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Name:  Adam
Title: hahahagahahgahgfhfgj
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I suppose you've come here looking for something, or perhaps you just wanted to read my wall of shitty quotes that I've amassed over the years.

Anyway, if you send me a PM about the MARIO creepypasta I probably won't respond to it.

(Behold my Wall of Garbage)

(3:34:42 AM) Sonikku: one of my cousins
(3:34:56 AM) Adam: oh god
(3:34:59 AM) Adam: wait
(3:34:59 AM) Sonikku: was actually taking a miming class
(3:34:59 AM) Sonikku: though I haven't heard from them in years
(3:35:06 AM) Adam: AHAHAHAHAHAHA
(3:35:19 AM) Sonikku: dfgsdf
(3:35:22 AM) Sonikku: HAHAHAHA
(3:35:33 AM) Adam: Oh my god
(3:35:36 AM) Adam: that
(3:35:41 AM) Adam: was the best set up ever.
(3:35:45 AM) Sonikku: save that
(3:35:47 AM) Sonikku: hdfghfdghd

[23:40:53] <Adam> Brandicks
[23:40:53] <Sonikku> brandicks
[23:40:55] <Sonikku> FUCK ADAM
[23:40:57] <Sonikku> ARE YOU SERIOUS
[23:40:58] <Adam> LOL

19:21 Azurik <Azurik> my iphone just autocorrected hair to gay
19:21 Azurik <Azurik> so like
19:21 Azurik <Azurik> i just told connor i want to straighten my gay
19:21 Azurik <Azurik> FML

19:32 Katrina he is just going to live inside the map for a week
19:32 Katrina to make the ULTIMATE OVERWORLD
19:32 Sonikku ^
19:32 DerpyBackslide ^
19:32 Jimmy52905 v
19:32 leod I like cocks

14:43 Adam only you would care about seeing dicks Jimmy
14:43 Jimmy52905 ^this

Adam forget it my dick fell asleep
13:19 Adam feels like pins and needles
13:20 *** Jimmy52905 quit (Quit: )
13:20 Adam jesus christ
13:20 SF|008 K.
13:20 Kiseki you better wake it up
13:20 Adam -_-
13:20 Kiseki try shaking it and OH FUCK WHAT iS WRONG WITH ME TODAY
13:20 SF|008 Adam's dick fell asleep and Jimmy quit.
13:20 Werewolf ...

15:32 Shellface I AM PISS

22:13 BusterBeetle i'm your gay
22:13 BusterBeetle err
22:13 BusterBeetle guy
22:14 Slash_Man ROFL

21:15 Jayfeather falconpunch if we shorten your name then your name is
21:15 Jayfeather fap
21:15 Sonikku ^
21:15 Falconpunch AbSeNNt
21:16 Jayfeather you fap to snn
21:16 Falconpunch I know
21:16 Sonikku confirmed

03:07 Jimmy52905 v
03:07 Jimmy52905 i like dicks
03:07 Jimmy52905 what
03:07 CrispyYoshi oh well, i can still kick
03:07 CrispyYoshi ^

14:29 LeOdd fuck this guy, fuck that guy, fuck these guys

15:55 Sarcophagus i suck i suck i suck i succk

14:51 Smallhacker I'm an idiot

19:45 AbSeNNt MLP is shit

18:53 Jayfeather shoy
18:53 Adam shoy
18:53 Kiseki shoy
18:53 Jayfeather not a typo
18:53 SnakeEater shoy
18:53 Jayfeather I've been doing that since I typo'd it forever ago
18:53 Kiseki Roflcopter go shoyshoyshoyshoyshoy
18:53 Kiseki shor
18:53 Snowshoe stop making fun of jayfeather shoy is a real word
18:53 Kiseki motherf
18:53 Snowshoe </3
18:53 Adam owned

02:48 Sonikku i have no friends so i played 2 player mode by myself with 2 wiimotes
02:48 Adam so you played with yourself
02:48 Sonikku apparently i am equally good with both hands to where i always got an equal score
02:48 Adam oh god
02:48 Sonikku dfhghsfgf
02:48 Sonikku FUCK
02:48 Adam JAHAHHAHA

(Script Fight)
ROY: 9/430
Adam says:
USE recover
Leod says:
*It's not very effective
ROY's recover did 331 damage!
*Congratulations, Adam, you've defeated the opponent!
ADAM says:
Leod says: HOW
Adam says:
Leod says:
also to heal yourself you just type
Adam says:
I won anyways

