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Name:  yogui
Title: Play Truc Bidule thx
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User Bio

I am yogui. I've been in the SMWhacking scene for a while, and although I'm not very active, I still make some levels and hacks from time to time.
Resources release page - This page will host all selfmade resource I made and released that I did not submit to SMWC, mostly resources made for contest levels.
Lunaryoshi blog - I started playing more romhacks in 2020, so I made a blog to post my hack reviews. It's mostly for myself to remember which ones I played, please don't take this too seriously.

I rarely use the smwc discord or the smwc forums, except to post updates on my current hack thread or during C3. But you can still talk to me by PM if you wish to, I often visit smwc (mainly to check the ROM/RAM Map or download resources).
In general, feel free to ask me any questions by mail, private message, discord or whatever regarding my hacks and other things. I may be slow to respond but I will eventually.

The rest of this profile page is used as a portfolio of my romhacking projects. Below you can see the hacks I've made, along with the collaboration projects I've participated to and the contests I've entered. Archiving is important, if one file you want have a link not working, please tell me I will fix it.
Last update 03/03/2024 - Added omh, Nonsense and Tano. Also added contest VLDC22 and SMB3LDC.

Latest completed hack

Truc Bidule

My new and probably last solo hack, has been released this winter C3 2023. Please play it!


Finished hacks


A short 5-levels hack made in 24h for C3, the catch is I used random resources from smwc to build the levels.

C3 thread

Super Butt World 2

At first meant to be a joke hack with kaizo elements, I decided to make it a serious attempt at kaizo. So you have a kaizo-light game, a bit unpolished due to my lack of kaizo experiences, but with the typical yogui humor and gimmicky level style that makes it an unique kaizo hack.



Similar to test.smc, it is a compilation of unfinished levels with new ones. But this focus on the "bad" levels. You see, I sometimes love making garbage levels and hacks for fun, and it's been a while since my last one.
I made this for fun, but I don't recommend playing it. Do it at your own risks.



How to go back to smwhacking? By finishing and putting together all my test levels into one hack. Yes this is a compilation of all the levels I've made that I never officially released. The quality can vary greatly. I still think it's a neat idea, and I encourage everyone to finish and release their unfinished levels.


Something else

Here we go. Something else is a hack like Something, with crazy and funny stuffs and good level design in general (at the time). This hack cement the yogui style of solo hacks, where each level has it's own gimmick, sometimes a bit roughly implemented but always with the intent of being fun to play.



"Grr, I want to finish a game, I have too much unfinished hacks. I will make a game in 2 months and release it for C3."
And so that it what I did. It may have aged a bit, but it is still a nice game, and one I look back fondly.


Collaboration projects I've participated

BOXMAN TANO and the quest for the VIP Pass

Released for Questionable Hackjam 2024, a release version will be available later.



Another collab hacks of various nonsensically levels I made levels for. I heard it's pretty good.



The sequel to R-ack. This is a massive 100 exits hack filled to the brim with crazy ideas. Weird and fun.


Rakugaki Mario

A collab hack inspired by old school japanese hacks, using the outdated tools from that time? Sounds fun. I made some levels.


Super Mario /v/orld New Vegas

Anonymous made a final collab with even more crazy stuffs. It's great but a lot harder than the previous /v/orlds. A 1.1 update is planned "soon" that will add new content and more nerfs.



A romhack with more freedom. Let's ignore the level design standards and make random fun levels.


Super Mario /v/orld 2: Moot point

4chan made a second romhack. And it's very based. With lots of great ideas and fun levels, it feels like a fresh breath of air in the SMWromhack world. I recommend everyone to experience this unique hack.



More like KUMP. Unlike YUMP1, this is not strictly garbage/joke levels. The rule was make what you want. No restriction on the difficulty. So be warned, there are many levels approaching kaizo-light difficulty, so it may not be for everyone (or use savestates).
Made a level.


Super Mario /v/orld

Hack from the famous hacker known as 4chan. Made from many anonymous users, of varied experiences and background. You don't know what to expect and I love it for that.
It's anonymous but you can probably guess which level I've made.



Finally, the sequel to JUMP, full of great content and more polished than ever. Definitely recommend anyone to play it.
Made two levels.



It's the bset game evre. A 2008 garbage youtube quality hack full of surprises which honestly is kinda fun.
Made stuffs.


The 9th Annual Vanilla Level Design Contest: Collaboration Hack

I didn't entered VLDC8 but I did for VLDC9 so hurray.
My VLDC9 level is here.



