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Super Mario Land Arcade!

Super Mario World Hacks → Super Mario Land Arcade!

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RetroYuuki Link
Hi there,

My name is RetroYuuki and I am building a YouTube channel for playing rom hacks like yours and I really enjoyed it. I think you just need to fix the fire flower problem and this is a perfect hack for playing. Here is my gameplay for you

Enjoy #lm{extgfx}
ProGamer64 Link
Have not played it but the first screenshot looks cool
MarkVD100 Link
BTW, I found this by accident.

For some hecking reason, when the ZMZ window is inactive and you come back on it, the sound gets messed up.
 Counterfeit Link
This is a weird hack with an ASM patch fetish. A lot of features patched to this hack don't add anything to the hack, or aren't explained when they're meaningful. Some things are even bugged.

For example, you start the game as Super Mario rather than small, but when you die, you continue to restart levels as small until you get a powerup. What you don't know until you hug a wall as you're falling is that only big Mario can wall jump. This is needed in the first level to get the second Dragon Coin. Attempting this as small Mario will kill you unless you bait the Goomba and jump at the exact moment needed, and if you lose your power before this point, you'll never know. However, it's not explained until the second level that you have this power at all.

Second of all, the knockback is excessive. You'll be kicked about an entire screen length backwards if you are hit by an enemy. Not only can this result in a cheap death if you're kicked into a hole (although rare since there aren't a lot of holes in this hack,) but it looks absolutely ridiculous to see this tiny little Goomba punt you like a gnome across the level.

Third, the enhanced powerup patch which causes a screen tremor when you grab a mushroom FUBARs the Fire Flower by causing a game crash. Do not collect a Fire Flower in this hack.

Fourth, Yoshi's flutter jump is only put to use once. Counter Break prevents you from taking him into the other levels which at this stage of the hack seems pointless since he's always provided, except in the castle where he can't enter anyways. The Game Coin cloud in both levels means easy lives.

Finally, the pause button is glitched. Sometimes it will work, but a large portion of the time, it fails to function.

The level design is basic, and would be enjoyable if you were aware of the bugs and wanted something simple rather than challenging. There are no puzzles, which may come as a relief to some. Between what's unexplained, underutilized, and unnecessary altogether, the wanton ASM thrown into this hack is actually what drags it down.