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A Yoshi's Story

Super Mario World Hacks → A Yoshi's Story

Submission Details

Name: A Yoshi's Story
Author: CaptainDazz
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 1 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Hard
Description: This hack was called "Super Mario Inundation" but with all the changes made to this hack, it's now more suitably named "A Yoshi's Story." It is, or should be, much better than the older version. I think I have spent 4 months on and off making this hack better.

New features are:
+ More music
+ New character
+ New enemies
+ Better backgrounds
+ Better level design
+ And over stupid stuff

I think there are around 36 sub levels and it takes more then an hour to complete.

Anyways, enjoy. >:3

fixme: broken custom music
Tags: asm exgfx fixme health huge level music no boss yoshi
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3.3 (7 ratings)
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Comments (3)

mcnakahr Link
1/10 This game doesn't run well on Snes9x, Bsnesm or RetroArch (using those cores). Anytime you are going to or start the level the music attempts to play for a second then stops completely.If you have sfx after the music dies the rest of the hack is playable, however if no sfx can play after the music dies off then when the player dies or tries using a warp pipe the game crashes.
lewon.x Link

This hack takes a somewhat unique approach to level design. The entire hack is one giant level, and it's over three times bigger than the second biggest level I've played.

Level design is very simplistic, but, I think, in this hack's case it's a good thing.

For some reason this hack gives me weird feeling of nostalgia, calmness and something else. But idk, maybe it's just me being weird.

Overall, 3/5

Also, this hack doesn't work on some emulators.
 Counterfeit Link
A Yoshi's Story, not to be confused with the long-ago hyped hack A Yoshi: Seven Fruits of Gold, which was formerly called Quest for the Golden Eggs, is by far the longest single level I've ever played. It's relatively normal in difficulty but due to the sheer length and unforgiveness it has towards dying, "hard" is a more appropriate label for this one.

The level design has little dynamic. Most rooms will fall into these categories: "lots of slopes", "lots of falling platforms", "cement block mazes", "layered platforms", or "fireballs and Grinders up the ass." The latter is aggravating because fireballs, Grinders, and Ball & Chain takes 50% of your maximum health when you're hit. Most rooms will also give you a chance to restore health either via a lot of coins or a mushroom or two placed somewhere, which is important because dying once means starting the entire level over again. Most people would resort to savestates.

Occasionally you'll get a treat like a dark room where shifting the camera is essential to survival, or a level with line-guided ropes, or a vertical room, but most of it is the same thing rearranged umpteen times.

Your only clue of progression is the change in music that comes after every handful of rooms. It feels like every time you're "outside", the level's almost over, but it's not. When you see the moon, you can finally exhale, but try not to die.

There is no reward for beating this long, repetitive level, other than bragging rights for surviving what's probably a 70-80-minute-long single-level hack.

The only issues I could find objectively were the status bar, death frames of fireballs and Grinders when you slide into them down a slope, and a few Map16 errors: in one of the grey ground cave rooms, you can walk inside the dirt in the platform to the right of a thin one shaped like a V. There's also one room where if you shell jump, you can skip half the room, and then you can use an opening where there's a net to skip the other half if you haven't already done so.