What started as an old school collab on the Talkhaus ended up being it's very own thing that changed the state of SMW romhacking. This hack is a must play.
I made 6 levels for it.


Hack de français™

A french collab hack. In limbo forever. That's why I shouldn't lead projects.

Not released (yet?)

The 7th Annual Vanilla Level Design Contest: Collaboration Hack

The contests levels were put into a collab, so that's why this in the collab section.
My VLDC7 contest level is here.



The sequel to ASMT, got too big and got canceled. You can get the playable base rom in the talkhaus forum.
I made one level and helped implement some other ones.


JDCGames Collab

A vanilla collaboration. I don't remember much about it honestly.
I made a level for it.


List of my unfinished hacks

Stellar Adventure

A very old hack started in 2009, then lost the file and found it back on october 2017. But now cancelled too.
A 8-bit style hack with new characters and graphics from various NES/GB games. Was supposed to be played arcade style, where a game over send you to the beginning.
C3 thread with demo: Link


Cancelled. A hack where you start at the end of the game. You can immediately do Bowser's castle, or do some side levels to make Bowser's castle easier.
The NPC area and three side-levels were done. Two of them will be reused in Truc Bidule.
C3 thread with demo: Link


A Kirby's Adventure romhack. I made a 2 worlds demo to try the editor, that I did not continue. Some levels have a hidden switch, but it's not indicated on the level door as I did not know how to edit that.
C3 thread with demo: C3 thread

Yoshi Yoshi

A romhack of Yoshi's Island? Yes, and it's cool. Well I think it is. It's my first YI hack but I'm trying to make it unique and interesting (and silly sometimes). I made a demo with world 1 that I did not continue. But it works as a short 8-level hack.

Super Mario Versus Bowser New Army

Back then I started a chocolate hack and made two worlds, but I lost my motivation. It is very old and outdated, so I don't recommend playing it.

Unfinished hacks with no download links:
Ballser adventure (temporary title) I made one level so far before giving up, hurray!
Super Mario Ocean 2 A vanilla hack in continuation of Super Mario Ocean 1, I lost the game when it was 85% done and didn't had any backups.

List of my contest entries and others minors projects

SMWCentral's Super Mario Bros 3 Level Design Contest 2023
Rushed entry for the SMB3 contest. The editor is not bad. I may do some more stuffs with it.

SMWCentral's Vanilla Level Design Contest 2022
13th edition I think. I'll name them by year now. Anyway this is a level inspired by Hydro city. Have fun!

SMWCentral's Oldschool Level Design Contest 2021
Made in lunar magic 1.51 this time. And it doesn't work with LM 3.00 and above. Some janky layer 3 stuff. I only enter contests to make weird things now.

SMWCentral's Kaizo Level Design Contest 2021
A level inspired by Mega Man. I had fun making the ASM and aesthetic. I still hate kaizo.

SMWCentral's 24ho contest 2020(light)
Again I rushed to submit something. Well it's 24h, but I really want to take these contests more seriously again.

SMWCentral's 12th Vanilla Level Design Contest
I wanted to submit something. Anything. Very rushed level. It's bad. Do not play.

Romhackraces Bad Level Design Contest
I made a bad level.

SMWCentral's Baserom Level Design Contest
Made on the last day from 1am to 4am. It's short and hard. Yeah.

SMWCentral's 11th Vanilla Level Design Contest
18th. Vanilla autoscrolls in lunar magic 3.0 :D

SMWCentral's Oldschool Level Design Contest 2017
Made in lunar magic 1.00

SMWCentral's Kaizo Level Design Contest 2017
kaizo succ

SMWCentral's 10th Annual Vanilla Level Design Contest
Still being judged. Results never. I made a level use tile 1F0 and am so out the loop I didn't know it was that much overused.

SMWCentral's 24ho contest 2017 (donut fortress)
Make a fortress level that would fit the original SMW world 2.

Talkhaus "make a good level" contest 3
Someguy's favorite level. 7th, not bad.

SMWCentral's 9th Annual Vanilla Level Design Contest
This one was made into a collab too.
[For the collab link, check the collab section above]

SMWCentral's Lunar Magic Creativity Contest 2

SMWCentral's 24ho contest 2014 (BBBB)
Big boo boss battle! 59th/66 lel. The one I did in an unnoficial contest before was way better.

SMWCentral's Yoshi's Island Level Design Contest 2014
Why does it take so long to judge 9 entries?

