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Luigis Story

Super Mario World Hacks → Luigis Story

Submission Details

Name: Luigis Story
Author: PaperMario94
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 50 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: One day Mario didnt come home so Luigi decided to look for him.

fixme: music makes awful screeching noises in 'Forest of Secrets' and crashes after level end
Tags: asm bosses exgfx fixme gimmick music variety
Comments: 4 (jump to comments)
2.6 (5 ratings)
No rating
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Comments (4)

MickeySupermario16 Link
Well apparenty this is a old Version,but I realize
A Very serious problem in flower garden there are only three coins,in forest of secret the sound is Very annoying I think It was music from the Legend of Zelda or Donkey Kong country 2 Which caused the music break in the rom :(
lezil_dark Link
crashed after about 4 levels, noise in music ANNOYING
 Wakana Link
I continued from MercuryPenny's .srm, although I played some of the already beaten levels in order to tag this properly.
(Anyways, "Chucks Doungeon" had no impossible jumps, MercuryPenny. Maybe you didn't see the reskinned floating skulls in the lava, which color is almost the same as the BG. lol)

So, this hack is not too bad. The design varies from very fun to extremly boring, stressing the latter in particular: there are some levels with nothing going on. Bright examples are most of the autoscroll levels, where you slooowly proceed while 3-4 sprites on screen will obstacle you. That's pretty boring, especially with a slow autoscroll. The last levels were disappointing, probably the worst part of the hack (from what I mostly played), they totally fit with the boring factor I mentioned up there. Yet, not too bad, as I said in the beginning. It still has some good ideas, and good levels which use the inserted gimmicks properly.

Aesthetics are well done, the style is uniform and there aren't many tile cutoff or wrong palettes overall. Some levels could've used more decorations.

Some issues:
- Music breaks on accurate emualtors.
- Some sprite tile limits errors, occuring rarely.
- There are many levels where you can fuck up the puzzle/challenge and get stuck forever.
- Some bosses are really buggy, the last one being an huge offender in terms of hitbox.

Overall, agreeing with MP's vote, 2/5. It's an okay-ish hack, but sometimes it gets extremly boring.
MercuryPenny Link
I was unable to complete this hack due to an inability to cross a large pit in 'Chucks Fortress' or whatever.

Here's my srm if anyone wants it. I clearly got very close to the end, as I had 43 exits when I got stuck.