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Super Fail World

Super Mario World Hacks → Super Fail World

Submission Details

Name: Super Fail World
Author: dubefest
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 13 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: A nice fun vanilla with a chocolatey top hack that is fun and not too hard.


Custom Music
Redrawn GFX

Story: Something terrible has happened to Peach at her fortress: REZNOR HAS TAKEN IT!
fixme: music breaks on accurate emulators.
Tags: exgfx fixme music traditional
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3.0 (2 ratings)
No rating
Download 130.24 KiB | 835 downloads


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Comments (1)

 Wakana Link
Not a good hack.

The design is very linear, most of the levels end within a few screens of continuos walking with a few enemies spawned here and there. While linear design isn't always bad, this is a case where it penalizes the fun factor a lot. Other levels, instead, were annoying to clear (the run level and the castle); the difficulty curve is very weird, since the difficulty changes suddently. I'd say that the overall difficulty keeps on a normal-like tone though, since like 75% of the hack is easy to go through, the rest is extremly hard.

The graphics mostly keep on a SMW-ish style. Sometimes levels felt extremly empty due to the lack of decorations. I disliked the sudden change of style in the castle, where FG and BG (latter being with wrong palettes) become redrawn-styled. Could've been better overall.

Some issues:
- Music breaks on accurate emulators.
- Sprite tile limits errors.
- Major slowdown in some parts.

Overall, what the title says, a fail.