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Mario Is Missing 3: Mario's Wreck

Super Mario World Hacks → Mario Is Missing 3: Mario's Wreck

Submission Details

Name: Mario Is Missing 3: Mario's Wreck
Author: MetalUpYourAss
Demo: Yes
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 3 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Easy
Description: Mario go to take a vacation after saving the princess, but the ship explodes and sends Mario to nowhere... or maybe not!

Custom Music

Thanks to:
All the people who make this hack possible
Quick Quack (Beta Tester)
The People of the Spanish Thread

fixme: custom music breaks hack in accurate emulators
Tags: fixme music no boss traditional vanilla
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2.0 (1 rating)
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Download 99.14 KiB | 938 downloads


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Comments (1)

 Counterfeit Link
A short, easy hack with simple platforming. It's incredibly straightforward. The final level has a wide-open area where you swim with star power and I feel like water levels need a little more strictness of direction since most things are easily avoidable.

There is a graphical bug with the kill frame of the Koopas. Also, the "intro" level's opening is kind of illegal as far as submission standards go: start swimming right away or you'll drown in the first second of entering the level. I find it really weird that munchers were changed into dark moons, but if the hack were ever updated, maybe we'd see these things floating - I don't know.

Dire Dire Docks will kill the hack in accurate emulators. The channels of the port that plays in the first few levels sound really, really desynced.