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User Bio

stuff I made:

- Tools -

Mario Start Editor

The reason why I registered in the first place. Basically a tool that makes editing the Mario/Luigi start patch easier. Also fixes a small issue that the original patch had.

Interaction Editor

This tool allows you to change the player's hitbox. It modifies sensitive parts of the player so using this is not recommended if you don't know what you're doing

- Sprites -

Circling Thwomp

A thwomp that will change direction when it hits the ground/wall/ceiling

Racoon Guy

This sprite will follow the player around and jump when the player jumps

Revival Block

When the player dies and touches this sprite it'll revive the player and give him another try (Can also take lives when used)

- Blocks -

Extending blocks

A block that'll grow in a given direction

Jump-Activated Spikes/Hurt Blocks

Blocks that will extend/retract when the player jumps.


A simple block that will act like a net if a certain switch is pressed

- Patches -

Fireball flag

This patch allows you to spawn Mario's fireball in any slot plus it adds a flag that will make fireballs hurt the player instead of sprites

Victory pose fix

A simple patch that will fix the players hat when doing the victory pose on yoshi. (The hat is usually two pixels off because lazy devs)

- Unreleased Stuff -

Yoshi Fix

Patch - This will fix a few common glitches/exploits with yoshi. See the asm file for more info

RPG Player

UASM code - Done by request. Basically completely changes how the player works. Still WIP. Also requires you to change the player tilemap so only use this if you want to have the player like that for the whole game. Or know enough ASM and change how it works yourself lol

- -- -

- -- -

- C3 -

Lunar magic toolbar generator

This tool makes it easier to create custom toolbars for Lunar Magic. It handles icons, keyboard shortcuts, tooltips and settings for you.

Patch Manager

This tool allows you to keep track of patches, showing conflicts between them and allowing you to remove them again

- -- -

- -- -

Here is a full list of things I submitted to the sections.

Note that my unreleased/unmoderated stuff may or may not have bugs in it. Use at your own risk

If you find any issues with one of my sprites/blocks/tools etc. (including unreleased stuff) feel free to PM me and I'll get to it as soon as I can


Other links:

Twitch - If I stream it's usually either IWBTG, Kaizo: Hard, PIT or working on my own hacks.

YouTube - Mostly IWBTG avoidance clears nowadays. Occasional SMW related videos still possible, either unoptimized TASes, breaks in puzzle hacks or previews of things I made.

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