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Mario & Luigi DOS Remake

Super Mario World Hacks → Mario & Luigi DOS Remake

Submission Details

Name: Mario & Luigi DOS Remake
Author: Superjustinbros
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 6 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Easy
Description: Second version of my first Super Mario World Hack.

This hack is an effort to accurately re-create Mike Wiering's "Mario and Luigi" computer game for DOS operating systems, released in 1994. The reason this hack was made was to provide a much easier way to play the game, as it suffered from sloppy controls. This remake is based on the six level version available for download on various sites.

~Differences from first version~
- Revamped title screen.
- Minor palette changes.
- Goombas can no longer be picked up after being stomped on.
- Flashing yellow on pipes removed.
- Changed note block bounce sprite. (however, the color brightens a bit when you hit them)
- Increased difficulty for reaching second level's secret area.
- Changed areas for third/sixth level's ending to fix the fade to black problem.
- Last level (with Bowser boss battle) replaced with a single room with 4 ? blocks and two message blocks that reveal the staff credits, instead of an actual ending.
Tags: exgfx no boss remake traditional
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4.2 (6 ratings)
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Comments (5)

RetroYuuki Link
I really love this Rom Hack. Its pretty cool. 5/5 for you
Noob Link
Nice hack. Merged SMB elements with custom graphics. although the songs are from the original game (SMW), it does not take away the brilliance that the hack offers. 5/5
Paulo Arkantus Link
mario looks depressed
MercuryPenny Link
I remember this hack. It seems pretty faithful to the original, from what I saw on Youtube.

Nothing all that special but one particular review on the legacy section made me chuckle a bit.

Originally posted by Wizard the Wizzisential
o lawd
I played the shit out of this when I was younger, been wanting to find a working copy (thisisimpossibru.jpg) for quite some time, if not only for nogalstia value.
I was going to give this 100/10 at sight but then I saw the ending.
oh my fucking god.
for now, I'll give it a 9/10, but I might revise this after I cancel my order for this on Ebay.
Nobody wants to pay $50 for this.
I remember now why I deleted it all those years ago.
it sux.
thanks for saving me from possible financial ruin though.
 Counterfeit Link
One of the best easy hacks I've played from the legacy section.

Mario & Luigi DOS is one of the lesser known Mario games. It can be seen in full here. As said in the description, this hack does not recreate the whole game, only what's available in a public demo, and is no longer being worked on -- this is the final version.

Graphically, this hack does not resemble the one it's trying to recreate in any way except the sprite graphics. Direct rips wouldn't work here since in the DOS game, everything is bigger. It uses SMW's graphics in a lot of areas. Some of the palettes and graphic replacements are weird in a charming "Chinese pirate game" way but surprisingly, those Goombas whose feet don't move were like that in the original game too.

The original did not have an overworld and had forced forward progression. This hack gives you an overworld, and like in SMW, you must beat one level to reveal another and you can replay levels you've already beaten. The original also prevented you from scrolling hack, whereas this hack does not. Despite the easiness, there are some tricky jumps required to collect the goodies.

The level design is rich - it feels like a traditional Mario game with more to explore and collect, but all the levels are reasonably short despite that.

Strongly recommended for casual fun.