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10:42:30 AM - gatswan: if u enter a cheat code you can get elise x sonic sex scene :^^^^^)
10:42:54 AM - gatswan: okay thinking about that i know feel sick

7:28:10 AM - Pikachu101: 3:27:31 PM ⇐ @ Hinalyte quit ([email protected]) Ping timeout: 241 seconds
7:28:15 AM - Pikachu101: 3:27:31 PM ⇐ Boometh quit ([email protected]) Ping timeout: 241 seconds
7:28:23 AM - thesegafan98: 3:27?
7:28:29 AM - thesegafan98: it's 10:28 am
7:28:35 AM - Greeny: *x-files theme*
7:28:40 AM - Boometh: It's not like time zones exist or anything
7:28:40 AM - Nanami: everyone has different timezones
7:29:02 AM - Pikachu101: yeah what's a time zone
7:29:06 AM - thesegafan98: I live in the eastern US
7:29:15 AM - Boometh: Actually some to think of it
7:29:15 AM - Pikachu101: that's one of the most stupid things i've ever heard of
7:29:18 AM - Pikachu101: "timezone"
7:29:21 AM - Boometh1: Segafan has shown his lack of knowledge of time zones in the past
7:30:23 AM - thesegafan98: i know what time zones are/
7:30:30 AM - Boometh1: What are they?
7:31:50 AM - thesegafan98: The names in each time zone change along with Daylight Saving Time. Eastern Standard Time (EST) becomes Eastern Daylight Time (EDT), and so forth. Arizona, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, U.S. Virgin Islands and American Samoa do not observe Daylight Saving Time.
7:32:01 AM - Pikachu101: nice copy paste
7:32:03 AM - Boometh1: You don't know.
7:32:18 AM - Berkay: LOL
7:32:47 AM - thesegafan98 has left the room (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client).
7:32:51 AM - Berkay: rip
7:32:54 AM - Boometh1: LOL
7:32:57 AM - Boometh1: I took him down just like that

10:59:12 AM - Boometh1: alright here's the sitch
10:59:23 AM - Boometh1: my internet keeps going on/off
10:59:32 AM - Boometh1: but sometimes it doesn't come back on, and if I unplug/replug the router, it comes back
11:03:44 AM - Greeny: Boometh1: wrap it with tinfoil
11:04:04 AM - Boometh1: wat
11:04:06 AM - Greeny: thats what happened for mine and now my internet never resets
11:04:25 AM - Greeny has left the room (Quit: Connection reset by peer).

10:31:33 AM - riki2321: im not autistic
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