00:04 Adam Blumiere dont lie you dont wear boxers
00:04 Quizler daboys' sister SNN
00:04 Adam You enjoy man thongs
00:04 *** lemmy quit (Quit: ragequit)
00:04 Blumiere I'm wearing them right now
00:04 Blumiere a
00:04 Adam HAHAHAH
00:04 Blumiere fuck you
00:04 Brief ^
00:04 Adam saving

01:33 Sonikku rop is like
01:33 Sonikku a computer class where we do stuff like learn how to use microsoft word
01:33 Adam rubbing our penises
01:33 Adam rop
01:33 Sonikku which i know how to do
01:33 Adam LOL
01:33 TLMB Sonikku is gonna have 8 weddings to plan
01:33 Sonikku ADAM NO
01:33 TLMB and use ASM

18:35 FinalDoomTNTEater Do you guys like fish sticks?
18:35 Smugleaf yes, I like fish dicks
18:35 Smugleaf oh
18:36 Smugleaf FUCK YOU
18:36 FinalDoomTNTEater LOL

17:33 Snowshoe Ϟ(゚∀゚)√¯
17:33 Electron vfghtrf
17:33 Electron rty56767ty
17:33 *** Error52 joined #smwc

17:11 Adam remember kids, damn is one letter away from adam
17:11 --- Shellface is away (I'll attempt to not use this and focus on my homework for ten-twenty mins.)
17:11 Jimmy52905 d
17:11 Gold !ar trans de|nl Gottverdammt
17:11 AlcaRobot God damn
17:11 Roy !ar trans nl|de god verdomme
17:11 AlcaRobot god damn
17:11 Jimmy52905 God adam
17:11 Roy ...
17:11 Adam ffffff
17:11 Jimmy52905 lol

02:33 Adam MEDIC
02:33 Sonikku MEDIC
02:33 Medic what

20:48 Camerin Please stop hitting on me and scurry back to Fur Affinity before I kill you.

23:27 Lexie You're just mad because I'm a better leader than you

16:16 DerpyBackslide wasn't there a thing I while back about how EA and nintendo had disagreements
16:17 Adam yeah
16:17 Adam nintendo wanted to make good games
16:17 Adam and EA didnt

13:13 Porkymaster He's being a dick
13:13 Porkymaster I'm a retard slut
13:13 BadMusicMurder wat
13:13 PatPatPat wat

23:54 MartinHedgehog this one time, martin fucked rouge while knuckles was forced to watch
23:54 MartinHedgehog it was the hottest comic i drew

19:02 --- Alcaro has banned ~n:Ben*!*@*
19:02 *** Ben12066 joined #smwc
19:02 Alcaro df
19:02 leod lol
19:02 Karen rofl
19:02 Benjamin wh
19:03 THY is he bot
19:03 leod o
19:03 leod no
19:03 Alcaro (~n bans block nick changes, but not join or talk)
19:03 leod he's just ben
19:03 Benjamin alcaro pls unban
19:03 THY more like unben

19:48 Magi Ben12066 the thing is that you actually think we love rayman above all and think we're "advertising" it when we're just mocking you for your excessive stupidty
19:48 Ben12066 Stop trying to turn me into a nerd
19:48 Magi WHAT

23:11 Nameless<Jimmy52905> I think Nameless ate him
23:11 Nameless i swear to fucking god jimmy you no brained piece of shit if you ever fucking highlight me again i will rip your fucking spine out and strangle you with it you goddamn idiot jesus who thoght it was a good idea to let you live holy shit you are literally the biggest waste of oxygen since never you're literally the first ever waste of air you fucking prick fuck you i hope you get hit by a truck thats built ford tough so that you don't damage another thing better than you in your lifetime you douche i hope you get shit on while you're sleeping tonight

12:12 robertozampari Hey adam
12:12 BadMusicMurder who disliked the video already?
12:12 Adam hi sonikku
12:12 robertozampari I'm not sonikku for eating my dick

22:59 Azurik You guys.
22:59 Azurik Like. I just realized Fred Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church actually died on my birthday.
22:59 Azurik And I laughed for a good 5 minutes.
23:02 Sonikku lol
23:02 Zephyr your gay killed him
23:02 Zephyr props

