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LOLRyan2006 the Goombud's Profile

LOLRyan2006 the Goombud

Name: LOLRyan2006 the Goombud
Title: 8-bit Luigi Victory

Currently doing cute character arts.
No pfp yet...
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User Bio

Hello! I am LOLRyan2006! I am known by many names but that doesn't matter.

My character is an alien Goombud coming from another universe. He has been given limbs and big lips too. He has the ability to transform into only one animal.

The fact that my character is from another universe is a metaphor that I get awakened by:

Cute/Kawaii stuff
A specific character line (Never referenced here though)
Among Us
Obscure References (Such as Japan-exclusive Mario games)
Forum Games
My SMWC buddies' threads
Distraction Dances
Official Blood in a Mario game
A specific OC

I do kinda good kawaii art (I still need to update my pfps) and I just got started with animation on Photoshop and Flipaclip Premium. I am also doing two games.

The first game is called SMM.NET, a fan game that is also made by my SMWC buddies. I am one of the graphics makers and the team leader. We need more users, so please click the hammer block to join.

The second game still doesn't have a name. It's a SMW ROM hack that started way back in February, before I even made a SMWC account! It was first known as "Untitled Mario Meme ROM Hack". A demo was released, but it didn't last for a whole day. Ever since, the hack became obscure and one of the only hacks Self-Made Island never recorded. The plan was changed to a Xalabaias Adventure-inspired hack called "Fat P-Mario". The files were sadly lost... It then got revived as another hack, which is very weird. You've seen it on the SMWC Discord in #showoff and it's very infamous for the use of MSU-1. Now it’s being remade into another MSU-1 hack based about a toilet. While the music is unfitting, there’s the use of voice lines to enhance the experience for Mario and Luigi. This hack is also based on Super Mario Sunshine, Super Mario Galaxy Series, New Super Mario Bros. Series, Super Mario 3D Land, and Super Mario 3D World.

SMM.NET Trivia!
Theme and password update
Say hello to the themes in SMM.NET! 64 (including unused) exciting themes (4 of which are hidden and many which are Windows-based) appear! Here is a trivia on each of them

Some were inspired by a 3DS video. Some were inspired by digging deep into SMWC’s #showoff channel. Two were inspired by Nintendo systems. Some were inspired by Windows versions (remember this thread?) and they have sounds! Here are passwords!
Use “awesome” and you will unlock a theme.
Use “oof” and some sounds will be replaced with oofs
Use “distract” and you’ll see Henry Stickmin dancing
Use “het” for a surprise
Use “C:/con/con” for a BSOD
Use “???” and.... well this is awkward
Use “best-snetlvl-ever” and you will download the best level ever made by one of our devs
Use “disable-mobile-mode” and it will be disabled if you are on Mobile
Use “axolotl” and it will give you a warning that eating axolotls is wrong and it gives you a custom level with custom bg
Use “sonic” to play a GBC Sonic bootleg online
Use “loop”. Just use it
Use "halloween" to see the old Halloween theme
Use “rice”. Well this one wasn’t my idea. It’s a meme!
Use “aaaa” and you will hear soothing sounds of peace
Use "Wrong code!" and the password box will disappear

Fun Facts:

Hey you! Yeah you! Hold the Dark Theme button for 3 seconds and the Amoled theme will appear!

Also the site is down but I will change the link soon No need because one of the devs was so clever to put the link to the new site!

How do I make up Windows theme ideas:
I take the OS wallpapers, either Desktop, Login, or even Setup, and Demake them to gradients (with the exception of Chicago, which I decided to include its wallpaper) and voila! And add some custom sounds too!

Coming soon on SMM.NET:
More themes
8 new hidden themes (Why 8? You’ll see... Character line)
Mini mode
New gamestyles

User types I hate on Discord:
Person that insults my comics
Person that bullies me
Person that says that it’s nice my Steam account got deleted
Person that said I’m “a fucking chaos”

That's all for now! :D

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