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In Memoriam Hack Pack

Super Mario World Hacks → In Memoriam Hack Pack

Submission Details

Name: In Memoriam Hack Pack
Author: Spud Alpha
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 11 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: These are my final Super Mario World hacks. This is a hack pack containing the following hacks:
-In Memoriam
-"Bonus Levels"
-"Back to the Classics 2"
-"Old Contest Entry"
-Spud Alpha's Vanilla Level Design Contest 2011 Entry

All of these hacks are unfinished, but they aren't demos because I do not plan to finish them.

The main hack here is entitled "In Memoriam". It's dedicated to what I consider "old hacks"(from around 2000-2007), and in general my hacking experience. I've attempted to try to use the general style and feel these old hacks in this hack. It's vanilla, but doesn't try for fancy tricks, but rather tries to be rather nostalgic and rustic. Hopefully I've succeeded.
The next four hacks, "Bonus Levels", "Back to the Classics 2", "Flowers", and "Old Contest Entry", are all very short, previously unreleased hacks.
The final hack in the pack is "Spud Alpha's Vanilla Level Design Contest 2011 Entry". It scored in at 5th place, and I'm very proud of it.
Anyways, I hope you all enjoy my final few Super Mario World hacks. Have fun!

~Spud Alpha
Tags: no boss story traditional vanilla
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Comments (1)

S.R.H. Link
Note: As the only hacks with finished levels are In Memoriam and VLDC2011 Entry, this review will only be about them.

In Memoriam
This hack is quite good. Level design is usually good, they look good too, but the second level wasn't so fun. It includes item babysitting, repetitiveness, bad time limits, and doesn't have a midway point even though it's a very long level. If you fail, you'll have to redo the whole level again. This is a very bad punishment if you ask me.
Other than that, it's quite good as I said before. I'd suggest it.

Vanilla Level Design Contest
A very good level! It's quite fun, and the boss fight is very unique - I've never seen something like that before. Nice job there!
It's quite good looking too. It stands out for a legacy hack.

Overall, both hacks are quite good even though the former has an issue that'd be nice to see fixed. Rated 4/5.