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Super Mario Emulator (PTB)

Super Mario World Hacks → Super Mario Emulator (PTB)

Submission Details

Name: Super Mario Emulator (PTB)
Author: noname
Demo: Yes
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 25 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Easy
Description: Hack vanilla to the fans these category. Thanks!

levelengine update: Submitted a new IPS patch. Fixes the case in which event 37 has a duplicate, causing "Ruinas do templo"'s normal exit to not work.

fixme: Both exits of "Vozes da noite" have broken paths, so it's assumed this is where the hack ends. Maybe make the ending better than that?
Tags: fixme huge level less exgfx traditional vanilla
Comments: 3 (jump to comments)
3.0 (5 ratings)
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Comments (3)

karinou Link
Good hack, but sincerelly OMG all the level are soooooooo looooong to play, and sometimes you are at the end almost like for me a level i don't know the name exactly i don't remember, but there, the time is 168second, and you enter in a pipe and the timer 168 became 999, sincerelly it was the worst for me and it's happend twice in this hack, without tell too, than a level with all the background blue (water i guess) OMG my eyes awful, but overall the hack is good, and a bit hard sometimes too, especially the level with monkeys in the second part. ( for me)
And once the time in the level with the monkeys was to 0 and i'm not dead, i was able to continue and finish the level with 0 in timer, ( i don't know if it was normal or not...
Music is nice anyway
I can't imagine the time past on the hack for playtesting (if there was)
Metballs Link
Each level is very long, lacking, repetitive, and utterly pointless. It's almost as if the creator wants to make long levels, but they barely have any ideas to keep their levels engaging. If you want to bore yourself to death, here's a good recommendation for ya
levelengine Link
So far, I'm almost done with the 100% completion.

Super Mario Emulator is one of the most meaningless romhacks I've ever played; if you see the level design itself, you'll notice that it's very lacking, repetitive and consists mostly of JOE (Jump Over Everything), as opposed to being very varied.

Also, most levels average a 10-minute length, so it's more of the case that the hack is huge overall for the suggested length of 26 exits(?), which does not go well with the weak level design.

I also found the bug in which the player couldn't continue past "Ruinas do templo": Both levels were set to use event 37; this event was already fired off earlier, meaning that using it again would unlock nothing. An updated version with the fix will likely be resubmitted once I'm finished.