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Super Mario in Miscland 2: GrisBoo's Switches!

Super Mario World Hacks → Super Mario in Miscland 2: GrisBoo's Switches!

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Here we have what may be one of the longest levels in existence, broken into five parts. Main room is a hub, and this level forces you to attack each path in sequence by allowing and blocking access with big switches. You are also unable to re-enter a path as a result.

Each path has a wide variety of scenery, including some seldom or never seen in regular SMW: you will see tilesets meticulously crafted into cities, thick snowfields and clouds, decrepit buildings, fancy dwellings, sewers, and temples. Palettes are nicely done in this hack, although some enemy recolorings are kind of weird.

While most of the platforming is generic, there are two gimmicks that will appear on each of the switch paths: a minigame with Yoshi where you have to rush through a room safely and grab each green berry to reach the exit without the timer killing you, and a drawn-out item fetching quest (sometimes two.) I feel like not enough was done with the former and they felt too similar, and the latter one just makes me want to rip my hairs out because one of them had me bring a springboard around an entire room to hit invisible coin blocks to make bridges over every gap in the higher half of the level. One of the later item babysitting "puzzles" can be broken if you have a reserve item too.

The hack's biggest problem is even though it's broken into five parts and each part has a midway point, most of those "subsections" feel extremely long and annoying to have to replay if you die. This level takes well over an hour to beat.

Aesthetically, this is a varied hack, but gameplay-wise, not enough is going on to warrant this length and the hack overstays its welcome big time.