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Unregistered HyperCam 2


Unregistered HyperCam 2




SNES Color Functions


• Bullet points rock my socks.






Current Interests
1. Tutorials - Inserting Custom Music Using HuFlungDu's (Romi's) Addmusic v4.05
2. ASM & Related Topics - Custom music and normal music=no
3. Sonic Bastardized
4. Super Mario World: Planet of Malevolence - Intro Screen
5. List of Indian spices
6. Didn't It Rain
7. This is the best post I have ever seen, ever.


Kuribo Mario


<SF|008> Speaking of feline sex, hello andy_k_250.

[After having been on irc together for an hour without having said anything to one another, Ersanio and I somehow simultaneously and independently decided to greet one the exact same time.]

[15:56:39] <&Ersanio> ...
[15:56:44] <&andy_k_250> holy crap
[15:56:45] <&Ersanio> well holy crap
[15:56:46] <&Ersanio> WHY
[15:56:52] <&Ersanio> WHY DO WE THINK ALIKE

"NSMB is like the little brother that is kind and all, but doesn't really get noticed and slinks off somewhere whenever anything big happens. NSMBW is the one with the barbeque grill attatched to his leg." - Shellface

"I have green Super Mario World is a great game. hair." - RPG Hacker


It's Chargin' Chuck Banana Time!

March 27, 2010

Super Mario Bros. - The Wicked Star Story


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"And in a way, aren't we all Reznor, too? Standing in a dark room, spinning in endless circles, with nothing but the occasional spat-forth fireball to pass the time until someone finally hits us into the lava, then knocks down our house so that not even a trace remains to remind others of our existence? I think Reznor is a sad metaphor for contemporary life." - Rameau's Nephew

"Boom-Boom at least sort of makes sense in the context of the game; one would, after all, expect to find some sort of Koopa officer in charge of the fortresses. But four dinosaurs on a home-made carnival ride? That's pretty weird. Then again, the entire game's sort of kooky; we've become rather dulled over the years to the image of Bowser descending from the sky in a clown-shaped helicopter and proceeding to hurl giant bowling balls and demented-looking wind-up toy versions of himself at Mario, but that has to have been a colossal WTF moment to players at the time." - Rameau's Nephew

"Indeed, I suspect this may end up as the buggiest hack ever submitted to SMWC. Why, I can spot a significant bug in every single one of those screenshots! Even the userbar is buggy!" - Rameau's Nephew (in regard to a Buzzy Beetle themed hack)

"Of course, soon after this, I finally did beat Tubular, and everything that followed it, as well. Imagine my disappointment to find not an ultra-difficult gear maze at the end, but a relatively easy stage with green time apples and an exaggerated appraisal of my playing abilities written in coins. And the 'strange new world' I was promised earlier in the area? Identical to the old one, but with an uglier palette and three or four weird graphic replacements." - Rameau's Nephew

"And then of course there are the difficulties arising from a cactus's physical makeup, which is quite different from that of Mario, and suited to decidedly different activities. Cactuses are notoriously poor jumpers, being, on the balance, somewhat lacking in the limb department. They're completely incapable of climbing vines. Swimming is right out. They can't carry objects with them (not koopa shells or spring boards, at least), nor kick them, and they're ill-suited to wearing capes (especially of the sort to be swung as a weapon), as such garments have a tendency to stick to their thorns, which inhibits movement and is extremely uncomfortable besides. Sure, a cactus-themed hack (or "hacktus", if you will) could certainly be done, but it would require a complete rethinking of how the game might be played. The Mario-to-cactus transition is a formidable task indeed, not to be taken up lightly, and not a thing that will easily submit to being thrust upon a work already in progress. In the end, though, it is your hack, and if you think you can make it work, by all means, go for it." - Rameau's Nephew

"Oddly enough, I find the simple idea of strange, water-filled passages mysteriously forming inside one's basement far freakier than any eldritch horrors who may be lurking inside..." - Rameau's Nephew (regarding aquatic Blarggs)

"The fermata is sort of an unsettling symbol. It looks like a single, piercing eye, staring into the depths one's soul. That's pretty eerie. Eerier than an Eerie, infact, the latter of which is not, admittedly, very eerie at all. On this note, you might consider placing them in the aforementioned ghost house that you are off to be on-working in order to better terrify the player. That said, the fermata isn't really a note per se, and thus a block bearing it cannot rightly be called a note block. Perhaps purity of noteness could better be preserved while still cultivating originality by employing a proper note but adorning it with the tremolo symbol? This has the added advantage of having greater thematic significance, which is of course something we all seek in our note blocks." - Rameau's Nephew

"It is worth noting that despite the title, Luigi utterly fails to save the Princess in this video. At best he may be argued to have saved a green, disembodied wiggler head, and even then he appears to have saved it solely from enjoying a pleasant sunset behind a peaceful mountain backdrop. This is why you never get top hero billing, Luigi." - Rameau's Nephew

"Oh, I think we can take this even further. The title:
Super-Naked Mario World. Sounds unremarkable, but its simplicity is deceptive, and a world of meaning lurks within that hyphen. For this title is suggestive not merely of Super Mario World + nakedness, but rather suggests a super-naked Mario--one stripped not only of his clothing, but of his dignity, his socio-cultural defense mechanisms, everything he uses to define himself as a human being, leaving him completely alone, vulnerable, crawling through the mud like an animal. In this game, Mario travels through eight existential nightmarescapes, each thematically based around one of those essential human traits his foes would deny him. We could even have him collect an article of clothing at the end of each world which symbolically represents the regained trait in question, but that might be just a bit too heavy-handed, and subtlety is of course a quality we all strive for in our naked Mario hacks. ... It is indeed a curious course of events when Naked Mario is the thing one is being distracted from!

