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Name: Enan63
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Hello! #smw{:TUP:} If you have stumbled upon my SMW Central info profile either from my YouTube Channel description, or if you know me from SMW Central from Super Mario World Romhacks or SMWC Super Mario World's Level Design Contest Entries.

I would like to say welcome! #smw{^_^}
My name is Enan! (Also known as Enan63!) I have been on SMW Central since 2018! The reason why I joined SMW Central it's because Super Mario World is my number 1 favorite video game off all time!!!!! I love Super Mario World Romhacks taking my number 1 favorite 10/10 video game and making it even more amazing 10/10!

Since then, 2018 - onward, I joined SMWC and have come through a long emotional journey and hopefully will more in the next 5 and 10 years later!!!!! (It's also my 5th year anniversary on SMW Central!)

1 last final info, I have created and developed a lot of Super Mario World Romhack video games over the years!


(2018 June) Mario Goes Back To Dino Land (My First SMW Romhack video game!)

(2018 December) Bowser Runis Mario's Vacation (DEMO, Typo lol.)


(2019 March) Bowser Ruins Mario's Vacation (Full Version)

(2019 May) Some Unknown Vanilla Hack I can't remember?

(2019 June) A Vanilla And Chocolate Hack

(2019 June Again) Bowser Ruins Mario's Vacation Remastered (Demo 1)

(2019 July) Chocolate Quest (However, I never uploaded this hack.)

(2019 July Again) Bowser Ruins Mario's Vacation Remastered (Demo 2)

(2019 December) Bowser Ruins Mario's Vacation Demo 3 was planning to release. But, I cancel the hack overall being unhappy with the direction of it


(2020 February)
Super Enan World (I don't know if this got cancel or not. Since, Green Jerry doesn't seem to be active on this project anymore. Or most likely due to my new Mario OC I changed back in Jan 1, 2021.)

Now this is my first time ready to shine and be amazing use my powerful skills as an SMW Romhacker/Game Developer to use!

(2020 June) Mario In Mushroom Rix Land 1 (DEMO)

(2020 September 13/September 28) Mario In Mushroom Rix Land 1 (Full Version)

My First Ever SMW Romhack Video Game Ever Completed! #smw{^_^}

(2020 December 26/December 28)
Mario In Mushroom Rix Land 2 Gimmicky Island

My Second Ever SMW Romhack Video Game Ever Completed! (Probably the most played in the series/my SMW Romhacks in general.)


(2021 September 4/September 13) Mario In Mushroom Rix Land 3 Master Thwomps Avenge

My Third Ever SMW Romhack Video Game Ever Completed! (Probably the least played in the series/my SMW Romhacks in general.)


Sadly, didn't upload any SMW Romhack video game projects this year. However, to make it up for it.

I did however joined 5 contests! 2022 is the year where I joined a lot of contests unlike the last years and 2023!

2022 January (WLDC #2)
2022 April (72hoQLDC #1)
2022 May (VLDC #13)
2022 August (Spark 3 Skill Contest #1)
2022 December (BLDC #2)


(2023 June 18/July 3 & July 18/August 7) Mario In Mushroom Rix Land 4 Trip To Nano Island

My Fourth Ever SMW Romhack Video Game Ever Completed! (4 along with 2 are the most played and loved in the series/my SMW Romhacks in general!)

Finally that's around it! Thanks for reading my profile information! I hope you enjoyed it and see you around! This is Enan63 & farewell! #smw{:peace:}

Check out my YouTube channel also!

2019 VLDC 11 Entry (103th Place)
2019 BLDC 1 Entry (28th Place)
2019 HLDC Entry (15th Place)
2020 24hoSMW 12 Entry (45th Place)
2020 CLDC Entry (25th Place)
2020 VLDC 12 Entry (71th Place)
2020 24hoSMW 13 Entry (43th Place)
2021 OLDC 2 Entry (87th Place)
2021 24hoSMW 14 Entry (16th Place)
2021 QLDC 1 Entry (No Rank Place)
2022 WLDC Entry (45th Place)
2022 72hoQLDC 1 Entry (No Rank Place)
2022 VLDC 13 Entry (24th Place)
2022 BLDC 2 Entry (36th Place)
2023 QLDC 2 Entry (No Rank Place)
2023 CLDC Entry (21st Place)
2023 24hoSMW 15 Entry (13th/22nd Place)
2023 OLDC #3 Entry (33rd/54th Place)
2024 ALDC Entry (??? Place)
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