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Bowser's Plan Part One: Alternate World

Super Mario World Hacks → Bowser's Plan Part One: Alternate World

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 Wakana Link
Extremly poor hack. The design is very flat, coinsisting of going straight right while avoiding ground enemies. This keeps going for all the hack; difficulty curve is more or less well-handled, the game gets harder as you proceed, maybe a bit too fast, but it's okay.
Aesthetics could've worked from my point, but the author needed to work more on them: some palettes are eye-searing, some GFX makes cutoff, major clashiness, some GFX are just pillowshaded reskin of previous sprites while others are made by just 2-3 colors. It ended up being a very bad-looking hack.

Some issues:
- Player dies at title screen.
- "Grassy Coast 2"'s midway point is badly placed. If you take it and re-enter the level, you die instantly.
- The same level also has the only secret exit of the demo. Secret exit that can't be taken since the key is blocked. I assume it's still a WIP thing, although the secret exit brings you to a finished level. I dunno...

Overall, a very bad hack. One of the worst I've played maybe.