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Super Mario World Hacks → Yoshiro

Submission Details

Name: Yoshiro
Author: Yoshiro
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 30 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: Guys remember my old hack, well here's the full version of it. Yoshiro is an action-packed game which always keep you on your toes. Its not an average plat-former but its a game where you could end up as in a phanto chase situation or.. solving its puzzles. This game sticks through its storyline very strongly. Remember its an old hack, but it features exgfx, custom music, alittle asm, alittle hdma and other things.
Known glitches:

1. The OW in Nightmare forest and beyond. As well as the secret exits.

Objective of this game:
Using Yoshiro, help him get to Knight Town. Be warned, this hack is not normal.
- Music breaks on accurate emulators.
- Overworld events are wrongly set. You stop playing at "The Traitor".

Tags: asm bosses exgfx fixme health music traditional
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3.8 (5 ratings)
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Comments (2)

 Yoshiro Author Link
Someone asked me to come back to the site and view the criticism. Damn, how many years ago, pssh, this one's from the stone age. Embarrassing LMAO. It's a prequel to Super Mario Castle of time (which was made in 2006)
@Wakana. Not sure what you mean by "accurate emulators"-- the only emulator I've ever used and test games on is ZSNES LOL (this old guy is probably hated by everyone now XD) worked fine, made it all the way to Fawful. BUT I get what you mean.

--Brushland-- I think...there was supposed to be an invisible block somewhere for the spring to go on top. Otherwise the secret level may as well not exist xD. Don't quote me on this though, don't even have the level editor on this laptop. Though I could easily relearn it. Muscle memory still applies, right?

--Bullet Bill Cave has a secret exit? O_O even I didn't know that XD
----as for 30 levels, I'm not sure where that number comes from-- forgot how submissions worked. Do I write it in--who knows.

---Major slowdown; probably some newbie use of sprite or custom sprite overuse.

---------Yep, a very bad hack indeed and old as hell. I'm pretty sure this hack was here before you joined xD.

That aside, good criticism though I'd never consider going back to it either LOL. Who would? After all of these years, my best bet would be either a Yoshiro 2 or a fresh "ip."

Also... I can't understand for the life of me the appeal in long levels? Why did I make them so long? And the linear design hurts my eyes.

Of course if anyone wanted me to create a redeemer (whether it's Yoshiro 1.5 or 2, they can let me know. I might give smw hacking a pop after all of this time. Pretty sure the evolution is so far ahead of me, I'll probably slip and fall.)

 Wakana Link
No offense, but this was awful. The design is extremly linear and boring. The author's goal here was to fill all the screens of his levels. Extremly long, they feel neverending. What makes them worst is that in some of them you have to get back to a certain point with items. More of a frustration than enjoyment.

Aesthetic-wise, it's not better. A very few levels may look decent, but most of the times you'll find clashyness, huge cutoff and palette messes. Just look screen 2 and 3, which sum up the style of this hack.

Some issues:
- Music breaks on accurate emulators.
- "Brushland"'s secret exit is impossible to get. The jump you do with the springboard isn't high enough to reach the path for the key.
- "Bullet Bill cave"'s secret exit doesn't even exist lol.
- You stop playing at "The Traitor". Overworld events have been probably set bad, since you can play 30 levels, according the author.
- Major slowdown in a few levels.

Overall, a very bad hack. Probably will never play it again.