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Mario to the Rescue

Super Mario World Hacks → Mario to the Rescue

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 Counterfeit Link
The ideas are there for a cool hack, but the execution is lackluster. The Chain Chomp level was a decent simple opener with some real bite, and the Dark Woods level had some sense of mystery with all kinds of stuff hidden in the trees but it was really short-lived. The Element Switching level was a major disappointment in how contentless it was - so much more could've been done with the fire and ice idea. The highlights of this hack are probably Silver Lake, Thwomp Fort, and even the Red Switch Palace was a nice bonus room making use of the coin cloud.

Silver Lake, one of the better levels, had two noteworthy problems: there's a lot of slowdown, and one of the Piranha Fish kind of swim around in circles in the middle of the water rather than on a wall, which will throw the player off.

Thwomp Fort's unpredictability in Thwomp behavior made me consider labeling this hack as hard, but considering the instability of the difficulty curve with the easiest level smack in the middle of the demo, I felt that normal was the best label.

The music quality varies. Much of the song selection is quite alright, like the songs used in Silver Lake and Red Switch Palace, but the reimagining of Saria's song is both way too loud and breaks in accurate emulators.