Hi :D.It's X-King xD</p>

Update: 28.3.09 / 3.28.09

My Download Station: =)</B>
SMRPG German(not made by me,I created the IPS patch)
X-King's Winter/Christmas level
Prison Break,my SMW Contest Level
3 Layers BG Beta Version (Also called a physics Demo from my sidehack)
X-Kings Grassland Level
X-Kings Fortress Level (Use zsnes 1.51,SNES9x,not 1.42!)
Nintendo vs. the rest of the world including 40 chars and over 50 stages!
Muncher Tower,a Kaizo Level made by me
SPC-Roll(Rick Roll)Only a little part from the Refrain but it's funny :D
Hard Level Minigames, check out the C3 Thread for it!

Credit goes to General Boo :D


My Top 5 Hacks:
4.The Tale of Elementia
3.Mario's Keytastrophe
2.The Second Reality Project Reloaded
1.Rise to the Challenge

lol yoshi made from me!

Xperimental Killing and Immediate Nullification Guardian

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F-Mario X News:C3 Thread Ahead!
By the way, I gaved up hacking SMW. I think I'll come back, but not yet. ~ X-King