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User Bio


I'm AmperSam (though most people just call me Amper) and I'm an adminstrator here at SMW Central. My PMs are open and I'm around on the site Discord if you would like to to reach out, I'm happy to hear from people! ^^

Below is a not-up-to-date list of things I've worked on or am working on, contributions to the site, or past contest/event stuff, etc.

Solo Projects


    This was my first venture into SMW hacking ever. It is a chocolate Kaizo hack with "vanilla+" aesthetics, and aims to be a fun experience for novice kaizo players and not be too difficult. Originally released in 2020, I made an update in 2022 to polish it up and fix my newbie hacker errors.
  • Shallow Pits

    This is a single-screen challenge hack I made over the course of a few weeks which takes a lot of inspiration from Kaizo:Hard and Pit hacks, hence the name, and uses a glitch tech, really tight (and rude) setups and some item abuse.
  • Shallow Pits 2

    I made a sequel for some reason. The sprinkling of glitch or kuso tech rooms was really the most interesting part of the first one so I leaned into it for the second. Lots of inspiration from MST and abc_ore, among others.

    Full Playthrough →

Romhack Race Levels


    This was a race level I made for Romhack Races week 125, which features an improved implementation of the graphics and radiation ASM (made by dtothefourth) found in a level of HYPERION.

    Level Video →
  • Tempest Memories

    A kaizo race level I made for for week 156 of Romhack Races. The title (and a concept in the level) is a nod to the standard hack Memorial Service Tempest by MST from the Japanese community.

    Level Video →
  • A Paw in my Face

    A harder kaizo level I made for week 190 of Romhack Races, that focused on trick execution over gimmicks or chocolate. Made as an homage to Casio Mario World and other levels by Wyatt.

    Level Video →

    A silly kaizo level I made for week 204 of Romhack Races, with some cheeky asm I had made for non-kaizo purposes (being vague here as to not spoil the gimmick).

    Level Video →
  • Racing Like It's 2013

    An "old-school" style level I made for week 227 of Romhack Races, that tried to emulate the style of kaizo you'd find in the early 2010s.

    Level Video →
  • The Illusion of Choice

    For week 233 of Romhack Races I made a level on the BLDC2 baserom built around the whole idea of having a surprise sprite in a Pot that will help you complete obstacles.

    Level Video →
  • Learn to Let Go

    The gimmick of this one is Mario has autorun enabled which means if you hold run Mario now slows down—the functionality of the X and Y buttons are inverted.

    Level Video →


  • Transmission Chain Experiment

    This was a spontaneous collaborative hack I kicked off during Winter C3 2022. Each contributor made a single screen in each of the levels and the results were pretty wild.
  • Effortworld

    A JUMP Team collaboration hack made over 6 days during C3 Summer 2023 in 1 hour design sessions.
  • Nonsense

    A big ol' collaboration hack led by Gbreeze and MiracleWater.
  • NaughtyWorld

    JUMP Team Christmas special.
  • ooooo

    That one JUMP collab with all the beans.

Contributed Graphics

I have made a significant number of graphics contributions you can find them in the Graphics section:

Contributed Music Ports

I'm not the best or most prolific porter but you can find the tracks I've ported in the Music section.


I'm the principal maintainer of a couple hack baseroms that have been pretty extensively used, feel free to build your hacks with them also:

  • Romhack Races Baserom - The baserom provided to makers for them to build the weekly race levels with.
  • BLDC Baserom - Originally made for BLDC2, that is packed with a lot of resources out-of-the-box.
  • VLDC Baserom - An ultra-minimal SA-1 baserom made for VLDC 13.
  • Powerups Pack Baserom - a convenience baserom with the powerups pack ready for use.

Contest Participation

Levels I submitted to contests, or times when I judged a contest.

Other Stuff

Miscellaneous other things I've done as a romhacker.

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