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Super Mario Lost in Monochrome

Super Mario World Hacks → Super Mario Lost in Monochrome

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Comments (2)

NatsuFireball Link
I'll give you 5 stars for the effort of creating a new original story, which is quite rare, and for those great Twilight Princess songs =]

Thank you, this was very refreshing =]
 Wakana Link
This hack is pretty eerie. I felt strange while playing it, though I have mixed feelings about it.

Design-wise, it's very repetitive. While the scenario changes with fancy asm and stuff, the kind of design is always the same. It doesn't change, the only thing changing is the difficulty, which obviously increases, having tougher jumps to make and so on. That's it, really. After a certain point it became boring. I wish there were actual gimmicks, because this hack is pretty nice in terms of story idea.

Aesthetics... good and bad. As I said before, there's fancy asm going on, making some colors appear or disappear when you touch certain blocks. This is the main good and entertaining thing. The bad aspect is the rest: there are lots of silly palette errors, which could've been easily avoided. Some levels also have eye-searing colors, they're not very pleasant to look.

Overall, a hack that had a good base idea. The execution is pretty poor though. 3/5.