17:42 GiantShyGuy I can appreciate the ironing
17:42 Mario "Worser" isn't a word. Try "Worse"
17:42 akacesfan yes, it's even easier than nsmb and nsmb2
17:42 GiantShyGuy its all smooth and semenless
17:42 *** Ruberjig quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
17:42 GiantShyGuy seamless

19:54 leod I can already see adam squirming as I slam my muscular twelve foot dragon penis into his tiny 2 inch buttocks while yelling NO HOMO because otherwise thatd be icky

03:13 Greeny im gay

Zandro: Turkish is a strange crossing between english and arabic. I once tried to chat with a turkish guy who was born deaf. I ended up murdering him with a shovel and buried him in the forest

<Falconpunch> don't fap me zombies

23:31 *** Mariomon joined #smwc
23:31 *** Mariomon quit (Quit: FUCK)

Mr. GHOSTS: adam
Mr. GHOSTS: tfw you cannot prove that your life isn't like a video game
Adam: who cares if it is or not
Adam: LOL
Mr. GHOSTS: where you get an auto-save point every time you enter a different room
Mr. GHOSTS: and then you die
Mr. GHOSTS: and then you auto-load back to that room
Mr. GHOSTS: like
Mr. GHOSTS: for all you know when you walk out of your bedroom
Mr. GHOSTS: you will die
Mr. GHOSTS: but you will auto-reload back in your chair because of the save point
Mr. GHOSTS: so you won't remember it
Mr. GHOSTS: and because of that
Mr. GHOSTS: you're the main character
Mr. GHOSTS: everyone else around you can die
Mr. GHOSTS: but you won't until your story is over
Adam: lol
Mr. GHOSTS: whether that story be you literally dying forever or not isnt clear
Adam: so its like a tool assisted speed run
Mr. GHOSTS: no like
Mr. GHOSTS: it's like this
Mr. GHOSTS: you can leave your room
Mr. GHOSTS: and if you die
Mr. GHOSTS: you'll just auto-reload to that room
Mr. GHOSTS: you won't remember it
Mr. GHOSTS: but you did it slightly different so that you didn't die
Adam: oh
Adam: so savestates
Mr. GHOSTS: not really
Mr. GHOSTS: an alternate timeline version of you literally got up to get a drink and got murdered by a black guy wielding nothing but a dildo
Mr. GHOSTS: that was the random encounter he got
Mr. GHOSTS: will you get it?
Mr. GHOSTS: maybe not
Adam: gfhdfj

Mr. GHOSTS: i want to find a way to transport things onto the surface of an asteroid
Mr. GHOSTS: and strap them down onto said surface
Mr. GHOSTS: the thing i would strap down?
Mr. GHOSTS: corpses
Mr. GHOSTS: it would be the symbol of death throughout the galaxy

00:17 Nameless I don't give a fuck
00:17 Nameless I don't, I don't give a fuck
00:17 Nameless Look at all these ducks
00:17 Nameless Look at all these baby ducks
00:17 Nameless My favorite meme
00:17 Nameless is when he goes
00:17 Nameless never get the SUCC
00:17 Nameless but then she succ me
00:17 Nameless hoes can't get enough of me
00:17 Nameless E 40 starts rapping bout pimpin'
00:17 Nameless I just watched season 6 of the SIMPSONS
00:17 Nameless I want it all
00:17 Nameless Things always go my way
00:17 Nameless I love black balls
00:17 Nameless Ariana Grande

19:00 SNN i love mike
19:00 Maxo dont we all
19:00 Maxo all - slashman
19:01 Jimmy52905 he serious LOL
19:02 leod if you love him so much why don't you choke on his throbbing 15 mile steel drum rod while he thinks of porting the super mario galaxy soundtrack using only 3 samples (but not in a gay way)

23:31 Nameless: GAY GAy GAy agay gay ga y im gay im gay im gayi give me the GAY everyone raise your arms and give me your gay power
23:31 lion: raises arms

Mr. GHOSTS: so
Mr. GHOSTS: trump bombing syria
Mr. GHOSTS: is starting to make relations between US and russia pretty
Mr. GHOSTS: syrius
Mr. GHOSTS: putin is mad at trump
Tim Allen except its scout: hes not putin up with his shit anymore
Tim Allen except its scout: but can we really trump russia
Tim Allen except its scout: we should kill ourselves
Mr. GHOSTS: i made a shitty syria pun so you come russian two even worse puns out

<excavator> eXcavator becomes overwhelmed by the pleasurable feelings in his penis.
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