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 Wakana Link
This hack has many ideas, but the execution isn't too good.

The design is mostly flat and repetitive. That first level is a big offender and gives the player a very bad first impression, being it very slow and repetitive. Good thing other levels seem to be a tad better, but they either are small, or flat, or repetitive in design... it wasn't this enjoyable from my point. What this hack has as strong point are ideas, though the way the author made them work in levels is very poor. Take the first level for example: the idea was amazing, but all you do in there is to avoid other cars. It could've used more ideas rather than just that. On a similar line I could say this to all other levels.

Aesthetics are varied here, there's a big enough amount of them for an 8 exits hack. They are clashy each other though, plus you can spot come cutoff here and there. They are good if picked alone, but the ensemble is just a bunch of random graphics picked up together just because they are appealing.

- Music breaks on accurate emulators.
- Apparently there is another level after the sand level, though you can't access it. Probably errors with overworld events.

Overall, 2 stars. This hack has good ideas as base, but the execution could've been way better.