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Name: Hammerer
Title: Hammering to create hacks.
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User Bio

Welcome to the Jungle my User Bio!

- Introducing Me -

I'm Hammerer, a gaming enthusiast, a SMW hacker since 2022, a SMWCentral user (graphics creator, ripper and savebase provider) since 2022 too, a SMW ROM hacks reviewer since 2023 and a kind of YouTuber since 2023 too.

As I said I have SMW ROM hacking, graphics ripping and creation and savebase provide knowledge. I don't know how to make ASM or SPC.

I play games since I was born, believe me, like Mario, Sonic and others games differently styled.

About hacks I played them since, err, I don't remember when I played my first SMW ROM hack, but it takes a time. So a while later I learned Lunar Magic using and now I'm here.

I'm not from States, I'm brazilian but I understand some english and also know some english. My english can't be good sometimes but grammar mistakes are INEVITABLE.

- SMW ROM Hacks -

The first SMW ROM hack I finished was one called 'Jerry and the Cheese Island', it was about Jerry from 'Tom and Jerry' cartoon. I finished that but at the end I decided to erase the project and don't send it to SMWCentral, 'cause I tought the final result was bad.

Will this hack be reworked on sometime?

So after some reflection about the meaning of life and my skills with ROM hacks, I decided to work on another project, this time official! I'm talking about...

Mario Mania

Lenght: 15 exits
Type: Standard: Hard

It's my first official ROM hack, where you can play and download on SMWCentral (here)! I won't explain it so much but basically it's about Iggy Koopa kidnapping Peach, and Mario ‎going to save her again. The hack has some notable features, like lx5's custom powerups, no overworld and cutscenes explaining the plot.


For now there's only Mario Mania done... but new hacks are coming!

Check here a list with all my SMW ROM hacks hosted on SMWCentral.

- Miscellaneous Projects -

I also have worked on some miscellaneous projects that I wouldn't call hacks, graphics or savebase.

Super Mario World - The Quiz (SMWTQ)

It's a little contest for Winter 2024 C3 that featured a quiz with 30 questions about Super Mario World, featuring trophies for placed people and berries for first 5th placed folks.


Thanks everyone who participated!

- SMW Graphics -

I also have worked on original and ripped graphics for Graphics section on SMWCentral. There's a list of all my accepted graphics on SMWCentral in order to firstly released to last here.

- SMW ROM Hacks Savebase -

I also have provided some save 100% files of SMW ROM hacks I've played. Check here a list with all savebase provided by me on SMWCentral.

- Reviews -

I said I'm a reviewer, right? So where do I make reviews? On my blog,


There you can read some lovely reviews about SMW ROM hacks and another stuff you will discover only getting in there.

So what are you waiting for? Click here and get happy!

- Youtube Channel -

I also said I'm a kind of YouTuber! So on my YouTube channel you can watch videos about projects I'm mading and random gameplays of games and hacks.

Just click here!

- Profile Avatars -

The defaut and non-holidays association avatars can be used randomly, while the holidays associated avatars will be used according the eves!

Hammer Mario Avatars

Defaut Avatar

Hammer Flower Avatars

Defaut Avatar / Napoleon Avatar / Christmas Avatar

Non SMWCentral Profile Avatars

Discord Avatar

- Current Project -

No current project for announce yet.

- Contact Me -

You can contact me by three ways:

- PM -

PM me by SMWCentral (you're already here look how funny). You can click here to PM me right now!

- Discord -

I have a discord account! You can send me a friend request to talk with me by my user name:


- E-mail -

E-mail is a timeless way of comunicating! So you can send me an e-mail! Just check my e-mail below:

Did you like the thumbnails I make for my videos, or my YouTube banner, profile pictures, or even my userbar on post layout and want to know how I make these things? So don't ask me, just know I simply made it on Photoshop.

And so PM me if you want to get some information I can answer you. Bye!
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Discord Username: hammerersmw / hammerersmw#0
Email: [email protected]

"Is Luigi Mania a dream or we still will have a sequel?"