Talkhaus "make a good level X" contest 2014
A SMBX contest? This time I tried to make a great level, even though I still think the SMBX editor is a pile of crap. raocow's finished LPing it.
Link (Collab: The yacht of opinions) here

SMWCentral's ExGFX contest
Not a level contest, a exgfx contest. Nobody made a joke entry so I had to. All entries in this post, only mine here.

SMWCentral's 7th Annual Vanilla Level Design Contest
So I made a level fast for this contest. I finished my level mostly because it was a collab. >9th: yogui: 72.25/80 wat
[For the collab link, check the collab section above]

SMWCentral's 24ho contest 2013 (automatic level)
A automatic level in only 24 hours? I made it in 4. Vertical warp thing sometimes fit the music. Sometimes it desync so better watch the video.

Talkhaus "make a good level" contest 2013
Mystery box edition. I tried my best to incorporate the resources of the box. The result is a weird but fun level.

SMBX Community's Grand-Contest 4
A SMBX contest. Why did I joined this. I never completed a SMBX level before. Got a score of 5/20 hue. You can also play it in Tower of Biased 3.
Link (in the level zip)
Tower of Biased 3 link

SMWCentral's Vanilla level design contest 2013
Well it's a level.

Unofficial contest on SMWC - SMW Boss Room Contest 2 2012
Edited Wendy~'s room. OH MAN~~~~~~~~ Where are the results?

SMWCentral's 24ho contest 2012 (winter graphics)
Another contest??? Edit graphics in a SMW level winter style, don't change level design only aesthetic k?

Unofficial contest on SMWC - Joke contest 2012
Hii guys make a joek level huehuehue go to the right

Unofficial contest on SMWC - SMW Boss Room Contest 2012
Make a original room for the original Big Boo boss. I made something in a hour, and I won because there was 5 entries with 2 joke ones.

SMWCentral's Yoshi's Island Level Design Contest 2012
Only 11 entries (and 9 playable). Raocow let's played it. I made a level, hope you enjoy it. (patch it on a YI rom).

SMWCentral's 24ho contest 2012 (don't touch sprites)
My entry, based on level 22. It's... normal I guess. Simple vanilla level.

SMWCentral's overworld contest 2012
My entry. Quality joke. What the heck? Warning: May not be suitable for children.
Link (PEGI 18+)

SMWCentral's 24ho contest 2012 (title screen)
Modify the title screen using original Mario's movements. You don't play, just watch the title screen. Guess what? I got third place (57 entries). Oh man~

Talkhaus "make a good level" contest 2012
I'm on the talkhaus. There was a contest to make a good level. I made one. I got 3rd/30 with tie. The link work now.

SMWCentral's Vanilla contest 2012
Here is it, it's called: Mystery of the Giant Dark Switch. I got 56th place or something like that.

SMWCentral's 24ho contest 2011 (door 9)
My level for the contest, it's bad with stupid ending.

SMWCentral's Kaizo contest 2011
I made a level. I participated mostly because of the collab. My level is not the best, got second place for creative I think.
Link (level only)
Link (collab)

SMWCentral's Vanilla contest 2011
A sort of joke entry (but not garbage). Play it, it is very funny.

SMWCentral's Vanilla contest 2010
My level for the contest, inspired by Megaman 2.

yogui's kaizo hack (demo)
Started a kazo hack, but since I don't like kaizo, I stopped. Yes I'm stupid.

SuperX5 glitch fucking world
I was bored. Now I regret this. I need to delete this.

List of my very old projects (before smwcentral)

These hacks are very old and of very bad quality compared to today standards. I put them here for archival reasons but I don't recommend to play them. Most of them are in french with lot of spelling mistakes.

Super Mario Ocean
A simple vanilla hack made in 2008. Warning, it may not have aged well.

Ruper Sado World (aka Super Mario Unfinished)
After Ruper Maso World, the vanilla failure, let's make a chocolate hack. I never finished it. I posted a unfinished version of the game some time later (a little after finishing Super Mario Ocean)

Very SMW
Tried another project, gave up after making a one world demo.

Super Merde World 2
Another poop. A parody of one of Lexou's game, SMB4 and the 4 stuffs.
/!\ The ROM is corrupted. Depending on emulators it can not work or be playable with no sound.

Super Merde World
Merde is the french word for shit. So you know what to expect when playing this game.

Ruper Maso World
My first game. Made before SMWCentral had a forum. It is a noob hack, like everyone's first SMW hack.

Super Masto Bros (SMB1 romhack)
My first finished hack was a SMB1 hack, not a SMW hack. It is a little crappy, but that's okay. Patch on a Super Mario Bros NES ROM.

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