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Super Mario World Master Quest 8: The Final Quest

Super Mario World Hacks → Super Mario World Master Quest 8: The Final Quest

Submission Details

Name: Super Mario World Master Quest 8: The Final Quest
Author: Alex No
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 120 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: Download This Updated 04.July.2011
This is another update.
Fixed the Pipe in 10-12, Midway point in Castle 7, 7-6, 9-4. And you can use the same saveram.

I found errors in World 8 in Bowser's Castle and fixed the veggie block so you cannot crash the game.

ZSNES 1.51 is inaccurate, Ball n 'Chain from Yoshi's Island has a small glitch, but only in ZSNES 1.51. I thought BSNES is the best emulator is released any time. Works perfectly on a real Super Nintendo as well. But otherwise it works pretty well in ZSNES 1.51

This is the final release of Super Mario World Master Quest 8: The Final Quest
By Alex No


Mario has been
locked out from
his house. The key
to open the door
is lost. Mario's
quest is to find
the key to open
the door.

Enjoy The Final Quest
Release 24.05.2011

Go to this forum thread to give a comment.

I hope you like it.
Works perfect on a SNES, BSNES, SNES9x and higher.

2011.08.26 (v1.3):

This is another update.
I fixed the veggie block. You will not die if you pick up a veggie.
fixme: music issues on accurate emulators (loud noise at the beginning of certain musics)
Tags: asm bosses exgfx fixme gimmick hdma music powers traditional variety
Comments: 8 (jump to comments)
4.5 (17 ratings)
No rating
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Comments (8)

Steve Eric Jordan Link
the levels are actually really really good for the most part but this hack has the worst bosses in smw hack history and sometimes extremely bad and unpredictable/unfair game design.
difficulty is fluctuating extremely but at it's hardest it's definitely not the advertised "normal" difficulty at all.
Roy_Maluco Link
Ótima hacker !
5 estrelas
jhinko Link
Great hack!
Avoozl Link
I really want to know what game you ripped that background of a night time setting with purple mountains from.
niko Link
i played a few levels now... it begins interessting, but then... decent... ?

i dont know, not much fun for me that design.

no rating, but... not much fun so far.
H.carrell on an ipad Link
No status on screenshot 18

But still amazing 5/10 for you
Joshie1298 Link
This Hack Was Amazing It Was The Best
 Wakana Link
Wow lenghty! This is probably one of the biggest hacks we have.

This hack was fun to play, although the design doesn't do anything special here. The author got way better than his previous works, but the kind of design is always the same: linear, kind of traditional, with enemies and pits as your only obstacle. This is the base, but sometimes we can see totally different gimmicks used by the author, like the sky pop levels, and this variety really makes the hack fun to play despite the simplicity of its design overall. I hate some levels' secret exit placement; sometimes I couldn't help but peek in Lunar Magic to see where they were. I must say that, while most of them are okay, others are no way intuitive to get. Hiding them in pits, or sections where you need to fly over the level isn't a good placement. There are also some minor issues within the design, mostly blind jumps and spots where there's no way you can avoid an hit, unless you savestate like no tomorrow. Last but not least, those f*ckcing bosses. I'd have voted 4/5 if this hack used SMW bosses; the custom ones used are really annoying to defeat (again, unless you savestate like no tomorrow). I cried tears at the giant koopa boss, I had troubles even with savestates.
Summing everything up, this hack was still enjoyable, for the variety of the levels and for some of the ideas of the design that aren't like the author used to design.

Aesthetics are... okay, but god, dem clashes. The same level managed to have all the kinds of castle GFX of Mario games (SMB1, SMB2, SMB3, YI, SMW). Probably it's not this bad either though, for those who don't care about keeping an uniform style for the whole hack then don't mind me. For those who do, well, you're going to see many different games' GFX with this. Taken singularly, though, they are good: no sillyness in palettes or cutoff, everything has been assembled in a flawless way.

Some issues:
- Some music issues in accurate emulators: sometimes some musics start with a loud noise, due to not enough rest after echo definition. I'm tagging a fixme, feel free to remove it if it's not worth.
- Some slowdown here and there, nothing too bad.
- Some sprite tile limits issues, happening rarely.

Overall, a good hack. Not awful, but not awesome. For a lenghty adventure, this hack is for you.