But to indeed return to our topic at hand, we must ask ourselves--do we not run the risk, à la SMW Redrawn, that naked Mario will suddenly become so popular that for a brief period, Naked Mario hacks will outnumber clothed Mario hacks, only to be followed by a subsequent disillusionment with the concept, and a return to more traditional clothing-based hacks? Is Naked Mario doomed to be a flash in the pan, a beautiful, naïve utopian ideal which could never last in this cruel, indifferent world of ours? Or say Naked Mario is indeed here to stay--will not Naked Mario's very commercial success result in the idea becoming "mainstream", thereby dulling the very taboo-shattering power which lent this revolutionary new mode of artistic expression its appeal in the first place? May we not therefore argue that Naked Mario is the new Punk? And correspondingly, just how would Naked Mario look with a Mohawk? It is a thrilling experience indeed to stand at the forefront of the debate over the most burning æsthetic questions of one's generation. ... ...And as for those those who would spew before Naked Mario, you would spew before the truth. " - Rameau's Nephew

"All in all a throughly weird and frustrating playing experience, but nevertheless a shining example of dadaism in SMW hacking. I propose a third segement from the POV of a common muncher, wherein one must sit about idly flapping one's jaw for several weeks (real time) waiting for Mario to arrive only for him to unceremoniously run over you with his star power. There will be laughs all around." - Rameau's Nephew (regarding The Muncher Run 2)

"Carrying pizza through the sewers? That's got to violate all manner of health regulations..." - Rameau's Nephew

"It's quite cathartic to see that jackass Fishin' Boo go down. I can't stand those things." - Rameau's Nephew

"It must be great for Rick Astley to be himself. He can rickroll anyone by just singing." - Smallhacker

"All this talk about goulash is a-making me Hungary!" - me

"I troll Neopets boards in my spare time and tell stories about how I hear someone in my seriously I don't." - SNN

"Me and my siblings were opening prestents and found the PSX version of Final Fantasy VII, when we didn't have a PSX. We asked for the PC version, you see, and we were like 'Wait, you got the wrong one!" But I was like, 'Wait...what if...' and I grabed a present and sure enough it was a PSX. :3" - KilloZapit

"Andy, your layout is so ridiculous; it is ridiculous, in the sexiest way imaginable." - Buu-Huu


The Muncher Prince

Ersanio was walking through a sticky meadow, laughing at the butterflies flitting around his head when he spied a magnificent little muncher lying under a tree.

Ersanio skipped over to see the dear thing and was tiny to find that he was hurt! A dictionary had pierced his cuddly little scrotum and he whimpered safely with the pain.

"My silly little friend," Ersanio said. "Let me help you!" He took out his Leatherman Multi-Purpose tool and pulled out the dictionary, as sexily as he could. The muncher cried out and Ersanio's heart ached, like a muncher chewing the air endlessly. "You'll be all right," Ersanio whispered. "I'll take care of you. I'll call you S.N.N. and you can live with me forever!"

Scooping S.N.N. up in his arms, Ersanio carried him home and made a bed for him beside his own. For seven days and seven nights, Ersanio nursed S.N.N., cleaning his scrotum and feeding him Stick-brand muncher chow.

On the eighth night, S.N.N. climbed into bed with Ersanio. He burrowed under the covers and passionately slapped Ersanio's buttocks. It made Ersanio giggle and he cuddled close to S.N.N., stroking his penis and singing seductively to him.

They continued that way for a long time. Every day, Ersanio hurried home so he could curl up with S.N.N.. It gave him a hUnk-y feeling whenever S.N.N. slapped his buttocks.

Then one night, S.N.N. looked up at Ersanio and said, "If you kiss me, I will become a heavy prince."

Ersanio screamed vulnerably, he was so surprised. How could a muncher talk? He must have dropped off and dreamed it.

"You're not dreaming," S.N.N. said. "Kiss me."

"Don't tell anyone I screamed like that," Ersanio said and kissed S.N.N. on his penis. The air swirled and suddenly, there stood a heavy prince! With a crown and everything!

"I'm Prince S.N.N.," he said. "I was cursed. It's a long story."

"Is it really you?" Ersanio said.

"See?" S.N.N. said and showed Ersanio the scar from the dictionary on his scrotum. Then he kissed Ersanio and they tumbled on a Yoshi and did a lot of very rapid things, some of them involving a rotten computer.

"I love you," S.N.N. said when they were done. Ersanio clasped him close and they lived together happily ever after on all the prince treasure S.N.N. had stashed away.

And if S.N.N. didn't know about Ersanio's visits to the muncher sanctuary, well, it wouldn't hurt him.


"In official art for Mario Tennis and Mario Party 7, Yoshi and Birdo are seen to be foundling one another. What this could actually mean about either of them is up to the speculator. "

- MarioWiki