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H&SB2 - Twilight Gem: Scorpion's Hunt

Super Mario World Hacks → H&SB2 - Twilight Gem: Scorpion's Hunt

Submission Details

Name: H&SB2 - Twilight Gem: Scorpion's Hunt
Author: Skewer
Demo: Yes
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 53 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Hard
Description: V1.2 - Changes in Readme


The sequel to the Hunter and Scorpion's Bet Saga. Scorpion and Hunter have challenged eachother to a bet, and the other one is not going to back down. Take control as Scorpion, and help him in some rediculous quest to claim a legendary object known as the Twilight Gem. However, the mystery tells that it is located inside the rigorous Twilight Realm. With as much puzzles and action, you'll find plenty of secrets in both the Twilight Realm and the Light Realm as you make your way to the trecherous Treble Tower.
fixme: music issues on accurate emulators.
Tags: asm bosses custom character exgfx fixme hdma health huge level music non-mario scorpion story variety
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3.8 (4 ratings)
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Comments (1)

 Wakana Link
Beautiful, but too hard.

The design is pretty nice. It's challengy and tricky, but it brings lots of fun to the player. The only thing that brings it down, maybe, is that some levels require you perfect jumping, and it's a bit annoying. Plus, I think the HPs could've been handled better, since you're with 19 HPs frequently. You'd better suicide before starting a level if you have low HPs pretty much, since there's no way a single level can be beat with just one hit. I'd have filled the levels with more "mushrooms". Besides this, it still keeps a fun and great hack on this aspect.

The aesthetics talk on their own: this is one of the most appealing hacks I've ever played. Just look the screens, everything is so good and fitting with the atmosphere, very good.

Some issues:
- Music issues in accurate emulators.
- In "Twilight Test" some lava tiles insta-kill you.
- "Twili Forest" has no secret exit. The path for it leads you to an already played level.
- "Treble Secret 1" is a SMW level.
- When a feather comes out of a question block, it messes player priority each time it flips.

Overall, a great hack. Sometimes the difficulty is too insane, but I enjoyed it anyways.